Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 21:46:05 -0000
From: "mikemeyer1964"
Subject: My write up on the Pentagon

I have made a few posts here in the past, but I wrote something I am
going to post to a blog, and thought you might be interested in it,
since I have some expertise into what might have happened on 911.


I would like to give you my input as to the events on September 11,
and why it is a physically provable fact that all of the damage done
to the Pentagon could not have occurred solely from a Boeing 757
impact, and therefore the 9/11 Commission report is not complete and
arguably a cover up. I will not speculate about what may have been
covered up, I will only speak from my professional opinion.

I am a Mechanical Engineer who spent many years in Aerospace,
including structural design, and in the design, and use of shaped
charge explosives (like those that would be used in missile

The structural design of a large aircraft like a 757 is based around
handling the structural loads of a pressurized vessel, the cabin, to
near atmospheric conditions while at the lower pressure of cruising
altitudes, and to handle the structural and aerodynamic loads of the
wings, control surfaces, and the fuel load. It is made as light as
possible, and is certainly not made to handle impact loads of any

If a 757 were to strike a reinforced concrete wall, the energy from
the speed and weight of the aircraft will be transferred, in part
into the wall, and to the structural failure of the aircraft. It is
not too far of an analogy as if you had an empty aluminum can,
traveling at high speed hitting a reinforced concrete wall. The
aluminum can would crumple (the proper engineering term is buckle)
and, depending on the structural integrity of the wall, crack,
crumble or fail completely. The wall failure would not be a neat
little hole, as the energy of the impact would be spread throughout
the wall by the reinforcing steel.

This is difficult to model accurately, as any high speed, high
energy, impact of a complex structure like an aircraft, into a
discontinuous wall with windows etc is difficult. What is known is
that nearly all of the energy from this event would be dissipated in
the initial impact, and subsequent buckling of the aircraft.

We are lead to believe that not only did the 757 penetrate the outer
wall, but continued on to penetrate separate internal walls totaling
9 feet of reinforced concrete. The final breach of concrete was a
nearly perfectly cut circular hole in a reinforced concrete wall,
with no subsequent damage to the rest of the wall. If we are to
believe that some how this aluminum aircraft did in fact reach this
final wall. It is physically impossible for the wall to have failed
in a neat clean cut circle, period. When I first saw this hole, a
chill went down my spine because I knew it was not possible to have
a reinforced concrete wall fail in this manner, it should have caved
in, in some fashion.

How do you create a nice clean hole in a reinforced concrete wall?
with an explosive shape charge. An explosive shape charge, or
cutting charge is used in various military warhead devices. You
design the geometry of the explosive charge so that you create a
focused line of energy. You essentially focus nearly all of the
explosive energy in what is referred to as a jet. You use this jet
to cut and penetrate armor on a tank, or the walls of a bunker. The
signature is clear and unmistakable. In a missile, the explosive
charge is circular to allow the payload behind the initial shape
charge to enter what ever has been penetrated.

I do not know what happened on 911, I do not know how politics works
in this country, I can not explain why the main stream media does
not report on the problems with the 911 Commission. But I am an
engineer, and I know what happens in high speed impacts, and how
shaped charges are used to "cut" through materials.

I have not addressed several other major gaps in the Pentagon/757
incident. The fact that this aircraft somehow ripped several light
towers clean out of the ground without any damage to the aircraft
(which I also feel is impossible,) the fact that the two main
engines were never recovered from the wreckage, and the fact that
our government has direct video coverage of the flight path, and
impact, from at least a gas station and hotel, which they have
refused to release.

You can call me a tin hat, crazy, conspiracy theory, etc, but I can
say from my expertise that the damage at the Pentagon was not caused
solely by a 757.