Subj: The major airports and military bases have goings-on underneath.
Date: 11/13/01 11:51:23 PM Pacific Standard Time


Remember what Laura posted with the major airports, like Denver, and all
the underground structure and buildings?  Have you read what her
CASSIOPAEAN contacts have mentioned about it?  Maybe this is why the
Pentagon and the WT towers have been taken out, because there is the
current switch going on from outer economic and military buildings to
the ones now operating beneath the major airports. 

I have seen an underground rock-stone cave underneath what I take is a
military base.  It is either that or some manned structure-buildings
underneath these airports.  What I've seen is a group of reddish-brown
beings that flowed in very swiftly after two of us were running in the
energy state and came to a rock entrance.  We went inside and we saw
THE CAVE, as if an assembly of beings could sit all around the walls of
this cave.  Then, before we knew it, there were reddish-brown forms thal
flowed in fast.  I was at the door of the cave and the man that ran with
me was standing near the middle of the open space.  I did not get a good
look, but I know who and what these reddish forms are ... the dragons,
Drac-Orions, reptoidals.  I motioned quickly for the man to come out,
get out quick ... he stood there, watching me, and then the
reddish-brown forms surrounded him.  He stood there and it was too late
for him to leave.  I rose up in flight and came into the upper level
above the cave.  There were a few military-men walking around and
another one at a small station by a thick metal-like-heavy door.  Seeing
that apparent security entrance and the uniformed men gave the
impression that this is ... a military base?  An elder military-man came
around the corner and he saw me.  We looked at eachother face to face.
I was surprised and he had the look of arched-eyes and angry, or inner
imprisonment mentally to the beings that were in the rock cave
underneath them.  What in the world?, is what I thought.  I bolted in a
jet zoom flight towards the heavy door by the little security station
there with the man by it.  He saw me flying, got up, and tried to stop
me.  I got to the door, either busted it open or plain flew right
through it, and came back into my body laying on the bed.  I know that

I've seen packaged goods and crates of stuff stacked on long, metal,
rectangular plat-forms and lifted up by long wires into the sky.  There
were rotating space stations, like ferris-wheel grid plates, many of
them appearing one after another, up in the space-atmosphere as I was
looking deeper and deeper to see what was in the dark space (or where it
was the plat-forms of crates were being lifted).  Are goods being lifted
off the planet?  Why?  This was outside and in the early morning.  I
know it is going on. 

I've flown underground on another ocassion and there was this huge and
wide open-space tunnel, at least the size of a major city high-way ...
with roads like the size many lanes.  There was hardly any light in the
tunnel, but I could see that it was a huge open space and there was
trash-paper and stuff just laying around, like what might be found on
the sides of the high-ways by the big cities.  I picked some up and felt
the reality of it in my hand, as I looked at the huge size of the whole
open area itself. 

I read your mini-rant, and right on! 

These things are happening just like the cosmic events.  I wish to post
these things just like the other events of light and awakening I've had.
WHAT I MEAN IS, write it all down. 

That's what it is, all the continual and escalating events, a cover for
what is really happening up in the air, in space, and beneath us, under
the ground.  Fun, actually, with the adventure. 

My parents, friends, and people I work with have no idea I know these
things ... or what is on your site.  They don't want to.  Print this,

They don't have too either, but will find out gradually.  Take the
report here and post it.  Greys, reptoids, MIBs -- oh my, the dream of
all of us?