Subj: Twisted Magnetic Fields
Date: 2/28/02 5:34:37 AM Pacific Standard Time

I really think you should include the Maurice Cotterel info with your Atlantis data. For one thing it corroborates the recent discoveries off Cuba. He also says it's the twisted magnetic fields that affect fertility. The phenomenon is hardest on those at the equator because of the configuration of the Van Allen Belts. The Mayans KNEW this. And they got their info from, guess who -- the Atlanteans who fled to Yucatan. It was the Atlanteans who gave them their famous long-count calendar. The combination of lowered fertility and drought (also caused by sunspots) caused them to flee to moister climes. The calendar is dated from the birth of Venus, which got knocked out of its former orbit by something. No wonder so many ancient cultures were into astronomical observation!
I already sent you his graphic on the fall of civiliations, also connected to sunspots & magnetic fields.
I really think he's onto something. Jose Arguilles tends to corroborate the effects on DNA of the "wave."
Here's the link to the how they affect fertility.
Here's the link to the index of his website with biographical info:
Here's his book:
Here's a map of the path of the Atlanteans to Yucatan which I created from info in his book, The Mayan Prophecies.
I should think it would be OK to post -- no copyright per se on it, altho I have credited him with the info.
Today's twisted magnetic fields. An impressive prominence appeared over the Sun's southwestern limb today (28/0119 UT) when twisted magnetic fields erupted near a cluster of sunspots. SOHO's extreme ultraviolet telescope recorded the action: pictured right, an expanding arc of million-degree gas stretches more than 40 Earth-diameters from end to end. The blast also hurled a coronal mass ejection into space, but apparently not toward our planet.