Subj: WTC - Global Hawk - Military Helicopter ETC
Date: 11/28/01 2:10:58 PM Pacific Standard Time


I have been meaning to follow up on these issues with you but have been
very busy.

Item one... the aircraft flying past the WTC at time of impact number

If you find the video from the live shot aired on NBC ( I have copy)
during the Today Show which shows the impact of the second plane, you
will see just prior to impact, the other aircraft (alledged Global Hawk)
fly through the wide shot from 30 Rock.. it is plain (pardon the pun) to
see that it is a U.S. Airways 727 that has taken off from Newark south
bound, turns north and heads up the Hudson over the Jersey side.

Its primarily White with a Dark Blue tail. Remember at that time, the
FAA had not shut down U.S. airspace.

Item 2 - The military Helicopter: After impact number one... helicopters
from Channel 2, 4 and 7 (New York TV) arrived on the seen of WTC 1 's
impact. This includes one that is a Dark Blue color. All three have
WestCam pods mounted on them. These pods house the TV camera that is
used in live video feeds from the chopper. I will admit that WABC's ship
does look very militray to the untrained. HOw do I know this? I oversaw
the building of the system in 1995. The company I was employed by
operated the largest fleet of media helicopters in the world.

Please rest assured that the only helicopters on the scene at the time
of impact two were media ( I spoke with my people).

Now you may ask...where is the video from those ships. Well guess where
the primary vedio link was located... you guessed it...WTC Tower 1.

There should be some video from the ships at Channel 2, 4 and 7, but
limited as the primary power failed on the roof shortly after impact.

By the way, if anyone is interested, under FAR's (Flight Rules) working
media aircraft are the only aircraft that may operate in a temporary
flight restriction zone. In otherwords, when the FAA closed the
airspace, the media could have declared that they would elect to stay
aloft "at their own risk" and the FAA would have to let them.

If however, the airspace were to be reclassified as an ADIZ (AIR DEFENCE
INTERCEPT ZONE) by NORAD, then the media would have to vacate as soon as
"QUAD ZERO" aircraft entered the area.

To my knowledge, Manhattan was not declared an ADIZ since there was
nothing to intercept.

I have pulled this little trick on the FAA about 5 times in my career as
a media pilot, and they were ticked, but I got to stay in restricted
airspace as long as I avoided emegency craft.