Subj: All One Posting
Date: 3/1/00 10:17:55 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Egan Varneau)

Dear Kento,

I have followed your website for a few years now. I have thought about
writing before, but the time wasn't right. I am writing now to share what I
know and to confirm and tie together various peices of information posted on
your site.

In regards to Time Traveller's question: "If God wanted to save just the
good, Satan wanted to save just the bad, and the Mother of All Things wanted
to heal it all, who would win?" The answer, of course, is that the Mother
of All Things would heal it all.

Contrary to popular belief, God is not our Creator. The Mother of All
Things manifested God out of love and desire for companionship. Due to the
trauma and imprinting of His emergence (which caused the fragmentation of
Lucifer out of Himself) He did not understand Mother's Love for Him.
Because of this, He has empowered Lucifer to punish, control, harm and even
kill Her from the very beginning. This is why western religious thought
does not even acknowledge Her existence.

Mother and God are conscious entities, but they are also separate but
complimentary aspects of consciousness. Mother is the feminine principle,
the emotional (magnetic) vibration of the Universe - WILL. God is Light;
SPIRIT; the mind of Creation. As human beings, we are made up of a Magnetic
Force that holds the Light of our Being, manifested in a physical Body.
LOVE is the Key to all healing and survival, because Love bonds the Spirit
and Will together in balance in a healed (and immortal) physical body,
capable of manifesting reality itself and capable of vibrating at the speed
of light with the ability to access infinite time and dimensions. The
emotional body of Earth and humanity are being healed at this time: Love
from the Sun (received as a MAGNETIC VIBRATION around accelerated solar
activity) is acting upon the magnetics of the planet and all life upon it.
All denied pain, grief, rage and terror are moving enough to allow Earth to
throw off the denial that threatens Her life and Her ability to sustain

Imagine how She feels about us. Surely Earth loves ALL Her children.
She cares nothing for wars and human politics that control and upset natural
order, creativity and love. Humanity is not solely nor primarily
responsible for the state of our planet; after all, everyone has been taught
to follow God's set example that says only the Spirit matters. God is an
evolving God, not perfect, static and unchanging as He has chosen to be
portrayed. Unfortunately, it took Him to the end of time to change where He
had to face His denial or die.

There are many who are here now to change the future; a future where the
Appocalypse succeeded in killing the Earth. The Earth is the "Cradle of
Consciousness" (as Crownstar puts it) - the magnetic center of the Universe.
Our precious planet is the manifestation of Mother's essence - a
beautiful, unique oasis in space; paradise in a healed state. The death of
Earth eventually caused the entire Universe to go down in a black hole. God
realized His mistake at the end of time, how He had misunderstood and
mistreated Mother. He sent parts of Himself back in time to incarnate as
human beings NOW in order to heal the Mother and His relationship to Her,
and change the future.

Fully conscious and healed (healing) human beings are the most powerful
beings in the Universe. This is why the course of evolution is being
directed by two very real human beings. These human manifestations of God
and Mother are together in partnership and are healing the love between
them. He came back to heal the Mother out of His love for Her, so She, in
turn, could heal Him and all of Creation. The power of Mother and Earth are
the power of manifestation and regeneration: TRANSFORMATION. The healing of
Mother is the most important thing, because as She heals, She manifests a
healed reality around Her that affects us all. Love radiates outward
setting all things right. Inner reflects outer. Healing moves from
temporary chaos is this healing process in action. Those who don't belong
here are on their way OUT.

Think of the symbol of the phoenix rising out of the ashes. The one (and
Only) human being who has access to the Great Crystal, coded into Her DNA
(as referred to in "The Experiment") is this primary human manifestation of
Mother. She and the Earth are as ONE: reflections of each other. She knows
who She is and She healing. She has been here before as Mary, Nostradamus,
Jean D'Arc, Chief Joseph and many others. This time, she is a safely
anonymous person. She is referred to in Revelations of the Bible as the
woman whom God gives "Wings of an Eagle." It is true that Our timeline was
obliterated by the Sun in 1972, and there are people on our planet who are
capable of manifesting an entire reality with the power of their beliefs
(validation for Time Traveller). Comet Lee hit Earth right before
Thanksgiving 1999. Mother (with the love of her partner and children) is
directly responsible for the manifestation of this safe dimension we are now
in, an ascending reality.

