BARDSQUILL:  hulllooooooooo
BARDSQUILL:   Unusual Gamma-Radiation Event 
Alchemike:  source???
Alchemike:  sol?
BARDSQUILL:  dunno yet, gettin speculation that a neighbor galaxy went extreme and the vibes are just starting to wash us.
Alchemike:  hmmm...
BARDSQUILL:  the ol planetophysical jig?
Alchemike:  wouldn't be in the direction of v4641 sgr???
Alchemike:  sagittarius???
BARDSQUILL:  looking
Alchemike:  or maybe scrpio???
BARDSQUILL:  quasar-like core of spiral galaxy PG 0052+251

(right). Infrared image of the Galactic center radio-emitting source Sagittarius A*

got it
BARDSQUILL:  Gamma Ray Bursts and the Hopi Prophecies

Alchemike:  check this out...

Alchemike:  She placed the shugurra, the crown of the steppe, on her head.
BARDSQUILL:  whazzat?
Alchemike:  hang with me...

Alchemike:  see the 'helmet'?
Alchemike:  on the statue of inanna...

Alchemike:  In myths, whenever Inanna (Maya) interacted with this Pillar she put on the coat, the hat and the other garments she is wearing in this statue. The 'hat' is no ordinary helmet. It is called the Shugurra helmet.   According to Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, Shugurra translates as "that which makes go far into the universe."11 
Alchemike:  What kind of a helmet is this?! Inanna also wears a heavy full-length coat and other garments. This robe is blue, the color of the sea. It is called the PALA garment or 'ruler's garment'.12 She has a cluster of blue stones gathered around her neck and throat area. Two straps run out of the TET, a box of rectangular shape on the back of her neck, and run across her chest. 
Alchemike:  In Egypt, Maya and Yama were known as Isis and Osiris. They were the original divine couple who
planted and tended the Egyptian Garden of Creation at Abydos, Egypt. The golden Pillar of God was known as the TET or Djed Pillar of Osiris.  The TET buckle worn by Inanna linked her outfit with the TET Pillar. The box is joined to her helmet, the Shugurra, by another strap. This box is apparently quite heavy, as evidenced by the straps. A hose is connected to the base of the box by a circular clasp or buckle. Two identical 'stones' adorn her shoulders. 
Alchemike:   According to Sitchin, no one has been able to explain the nature of Inanna's strange ensemble of coat, hat and other garments. Why is it worn in conjunction with the Pillar? Is it some form of ancient virtual      reality system that assists one in transforming themselves in order to go far into the universe? If so, what is this ensemble doing on the body of a 4,000 year old statue? 
Alchemike: back to the quasar...
BARDSQUILL:  Sitchin took his students into a museum in Philly, allegedly showed them a huge headdress, said it was Anunnaki queen
Alchemike:  linguistically speaking, SHUGURRA resolves to SGR-A
Alchemike:  sagittarius a...the galactic core
BARDSQUILL:  whoahhh
Alchemike:  gulp
Alchemike:  the shugurra helmet was used to make the trip to the core...

GODS OF THE GOLDEN TEARS "Some time after 4000 B.C. the great Anu, ruler of Nibiru, came to Earth on a state visit.