10/27/02 4:53:08 PM Pacific Standard Time

"It is my viewpoint that the so called 'Beltway Sniper' was/is a Manchurian Candidate patsy who probably never fired a shot in the shootings. This includes the seventeen year old accomplice. It is my belief that a terrorist commando team, or more than one did all of the shootings, and if so they would have had their training, support, and cover up from the U.S. Government, at least from an element inside the CIA."


Posted By: BarbaraHartwell <babs7@ulster.net>
Date: Sunday, 27 October 2002, 5:27 p.m.

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Note from Babs:
This analysis was sent to me by a very trustworthy source whom I have known for years, and who wishes to remain anonymous. I have edited only for paragraph structure and clarity.

New FBI Warnings, Snipers, CIA Training Camps, & Mind Control

By Anonymous

This new FBI Warning adds that based on al Quaida detainees interview, the detainees stated that they considered possibly using operatives (in the U.S.) who have a Western appearance. Note the words "considered," "possibly" using operatives ...

First, I am reminded that FBI (and other federal informants) often tell their handler/interrogator exactly what they, the FBI, want to hear. In other circumstances the FBI, and other federal agents lie. This is based on my lengthy interviews of retired FBI agents and public documented evidence of many court cases, especially that of certain FBI agents who have authored books such as retired Special Agent Wesley Swearingen.

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