Date: 8/29/02 6:31:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent. I have found the first pic of NORLOK by SOHO. It was photographed on Feb. 26, 1996. It appears on almost all EIT 284 and EIT 171 pics from feb 26, 1996 - Feb 03, 1998 when it finally vanishes. SOHO was launched on Dec 02, 1995 I believe. It was originally only supposed to be in operation for 2 years. It arrived near the sun in late jan. - early feb. 1996. is it a coincidence that this glowing mass suddenly appears shortly after SOHO starts taking pictures of the sun and disappears just before SOHO's 2 year mission was about to end which was supposed to be in April of 1998 I believe. I think NASA knew this object was going to be at the sun and for only 2 years so they sent SOHO on a 2 year mission to take pictures of it. I dont know what the coded NASA images of NORLOK they have after 02/03/98 are of since I can't find any pictures of this glowing orb after 02/03/98. Maybe we are just not looking in the right place.-- Seek

Date: 8/29/02 7:05:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The last pic of the glowing mass was on 02/03/98 but could this blue star from EIT 171 be the glowing mass? It is in the same spot that the glowing  mass was the day before but now its much smaller. And If you look really  close, it looks like its 4 or 5 tiny orbs. Here are the pics.