Date: 4/18/02 10:13:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent:

I just found your site for the first time, with my specific interest being in orbs. I live in Gulf Breeze, Florida and have been taking photos of them with Kodak 800 speed disposables for past three years. I have now been blessed with a Kodak DX3700 digital, and the addition of color and detail has allowed me to analyze them much better than ever before. The first four samples show them in a state of "deconstruction" as they ground to the structure of a 75 ft. steel powerline tower. The one with two "leg like" protuberances is one way in which this is done. I am in the process of gathering information which will help me to produce a full color illustration book which shows at least 5 different states of their matter, which I have dubbed "ethereal matter". It is broken down into two main areas: Physical Observables and Behavioral Observables. By the way, the last one didn't quite make it back in time and clings to step about 50 feet up. Email me at