Subj: Fw: URGENT - Murdering Timothy McVeigh
Date: 6/10/01 7:45:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time


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Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2001 1:22 AM
Subject: URGENT - Murdering Timothy McVeigh

> Friends and Beloveds,
>     A special request from two great friends, Gunnar & Art...
>     Let's help Timothy all that we can.  MURDER is against divine
> law!!  Full details and PROOF that McVey did not cause the huge
> Oklahoma City explosion are found at the UHL website far below!!
>     Bless their hearts.
>     Bless your heart.
>     LIGHT and LOVE***ANON
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> Betreff: URGENT - Murdering McVeigh
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> Dear ANON,
> :
>  Gunnar asks me to take the time before I leave for Germany to send this
> to you for the list, so I'm doing the best I can. Here's Gunnar - See my
> comments below:
> :
> Art please take the time to ask ANON to
> use his list people to sit on ANON to make him
> act. I do wish you a good trip to Germany. Gunnar
> :
> ANON to Atty Rob Nigh:
> :
> Dear Rob Nigh, I understand that you are the
> person with a conscience and that you are against
> capital punishment. Here is a prime example of why>capital punishment is
> sometimes not punishing the
> main culprit(s). Here is McVeigh, who may only
> have intended to make a protest explosion without
> really hurting anyone being used by sinister forces
> who are completely ruthless. You know this. I
> would hope you have courage enough to stop
> this until the fog clears. McVeigh has a right to a
> stay. Please see to it that he gets a stay. He
> probably thinks he brought the building down. You
> know he did not. You now have the responsibilty
> to straighten this out. Assume it please.
> :
> :
>  Rob Nigh's office: 918-742-2021 but his Tulsa, OK residence appears to
> be unlisted.
> :
>  I just talked with McVeigh's orginal attorney Stephen Jones who McVeigh
> fired  for using his knowledge to profit from a book. (My understanding
> -Art) Jones at home: 580-233-0518, Jones' office: 580-242-5500
> :
>  Stephen Jones told me that he was no longer part of the case but that
> both McVeigh and Judge Matsch were well aware of Gen. Partin's findings
> that McVeigh's bomb did NOT destroy the Murrah building, but it was bombs
> INSIDE that did it. Jones told me that was part of the trial !  Yet they
> are intent on killing McVeigh !
> :
>  Judge Matsch has a FAX machine at 303-335-2040 but no e-mail. (See his
> home # below.)
>  I also called Rob Nigh's office at 918-742-2021 but it is Saturday so no
> one is there. McVeigh is to die Monday morning, probably to prevent any
> legal action against his killing.
>  I find it very strange that McVeigh (who Jones claims knows about
> Partin's findings) wants to die in spite of the fact that he didn't
> really kill anyone. He is the soldier, ready to "die for his country" and
> be a martyr. Maybe that's his position.
>  Folks can FAX Judge Richard Matsch at 303-335-2040 or phone him at
> 303-844-4627. I think Matsch is the one man who could stop the execution.
> His home number is: 303-844-4627 and since this is a matter of life and
> death, and since the execution is planned for Monday morning before any
> legal action can be taken from the office, I think it is reasonable to
> call the judge at his home.
>  Personally I do not believe that McVeigh ever had an attorney to
> represent him. All three of them were paid (handsomely, millions) by the
> Fed. Gov., the very ones who want to kill McVeigh, and who may have
> planted the real bombs. "He who pays the piper calls the tune". When I
> suggested that to Stephan Jones he did not agree, but in view of the
> testimony of Gen. Partin I have to wonder if they were not paid more to
> let the Government do it's worst than to save McVeigh. You can ask the
> judge about that.
>  I've got to go.
>  The full details of Gen. Partin's investigation and proof that McVeigh
> did not blow up the building are found at:
> ***BREATHE in and BREATHE out LIGHT and LOVE daily.