BARDSQUILL: you sent me a note regarding the LA metallic taste/smell the other day and I lost it, run by again if ye can
SEER: I think the source manual is FM-37 (not certain, but I can find it again in a few minutes).  Basically one of the signs of radiation exposure is a metallic taste in the mouth.   Hold on and I'll get the data for you.
BARDSQUILL:  OSEI Image of the Day  
SEER: here is the link to the dclass FM3-7 NBC field handbook:
SEER: SEER: Interesting side note on iodine supps:
SEER: Possible side effects include skin rashes, swelling of the salivary glands, and “iodism” (metallic taste, burning mouth and throat, sore teeth and gums, symptoms of a head cold, and sometimes stomach upset and diarrhea). A few people have an allergic reaction with more serious symptoms (see WARNING section above). These could be fever and joint pains, or swelling of parts of  
SEER: see side effects:
SEER: SEER: virtual naval hospital:
SEER: SEER: my brain classified the symptom under nuclear, turns out it is iodine (given post exposure):
SEER: SEER: shit.  got it.   Chernobyl incident.   Reported symptoms after exposure.  No treatment.  Strictly due to exposure:
SEER: SEER: appears with end stage renal disease also:
SEER: it appears only with the chronic version.
SEER: The metallic taste seems to be due to an increase in iodine levels.
BARDSQUILL: Question: Will Thomas and the chemytrail gang talking ALO, Alum Oxide, any relevance to the taste thing also?
BARDSQUILL: taste-smell-wise???
SEER: here is an interesting table:
SEER: BARDSQUILL: If valid at all dunno
BARDSQUILL: Thomas-valid that is
SEER: run a check on yahoo with this search string:
SEER: "aluminium oxide exposure inhalation signs symptoms"
SEER: I have to run out for about two hours.  I will contact you when I get back.  I think we are on to something.  
SEER: afk
BARDSQUILL: AlO gets wild implication-wise and even might connect to a Brown Dwark solar body, cool, eh?
BARDSQUILL: improbable but cool