Subj: ECTV/Breaking News - Consortium of Scientist Coming Together to Discuss Mars/Asteroid
Date: 8/8/01 4:54:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Consortium of Scientist Coming Together to Discuss Mars/Asteroid...08/08/01
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

As reported for the first time anywhere, ECTV broke the news which points to an asteroid hitting Mars causing one of the largest dust storms every recorded. This disclosure is beginning to take hold.
August 3rd Article:

Dr. Tom Van Flandren, former lead astronomer at the Naval Observatory and NASA contractor, stated for the first time publicly he believes the cause of last months huge dust storm which surrounded the whole planet of Mars, "was most likely caused by an asteroid hit." Now a group of astronomers are coming together to discuss this very real scenario.

If their findings show it was indeed an asteroid hit, our government officials will be in a very awkward position to explain why this event was not made public. ECTV will post events as they unfold on our website.

In other news: M-Class Flares Keep On Coming
As predicted in the August 5th article, M-Class flares have continued since Monday. NASA reports active regions 9557 and 9563 have twisted beta-gamma magnetic fields that harbor energy for M-class solar flares. A new sunspot group, 9569, is growing fast and could soon pose a threat for powerful eruptions.
August 5th Article:

The 'Perseid' meteor shower peaks this year on Sunday morning, August 12th.
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