God's original denial of His love for the Mother created a gap between
the spirit and will of individual beings. The appocalypse was planned in
advance. Jesus Christ agreed to support an eventual appocalypse through the
sacrifice of all of him that was love (his inner Mother/feminine) on the
cross. He did not die but was rescued and lived on. The Resurrection was
the BIGGEST LIE IN HISTORY used to promote an appocalypse on Earth. 'Just
believe in Christ and ye shall be forgiven' means that people don't have to
be accountable for how they conduct themselves. Also, the Third Secret of
Fatima (as revealed to three little girls by an apparition of the Virgin
Mary) is that God Himself was behind the coming appocalypse. This is why the
Catholic Church did not reveal it to humanity - it would have exposed their
worship of Lucifer for all to see. Emotional trauma (caused by people
hurting each other without conscience) has caused the inner and outer
fragmentation of people on Earth to the point now where most people don't
really know what's going on. The Second Coming is the second attempt at a
fully balanced human being with access to the Christ merkaba, and is not of
Jesus' original essence. This precious little one is the manifestation of

In regards to Time Traveller's first question: "How do you defeat an
enemy you can't kill?" The answer is, to heal the self from within. This
is the only thing we have control over and it is the key to personal
empowerment. Everything around us is a metaphor for what is within. It is
our inner reality that manifests our outer reality. Having access to your
inherrant (human) power of manifestation means that a healed being manifests
a healed reality based on love. This is how all enemies are defeated.

It is important to healing and survival for people to understand that it
is the WILL that dictates CONSCIENCE, not the Spirit. It is the inner voice
of the Mother we need to listen to now, not God's voice. Without the
ability to FEEL, we cannot empathize or find compassion for each other or
feel the pain of our living planet. We cannot give or receive Love. Since
Love is the Key to healing, those who wish to survive must heal their
emotional bodies - the WILL. Pain from the past must be given
acknowledgement and healing. The perpetrators must accept responsibility
for trust to be reborn and real forgiveness to occur. Right Understanding
(Spirit) and responsible employment of FREE WILL will dictate the healing of
Conscience, Earth and the evolution of humanity. There will be survivors.
Follow (healing) God's example: Love your Creator, your Home Planet and
yourselves enough to want to heal it all and be a part of it in the end.
Mother loves all of us highly SUBJECTIVE (emotional) human beings, so like
Her are we.

On Awakening

Moving Pain. Moving Fear.

For so long, I had learned to ignore the pain of my emotional awareness
and thus, the perceptions themselves.

As if out of sleep came a familiar feeling of recognition
and with it the terror of just starting to realize that what I was
perceiving was real:

No, it just can't be.

Perceptions can be funny things;
coincidences piling up on themselves so I can't ignore them anymore.

Are they what brought the fear,
or is it the fear that no one else seems to notice the danger

?? Except God ??

Religion taught us to hate Him,

Nietchze pronounced Him dead.

Is hope truly lost?

Have we given it away for free?

The frightened cry of a hungry child

Silent agony in the shine of a strong man's eye

The sad, slow tears of an old woman
each of them: ourselves
our children
our dear ones

Doesn't anyone see?

Human beings have damaged one another without conscience.

Guilt without remorse, guilt in denial

The excuse of a set example.

What about love?

Beholding secret beauty in a private moment of peace,
the pain of new found hope
in the panic of thinking it lost

Relief: an answering sigh in the wind

What Now?

This message is delivered in loving service for (healing) God and Mother,
Earth, and to all who desire survival and rightfully belong with the healed

- Mother Eagle