Subj: Fw: Konformist: Another Cessna crashed on Sunday (Michigan)
Date: 1/9/02 12:48:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

HHHmmmmm! One engine knocked out, but for the pilots lucky breaks, the thing
should have crashed and burned. All that fuel.

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Subject: Konformist: Another Cessna crashed on Sunday (Michigan)

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> Friday (01.04.02) in California, Sunday (01.06.02) in FL, CA, CO, PR,
> perhaps MT, and now MI too.  All Cessnas.
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> Tuesday, January 08, 2002
> Sturgis, Michigan
> Sturgis Journal
> Plane crash lands
> [Photo: Lawrence Werschky and his family walked away from his Cessna 414
> after it crash landed in a field west of Sturgis Sunday. Below, a piece of
> the wing of the plane was lodged in a tree.]
> A Sturgis family who left Kirsch Municipal Airport at about 12:30 p.m.
> Sunday, didn't make it to their final destination.
> Dr. Lawrence Werschky, 62, of Sturgis, was flying his Cessna 414
> plane out of Sturgis with his wife and father on board when he called the
> Kalamazoo airport shortly after takeoff to report an emergency.
> The Kalamazoo tower notified Riley Aviation at the Sturgis airport,
> according to the Michigan State Police.
> Werschky reported having engine trouble that resulted in one of the two
> engines quitting, said Sturgis police Sgt. David Ives. Werschky tried to
> land at the Sturgis airport.
> Residents in Sturgis reported seeing the plane circling the city at a low
> altitude.
> Fire and rescue trucks were dispatched to meet the crippled plane at the
> airport, but it never reached the runway.
> When Werschky first tried to land the plane and failed, he circled
> of the airport to try again. But the plane went down before reaching the
> airport.
> The Cessna hit in a field between Balk and Stubey roads on the south side
> U.S. 12. It skidded across the road, coming to rest between two large
> on the north side of the highway. Both wings were severed from the
> Ives said.
> Brothers Bob and Andy Spence were outside their home on U.S. 12 and saw
> plane come to rest just yards away.
> "It slid across the road. (The pilot and passengers) got out right away,"
> 11-year-old Andy Spence said. "There was gas everywhere," 15-year-old Bob
> Spence said. "We ran in and told our mom a plane crashed. She didn't
> us until she looked out the window."
> Sturgis Fire and Rescue and Tri-township Fire Department personnel
> to the scene. They found the three passengers with only minor injuries.
> plane was leaking more than 1,000 pounds of fuel, according to the Sturgis
> Fire Department.
> Werschky and his wife were treated for minor injuries. The plane is beyond
> repair, according to police.
> [Credit: Richard Hendricks]