Date: 10/16/01 9:20:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Dear Kent, I sit and simmer as these events become more and more insulting to ones intelligence and most

unbelievable, I wonder who our government thinks they are fooling? They certainly aren't fooling me or garnering

my trust. I know I must do something so I have written this rant to anyone who does at least feel something strange

and unfriendly breathing down their neck.

I watch these ludicrous attacks so obviously not terrorist attacks and just want to scream, hell I could even make

better use of anthrax myself; its so obvious these attacks are for mild sheeple herding levels only. Something to

throw out there for the media to obsess over and repeat to the sheeple over and over again. As support for this war

started waning its coincidental that these attacks start. God forbid a real terrorist attack occur and the sheeple stop

going to the plantation everyday and stop buying things. These attacks are blatantly aimed at people and political

figures who are resistive to the police state. I believe Senator Daishelle was holding up the new terror legislation if

my memory serves me correctly.

Now even Militias are being scrutinized.... an objective we know is Primary with the NWO's plans for the US. It

started in Waco and looks to crescendo presently. I wonder though we were made to believe Iraq is behind the

attacks because of the nature and quality of this anthrax was impossible to any rouge group outside of Iraq , why do

they now say it could be some vets in the woods exercising their rights and not threatening anyone. Men and women

doing nothing but purely defending their beliefs? Who and what will be next? When will writing a letter like this be

resultant in arrest for inciting unrest or something of the like?

I feel these attacks were not intended or carried out as a "terrorist "would or would have liked it ....such as causing

the collapse of the US economy ,trust in law enforcement and Civil servants, etc. Honestly these are really and

quite frankly very attainable objectives if we are to believe as we are told that these are their objectives. I must ask

this question , If you were prepared to wage a terrorist war against a country like the United States, and you started

the battle with 5,000 civilian deaths and the possible collapse of its economic prowess wouldn't you continue in such

a ruthless manor? You know you have already awakened a fearsome giant and your destruction will surely come

lest you win or greatly weaken your opponent first and quickly. Here is one scenario I offer.....I have no military

background or knowledge of terrorist tactics but with this Powdered anthrax supposedly being sent out by terrorist I

can suggest an incredibly effective measure (how sick but just for making a point) much Powdered heroin

comes from Afghanistan? My god if they just spike the drugs they send.....could kill millions in a weekend. You

might say to not hinder their trading of the drug. That doesn't' work as you watch TV I think their Dealing days are

ending in short order. So why not sell your last batch and make the money and an attack in one fell swoop. We know

inhalation of anthrax is the worst way to contract it but God only knows what would happen when you inject it

directly into the Bloodstream? I am to assume they are so stupid they could not do this? Come on its just not

believable. Just go see a movie and throw some in the air and walk out I could go on and on....why aren't we seeing

common sense attacks aimed at what we are told is their objective. The complete destruction of our way of life? In

my opinion the answer is because these attacks are being perpetrated by internal factions that do not want to see

any economic downfall but seek only to rein in the good "following sheeples" under their complete control and cut

off any elements considered non-conformist like perhaps the very people who read this webpage, or people that

stand in the way of complete control and the spread of their global capiti-faciast, lucifarian agenda.

I ask all who are feeling something is wrong speak out your politicians they are worthless. Write Kent and tell him

what you are thinking . I fear we don't have long before such abilities to share our thoughts will be possible without

persecution. So if you feel something's amiss please write Kent and I ask Kent to run some kind of board to show

just how many people feel the same..