Subj: Don Wiley's MISSING in Memphis! Plus 'falsified maintenance'
Date: 11/24/01 8:43:06 PM Pacific Standard Time

MISSING: Don C. Wiley from Howard Hughes Medical Institute,1426,MCA_437_883055,00.html,1426,MCA_437_885177,00.html

A little more about Don Wiley's past: has just about all the current comments
about Don Wiley's disappearance.  Why won't local stations keep up with
this story?  WOW this should be front page news, right?  Wiley was
working on HIV cures this year, and most likely anthrax cures too.

=== Google search on 'falsified maintenance'
It seems a great many of us simply forgot about falsified airline
maintenance reports.  Searching for 'falsified maintenance' brings up
Alaska Air, Osprey, ValuJet, and Evergreen, plus more.  Falsifying
reports happens more than executives care to mention!

HMMMmmmm: Evergreen company and the word 'falsified' on the same page!,9868,172655,00.html

...Yes! It's the same CIA-backed Evergreen International Aviation:

Evergreen is guilty of a WHOLE lot more, but I'll let someone else spill
those beans.  I'm not good at gathering those kinds of beans.

EYEOPENER! Learn about the Triangle of Death and extremely corrupt
airlines and US Gov't here:

Helpful list of avation crash/investigation links:

Some sites just stick out better: look at American Airlines here:

American Airlines is #2 in 2002 election contributions.  How come?

Top 2002 election contributors from
Defense: 1. Lockheed Martin
Defense: 2. General Dynamics
Defense: 3. Northrop Grumman
Energy: 1. Chevron/Texaco
Finance: 1. Aflac Inc.
Misc: 1. Anchor Gaming (100% to the Republicans!)

Is a company's election contribution proportional to the amount of their
corruption swept under the rug?  Just curious...

Keep in mind that the TWA 800 crash involved a Boeing 747 jet, and 747's
have Depleted Uranium in the tail as ballast.  Amazing how people ignore
the environmental effects of a crash, eh?  Maybe we'll have to walk
around with T-shirts that say 'Depleted Uranium is used as ballast in
aircraft!'  It's like you have to almost carry a Nerf bat and whap
people upside the head before they notice anything other than their own
daily activities.  Sheesh!

EDITOR: Added:

Contagious virus professor goes missing

AOL executive vanishes