9/22/2004 7:40:06 PM Pacific Standard Time



I received this by email.  Can anyone take this possible disinfo apart
line by line and tell us if there's any shred of truth in here?  'Cause
I think a lot of people tend to throw out the whole bowl of cherries if
they find only one bad one.  Meaning: a small shred of truth is
completely ignored by people because of all the disinfo.  Obviously
something hidden is going on in Iraq, so who has the cojones to tell us all the truth?  By the way, I tried viewing the Clementine area
described below, but when the brightness is turned up, only a couple
blobs of something appears on the screen.  What are we supposed to be seeing?

You want proof?? Then take a look at this

Set resolution to 1 pixel=1 kilometer.
Set latitude to -2, longitude to 311
Important, set your monitor to its brightest screen setting.

read this and weep spooks

You want proof?? Then take a look at this

OK, game over, you caught us. Now I guess we can spill the beans on the
whole story.

Wonder why we attacked Iraq? For Oil? Ha. We had an agreement with Sadam
to operate a Space Launch and Recovery Facility in Iraq.

This allowed us to launch and recover Heavy Lift Saturn X Boosters
carrying trans-lunar payloads, without anybody in the U.S. being the

Sadam got cocky in 1990 and we had to kick his ass. The reason we did
not take him down, is he agreed to back off and allow us to resume

In 2000 he started demanding more and more compensation from us since we
would not let him take Kuwait.

It was decided that the relationship was too unstable, and you know the

Those Heavy Lift Saturn X launches have been sending materials and
personnel to the moon now for over 15 years.

Our promary construction contractor is Haliburton and the facility is
operated by Boeing.

This is why Duncan left, he knew this was about to come out and didn´t
want to be in the cross fire.

Now for the what and why.

Tha Boeing facility on the moon is for the construction of a fleet of
ships that where orginally designed and tested at Area 51.

These ships are were constructed using back engineered captured alien

The primary task of this facility is to patrol and defend local earth
space against alien aggression.

Haven´t you noticed that abductions are down?

Well, now you know the whole story.

You want proof?? Then take a look at this

Isreal, Russian, China, Great Britian and many other Governments are
aware of these covert facilities.

They are part of the overall defensive operation.

Iraq was choosen because the launch facilities are located at latitudes
very close to those of the Kennedy Space Center. This is important
because the closer we could get to the equator, the less energy need to
place the payloads in orbit.

Africa was ruled out because of the difficulty in transporting
materials, lat of infrastructure and over all instabiliry of local
government controls.

The Iraqi situation gave us ease of access via aircraft and more
importantly cargo ships, total control via the government as far as
access (no media coverage).

Until recently it was an idea location from which to carry out our
launches and tack up any sightings at Scud Missle tests.

Why do you think we have maintained a no fly zone over Iraq for 13
years? To protect the Kurds?

This continious combat air patrol ensured operations were protected from
accidental discovery. It also meant commercial aircraft avoided the area
since in was considered a war zone.

The accidental release of the Clementine images (they were supposed to
be digitally altered) was untimely. Clementines real mission is early
detection and warning of ALIEN ACTIVITY.

We have three outlying facitities on the dark side of the moon. They are
manned with Specially trained Marines who are equiped with Hoppers.

Hoppers are the Black Triangles everyone has reported seeing here on
earth (those are training flights). The hoppers technology utilizes EM
Stealth. This technology makes the Hopper invisible to all EM radiation
- DC to Daylight.
This allows the marines to "sneek" up on any alien craft that attempt to
use the far side of the moon as a staging area.

The reason you can see Hoppers on earth is that when they go to stealth
mode, the field generators play hell on the local power grids.

The bottom line is that most of this was to be revealed soon anyway due
to reasons I cannot go into right now, this accidental release just
jumped the time table a bit.

You want proof?? Then take a look at this

I do not know what else I could give you. You cannot access the secure
servers, there are no public pictures of LB1 to be had.

There are no public pictures of the Iraqi Launch site to be had.

All I can do is point out that we are in Iraqi with controlling forces,
that Haliburton is there as well, and that nobody seems to be worried
about when the shuttle will fly again.

The best proof I could offer you is to find a friend with a large
telescope and go look for yourself.

You will have to look carefully because LB1 is covered with moon dust to
blend in. You will have to look for odd 90 degree angles and shadows to
find it with the naked eye.

If you think about all of the sightings of strange lights on and above
the moon, the increase in Hopper sightings here on earth, the decress in
abduction reports, the closing of the AAT lab at Area 51, you will see
what I am telling you.

Or you can just be patient and in 6 to 8 months you wil know the whole

Oh, I do have some proof. Have you noticed the increase in fireballs
being seen over the last 8 months?

Squadron 1 - 1001st Wing - United States Space Command became
operational 1 February 2004.

Space wings have 4 number designations to seperate them from
conventional atmospheric wings.

Squardon 1, the FLITZ, have 16 comfirmed kills to date.

One other way you can cross check me is buy a radio scanner. If you do
spot a Hopper in your area, tune your scanner to 343 Megahertz. If you
are lucky you may here air to ground chatter from the Hopper to the IP
commanding the training mission.

Under no circumstances should you ever get directly under a Hopper. The
gravimetric distortion field can play havoc on your cardiac rhythms.