I've been following the Japanese "Underwater City" saga in our recent press and on Your [Underwater Cities]and the Ancient American web sites. The following discussion might be of interest to you. By the way how any one could think the structures were "natural" after seeing the staircase photo on the Ancient American web site is beyond me - but that is what our press argued here in OZ last week !!!

In 1978 I was working in New Guinea on a mineral exploration project. Whilst at an expat club in Port Moresby one night I saw an 8mm film of a huge stepped pyramid city that was built like Venice with canals. Some 2/3rds of this massive affair was buried in the nearby Lagoon but could apparently still be seen with scuba gear. The film showed a yacht sailing down a "main street" canal with temples, houses, and pyramids for miles on either side sticking out of the jungle. The canals formed a regular interlocking grid - just like a typical USA city block system. Examination convinced the researcher that this city was designed and built with canals and had not just had it's roads flooded.

The film was shot by a sailor and his family who had toured the Pacific researching historical sites - I believe that the city location was on an island in either the Marianas or the Caroline Island Groups - sorry cannot recall exactly which one.
The haunting ruins of Nan Madol, the Machu Pichu of the Pacific, lie on the island of Pohnpei. Formerly known as Ponape (Pohn-ah-pay), this jungle-clad, reef-ringed island is in the Caroline group. Known for its high, green, volcanic cliffs and pepper plantations, Pohnpei lies about eight degrees North of the equator and is the capitol of the Federated States of Micronesia

My main point on this is that all the structures were built from basalt and showed precision leveling of the rock surfaces, whilst the building structures were amazingly orthogonal. These strongly resembled the recent web site photos of the structures located underwater south-west of Japan. Perhaps someone has documented this "Venice" in the present day literature on Pacific Archaeology - re stepped pyramids and boat travellers from South America ???

There is another huge stepped pyramid complex in Burma along the River Irrawady - it covers an area similar to a major City such as London and is actually far more impressive than the Egyptian pyramids - in my opinion. Some huge pure white pyramids are present, whilst several pyramids and temples are tilted, and some are partially or completely buried by the river alluvium. All of the stepped pyramid structures in Burma and in the Pacific resemble the Mexican and South American structures rather than the smooth Egyptian pyramids. They suggest an advanced Pacific wide culture of considerable size and antiquity that has largely been destroyed by rising sea level--perhaps the Easter Island heads fit in here somewhere ???

It is quite possible that a major Pacific wide civilisation existed prior to the 11,600 years ago Global bolide catastrophe documented in (See Allan and Delair's book "When the Earth Nearly Died" - Bath Books UK).

The sailer commented upon the size of the island canal city compared to the currently small land area of the island group and suggested that there once must have been a much larger land area to allow agricultural industry sufficient to feed the inhabitants of "Basalt City" ??? All of this tended to fit the old legends of the lost continent of Mu that sank beneath the Pacific. I recall him telling me over a beer that the local natives of "Basalt City" had a legend that all of the basalt blocks were mined on a nearby island site and then a magician flew them through the sky to fit them in their current near perfect locations - which now show evidence of being partly broken up by earthquakes - their age was unknown but considered as very very old.

Apparently in the ancient Indian Vedic writings there are references to a major nuclear war between a pre-historic civilisation in India and that of this now sunken Pacific civilisation of Mu. The Indians claim in the Vedas to have come originally from the far south after a large Earth catastrophe. This fits in with new ideas concerning Atlantis having been located in Antarctica (see Rand & Rose Flem-Ath "When the Sky Fell"). Evidence of this nuclear holocaust is claimed to exist in the section debris underneath a northern Indian city - including hundreds of radioactive charred skeletons - all hand in hand running away from the city centre--evidence for a major Earth catastrophe about 11,600 years ago is now forth coming from several researchers. The nature and type of event is roughly agreed upon by these avant guard workers - but it's cause is not.

Also whilst in New Guinea on Woodlark Island exploring the jungle for gold (Woodlark is due east of the mainland in the Soloman Sea, half way to Bouganville and the Solomons, and resembles the Island in the original King Kong Movie !!!) I came across five natives repairing a large wooden outrigger canoe on the beach. We talked for a while and they asked me to come south about a 100 miles in the canoe to visit their Island. It was apparently about 20 miles long and a few miles wide with high cliffs - except at one landing site/bay.

They wanted my opinion about a site in the centre of their island. It contained a ring of standing stones located around a central cave that had writing on the walls. From diagrams they drew in the sand I would say the writing was hierogliphics (Sp ?) or similar ? None of their old people knew anything about this cave or those who built it, and it was obviously very old and pre their racial memory.

