11/22/2004 3:22:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,
A few concerns on my behalf over this, but through experience, I'm gonna go all out and say that I think its something to do with sustainable development, and Prince Charles and his merry men. Could his public awareness go as far as mind control? and re-education of the masses through forced programming of rehabilitation and re-education.
Because, this mind control shit I was fighting for a few years felt like I was being brainwashed into this 'learn all about nature' shit, at the same time trying to destroy my ego and the ego's of the masses. I'd even go as far as to say these fuckers have attacked me for a number of years. I think I even know the company they used to facilitate this attack, in my area,....... Atlantic Telecom, liquidated here, and now they're in the U.S!! Went bust overnight?????.....yeah, sure they did, just like that!!..... 
I remember having a little conversation, with one of the guys who came to install it. In an indirect way he told me that you could tweak the controls inside it to reverse the signals or something, I dont know, not that clued up on electronics, or signalling. Why I say this, is through the experience I went through, these fuckers even went as far as beaming it into my head, in direct words, "Charles is King". Why would they go, off record so to speak, to send that signal? Am I such a threat that they'd go out on a whim to attack me in this way? I dont know, I really cant understand it. They'll probably have me microwaved by the end of the night, just for sending this letter.
Now, I cant prove any of this, so you'll just have to take my word for it. How can us small minded, not connected, little people fight this. If I made a complaint about this, I could just imagine the shit I'd have to go through, but to tell you the truth, I really dont give a shit anymore. They can send my soul to fiery damnation, they can use their technologies to attack me.......but do you really think I give a shit about what they do to this, possibly cloned body!!??
I dont want to sound paranoid here aswell, but, I'd even go as far as.....you, being part of it, in an indirect or a direct way, who knows, maybe you dont even know yourself that you're part of it......I hope you're not, I really like to think I've got an ally out there who I can speak to frankly. If not.......its ok, I forgive you! lol
But, possibly linking to Art Bell, David IIke, Crystallinks, STA  just to name a few. Maybe its just part of the disclosure project of educating the masses, in areas where they could understand the workings of nature, and the technological advancements of past civilisations.
These are certainly trying times we live in......and people say we have human rights! If its not the fuckin aliens milking us for our melatonin, its fuckin Governments who just forget their place sometimes, and back the wrong players.
***So, Satans little crew, if you pick this up before it reaches its destination, and you dont like what I've said............LIFES A BITCH AINT IT!!! FUCKAS!!! lol***
Anyway Kent, if you have anything to say about this, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it! If not, ....I'll catch the scraps!
Oh and by the way, dont they know that Satan always loses................boy am I gonna have fun watching this fall....with my finger in the 'PHI' I just might will it!.......muhahaha, only joking! lol
Get your little sidekicks to have a rummage through the possible implications of using Atlantic Telecoms satelite and box reciever phone service, get them to have a look at the little boxes that they install, and get them to see if it could be implemented in the application of mind control.
I hope this information is helpful on your understanding of this sustainable development, and the limits they'll go to to implement it, you'll find are beyond human acceptance, you dont see many people being charged for using mind control technology, if you ask me, were fucked!
Peace to you My Friend