FRIEND:  Never finished talking about Ennead .. Just want to know if they good er bad ?
BARDSQUILL:  CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA will postpone the planned Wednesday landing of the space shuttle Atlantis and its six-astronaut crew to further assess a mystery object seen floating between the orbiter and Earth earlier today.

BARDSQUILL:  wellllll we saw a humdinger mystery object on SOHO, on 9/11!

BARDSQUILL:  neither good nor bad just unseen
FRIEND:  wow .. that's interesting ..
BARDSQUILL:  sorta unseen
BARDSQUILL:  Think Crop Circles and Sagan's "Contact"
FRIEND:  Think they are source of our origin ?
BARDSQUILL:  the Ennead are seen by geometry and math.  Pythagoras was in on the deal
BARDSQUILL:  in fact geometry was in a sense cooked up as a better language to describe the unseen gods
FRIEND:  Woo ..
BARDSQUILL:  Big deal about the number Nine which is in fact the word, Ennead
BARDSQUILL:  The study of Nine was called Gematria
BARDSQUILL:  Friend of mine, G, totally trips out on Gematria
Old Hippy, heh

Proly goes back to Atlantis
BARDSQUILL:  "Lord of Lords, the infinite Nine, over the other from each Cosmic cycle, weighing and watching the progress of men."   Thoth the Atlantean

FRIEND:  gotcha
FRIEND:  i absolultely love numerology ..  looks like this is a different slant on it
FRIEND:  Oh boy .. i'm gonna have to study this in greater depth.
BARDSQUILL:  Deal is, ol' G is more than just an egghead...
BARDSQUILL:  He had a freakin Contact
BARDSQUILL:  Got caught up by the Ennead, transported to Ennead-land and came back as G-II
BARDSQUILL:  Kinda like Jodie Foster in Contact
BARDSQUILL:  Here's a weird tale...
FRIEND:  i was just reading that ... you know this guy personally ?
BARDSQUILL:  Me and G were asked by a couple of guys to meet with them...
BARDSQUILL:  One guy was a priest, the other guy, Military, Masonic with CIA connections.
BARDSQUILL:  So they pumped our brains over breakfast at Denny's
BARDSQUILL:  G and me pumped them back
BARDSQUILL:  I went on auto-wizardry and don't remember what I/we said.  But these guys were shaken.
BARDSQUILL:  The Military/CIA guy joined the Disclosure Project.
FRIEND:  Y'mean, after talking to YOU ?
BARDSQUILL:  Was classic, two hippies, a priest and a spook.
BARDSQUILL:  Yea, after talking to us
FRIEND:  Damn .. no way of finding out what you said, huh ?
BARDSQUILL:  G really got em good
FRIEND:  'member what HE said ?
BARDSQUILL:  Well G related his Ennead contact, whilst I pumped them about their backgrounds
BARDSQUILL:  I told them they oughtta quit being do alligned and go out and disclose and quit being so wimpy.
BARDSQUILL:  I really liked the priest but the spook was an old career yowsah
BARDSQUILL:  Except the priest was a Jesuit. I called him on that.
FRIEND:  How'd he take that ?
BARDSQUILL:  The Jesuits and the Masonic CIA duo, figures
BARDSQUILL:  I told him he was never gonna get to the meat by filtering everything through his Jesuit dogma
FRIEND:  Yeah, from Bill C's book ..
FRIEND:  DAMN ! i have to GO Promise me we pick it up again later, oK ?
BARDSQUILL:  These guys are always trying to pump Hippy Experiencers because they don't get to the good stuff due to preconceptions.  They know this too.