I declined the trip - due to other work requirements - but also with good regard to the size of the boat and it's freeboard (about 3 inches !!!), and a nagging doubt that canabalism might not have totally died out on the islands where "long pig" was so recently a relished delicacy !!! Just how these guys could traverse a 100 miles of shark invested water in a hollowed out log attached to another smaller log by thin vines and poles (which obviously snap since these were being repaired !) with a single sail of palm thatch was beyond my bravery allocation - however I've often wondered about their island and the origin of the site they described.

Another funny thing about Woodlark Island was that many of the natives there carved things out of Ebony - these often included busts of strange Easter Island type figures with smoothed hair styles and large noses reminiscent of Easter Island statues - yet everyone on the island today has an original Jimmy Hendrix hairstyle - which has been the latest fashion in the New Guinea islands since at least say 1910 - when photography was first introduced into "fuzzy wuzzy" land. Also their faces did not resemble the noble cheek structure and noses of these carvings. How this image got fixated into their art was a mystery to me at that time.

Apparently the Japanese were highly interested in the Caroline/Marianas island, where the Basalt City complex is located, and in the 1930's, just prior to WWII, they got a large supply of platinum from this site - friends of mine here in OZ believe they got the Pt from debris in the ancient city - however I suspect that they found some Pt bearing ultra-basic rock there and mined same !!!

Either way the reason for non-disclosure of this recent (1997) Japanese Underwater City discovery news in the USA/Australia (until last week) may relate to 1993 predictions in Japan of their Emperor reclaiming his lost "previous life" World Empire - after a major nuclear war between the USA and Asia - before the year 2000--several Japanese religious sects believe this stuff (eg Mahakari and AUM Supreme Truth etc) - as we speak .

Apparently we once all "kow-towed" to him in an earlier planetary wide civilisation in several of our previous lives. If true - which I seriously doubt - once was definitely enough !!! But Nostradamus said that the Anti-Christ would come from Asia before the year 2000 . . .

Now note that Eric Von Daniken ("Chariots of the Gods" fame etc) was pilloried in the press, then actually set up in a criminal scam and finally convicted in 1970. The reason would appear to be his insistence in public lectures (I attended his excellent Perth lecture) with good photographic slide evidence - that previous advanced civilisations existed on Planet Earth - not his ufo/astronaut theories. He showed good evidence for an advanced civilisation, with a huge underground network of triangular cross section tunnels with blast doors containing all manner of debris including figurines wearing circuit diagrams and ray guns, in Ecuador, plus much other evidence from sites around the Planet. His lectures were very well attended by many "ordinary" people and many of the scientific profession. He was being discussed at dinner parties across the planet and then suddenly after an intensive "Black PR" campaign virtually nothing more was heard of this man in the mainstream western media.

I have been observing this scenario in our western press for several years now - it would appear that ANY news/evidence that suggests to the public that earlier ADVANCED civilisations existed here is totally suppressed - ruthlessly suppressed. Someone does not want this info to gain hold in the wider public awareness. It is treated more harshly than any ideas re possible evidence for alien civilisation structures that might exist on the moons and planets of our solar system.

Obviously you can be labeled a "crazy" for suggesting any off planet archaeological site evidence and site visits are out - but on planet Earth you cannot prevent people visiting the sites and demonstrating the evidence - unless you harshly suppress it's general publication and then handle the orator.

There is evidence from different sources of the existence of active alien bases on this planet during the recent historical past in the Pyrennees and in Thibet - (backed up by German explorer reports from journeys in Thibet during the 1930's when a system of inhabited underground tunnels was located).

Why is this "hide the past" scenario so rigorously enforced ? I suppose some ancient priesthood clique that knows the true history of planet Earth and us earthlings wants to keep it hidden - lest we rebel (again) and overthrow these hidden alien controllers of our society - who continuously operate from behind the scenes utilizing finance and other more direct methods to manipulate planetary government and the nature of our society. "Divide and Rule" (in the manner and style of "perfidious Albion") appears to be the order of the millennium - to prevent us from straying from "prison planet" Earth back into Galactic society ???

This suppression scenario might explain why the Japanese Underwater City news was not welcome in USA Press - and has still not gotten the coverage it so obviously deserves ???

Whilst in Beijing (during the time that Saddam Hussein invaded the Gulf) I saw an item in their english language press about the discovery of a vast new buried clay figurine army - at a new site - far removed from the well known one that the tourists visit. The article said that artifacts and other data gleaned at a preliminary investigation was so amazing that it would completely rewrite the early history of Asia and show that society was highly advanced early on. The site was going to be kept under wraps whilst it was fully investigated by Chinese archaeologists for a couple of years. I arrived in Europe two days later and then after two weeks flew home to OZ via the USA where I spent a week. Not one of my friends in these places knew of this Chinese discovery and although I asked at Libraries I could find no press references in the West - and to this day am unaware of any literature here on this find.

According to stories in the Denver Post in the 1880's there was a discovery of tunnels on the northern ? side of the Grand Canyon (area now off limits to public and difficult to access) that had obviously housed a substantial Asiatic (due to writing style on walls ?) Army many thousands of years previously. This data hit the public once in Denver and then was rapidly suppressed and only recently surfaced in an article in Nexus magazine.

It appears that the desire to keep the general public ignorant of the nature of the real world did not stop with the Pope and the Vatican's imprisonment of Marco Polo - to stop him spreading tales of the Orient to the ignorant Holy Romans !!! Personally I side with Henry VIII - "the man who went direct to God and cut out the middle man" --heretic that I am.

The Ancient Greeks tell us that the Egyptian Priesthood knew of many previous civilisations on Earth that were wiped out by a variety of massive Earth catastrophes. Whoever sacked the library at Alexandria has a lot to answer for since we would also probably now know of the detail of these events. But I suspect tablets, scrolls, and books on these subjects survive - deliberately buried out of sight in private libraries in the old world.

Every time I fly over Los Angeles at night I am amazed and awed at it's size and power, but I also realise just how easy it would be for this section of crust to disappear one crazy tectonic day - such that no one would ever know it had existed. Geological research in NSW on the western pacific shore has demonstrated that massive tidal waves have hit this coast around Sydney several times in relatively recent Earth history and travelled well inland causing widespread and massive damage - confirming Aboriginal "myths". The earthquakes that caused these probably originated in the western Pacific but there is no reason to suppose that the tectonically active eastern Pacific has not also demonstrated similar behaviour throughout time - unless you are a strict Uniformitarianist.

An argument used during the Victiorian era against Uniformitarianism is still valid today since those who belong to the Uniformitarian Sect generally and arbitrarily select the period in which they live, or lived, as the standard for historical reconstruction of changes in earth history. This obviously suffers from the potential defect as noted by W. Whewell in 1832 "that man may not have been long enough an observer to obtain the average of forces which are changing through immeasurable time" ?

A recent example was our view of the Shoemacher-Levy bolide chain impacting with Jupiter - never previously observed and therefore it obviously couldn't happen to Earth and our ostrich head uniformitarianist.  If Shoemacher-Levy had happened to Earth it would even have woken up the ostrich but there would probably have been no planet left to act as his grave.

Hand in hand with this problem of observer time scale, is the fact that man may not have had easy, or any, access to, or understanding of, written records of earlier human observers, thus compounding the potential error of what constitutes "normal earth changes", and therefore he may not have recognised the true nature of the relevant geological record - being bound by a fixed mind set eg. seeing only "interglacials" rather than evidence of catastrophic tidal waves.

Hence one day during a future dig the Coca-Cola Man will be found - but his iron (tin) can will have disintegrated and dissolved in ground waters and he will be named "Re-enforced Concrete Man".

Geologists are only just coming to grips with ideas of massive Planetary catastrophe due to large bolide impact, or axial shift caused by ice cap wobble, magnetic polar reversals, or other unknown mechanisms. Lyells Uniformitarianism and a general reaction against the Victorian scientific Bible bashers proof of the "flood" destroyed rational thought and investigation into this scenario for over a century - actually both sides were right in what was a stupid argument. Archaeologists appear to be even further behind - being largely driven by convention rather than fact, allowing no modern or anomalous findings to permeate their rigid viewpoint - as if they work hand in hand with the secret Planetary controllers. Secrecy and the official line lie are as prevalent today as they were in the time of the Renaissance, whatever happened to the quest for truth ???

Ignorance is alive and well in our "modern" era whilst our "joke civilisation" is guaranteed to end up like all it's predecessors - buried alive and wiped from the time track--unless we improve on the nature of our "civilisation" that is probably a very suitable and totally justified ending.

Anyone for a new Golden Age ???

Harry Mason

Perth, Western Australia, May 1998

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