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terrorists attack in london 7-7-05.... already insinuating that al-queda was probably involved...Blair directly relating it to the G8 summit - in the midst of his career's most potent criticism. something smells fishy... but sadly most things do now a days...


Internet Message 7/7/05 9:30 AM

BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  heard about the uk blasts
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  ever heard of International 777 Order of Twelve 333 of Knights and Daughters of Tabor
BARDSQUILL:  compiling info here, bunch of stuff firing up my built in crap alarm
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  well don't look any further
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  it happened at the same time as 9:11 (8:49am local time)
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  Todays date is 7/7/2005
1: 777
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  at 1333(BST) US President George W Bush, speaking at the Gleneagles summit in Scotland, condemns the attacks, saying that the blasts show the war on terror must continue.
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  Note the Following 777/333
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  International 777 Order of Twelve 333 of Knights and Daughters of Tabor

BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  1899. This work contains the Taborian Constitution and Rules and Regulations of Subordinate Temples of the several departments of the International 777 Order of Twelve 333 of Knights and Daughters of Tabor. Dr. Dickson's intent and object was to form an organization, composed of men and women, including children, into a united, solid compact, making it a secret beneficial Order, uniting the members together by obligation and law, binding them by secret ties, forming a chain that links them into one body, a unit in movement and action, for the interest and good of all worthy members.
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  composed of men and women, including children, into a united, solid compact, making it a secret beneficial Order, uniting the members together by obligation and law,
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  the origins order of the 777 ( known as the Knights of Liberty ) and still continue to this day are Black Africans Americans
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  The Main focus for this G8 Summit is Africa
BRIT INVESTIGATOR:  GWB is in Disagreement with Blair over a few things , and Blair is Chairing .... What is Happening today at the G8 Summit ? whilst Blair goes back to london

BRIT INVESTIGATOR: The Explosion outside The British Medical Academy (BMA) on Tavistock , casualties were able to be 'treated' by doctors who were at BMA House at the time

BRIT INVESTIGATOR: people said that lights went out 1 min before the explosion --EMP Ignition or weapon


7/7/2005 8:27:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

"The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe'' claimed opposed to the 'public organization'?

Catchy name. I can see the terrorist 'brothers' sitting around the underground meeting coming up with this name to inspire fervor, passion, blind ardent following for the cause!

Wait, I'm feeling something moving too....<G>

Maybe it should be named the Downing Street Memo Brigade with their recruiting poster showing Tony Blair holding a flag with some snakes on it, wearing a beret and cammos.


Today is 07/07/2005. At about 0205 PDT several bombs blew up in London. At about 1600 GMT the sun released an M5+ flare.

At the same time I took the attached image of a massive chemtrail attack on the Puget Sound (disregard the artifact in the upper center). Simultaneously, a major bus vs car accident shut down all of northbound I - 5 while a medevac helicopter landed to transport a casualty.

Traffic was disrupted for hours. The ripples from the probe that crashed into Tempel 1 are only now begining to manifest themselves and will only get larger. Beware Dennis the Menace; a prime excuse for oil to climb another $5/barrel.

Me? Well I'm going to pull up my socks and tighten my belt for the long run.


Fred 7/7/2005

[4:57 pm EDT Re: I Work for the DOD, and I have Plenty of Info to Spill for 1 night only - Ask Questions Now]

I´m sorry I was not back sooner. I rushed into town as soon as the news hit.

This is the hit I was waiting for. However everything went down totally different.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT PEOPLE. This attack was done by the USA. I worked inside the DOD for the last 13 years and this was the information that pushed me over the edge.

Once I saw this was going to happen, I quit and left for Canada. I will not have any part of being American anymore. This sickens me.

Please listen to me.

This was supposed to be a single bomb, this was supposed to be near Scotland, and it was supposed to be earlier.

I guess the powers that be wanted a bigger impact and more confusion. Already they have set up the blame to make it look like a terrorist attack. They set it up on a day where it could look like it was because of the olympics and the G8.

All I can say is that I don´t know if they hit their target.

WATCH VERY CLOSELY and KEEP RECORD of any of the names of the victims. WATCH for anyone oil related and especially asian in nature.

We´ll have to wait a while and I guess alot of it will be covered up very quick. But LET ME ASSURE YOU - THIS WAS what I PREDICTED. It was supposed to be 1 bomb to be made look like a terrorist attack before the G8 of someone who was there ahead of time.

I can´t get into any more detail right now I´m just so angry with our own people for doing this.

I need to go take a break. I will be back online again soon. I just needed to point out to you people that this is exactly what I was talking about and it is much different than I thought. I am not in the DOD anymore so I am in the dark about this as much as anyone. Please pass on any information about victims names here please. I will do my own searching as well, but I have to also keep low. I know they will be looking for me now if they changed the mission this drastically.

How despicable!!

My prayers to all you Brits.. I am truly sorry.




Posted By: FarSight3 <Send E-Mail>

Date: Friday, 8 July 2005, 6:55 a.m.

Finally, we have a convinient "confession" for the London bombings. Although the MSM-Medea describes this Al-Queada-"based" responsabilty-claim by the mysterios "Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe" as "unconfirmed and doubtful" - it will remain in the heads of the average readers - not aware of the real connections and backgrounds that lead to this staged attack.

As I pointed out immediately after the bombings there was foreknowledge present:


FarSight3 -- Thursday, 7 July 2005, 6:26 a.m.

I did send out an immideate alert to most blogs, agents and "alternative" sites - and luckily there are more "awake" heads in this beatiful community than one might imagine.

In the meantime lots of other sites have picked up the story and hopefully THIS will not "sink" - as the awareness of the people on those kind of "benefiting" acts of (t)error has increased since the WAKE UP CALL OF THE 9/11.

Now - to the main point - who is the "confesser":

The "confession" was published on - a site which is "unreachable" right now and connected with alleged Al-Qaeda-"Member" Sa'd Al-Fagih. He is "suspicious" of supporting all kind of "Djihad" and is conviniently brought into being connected to Bombings against U.S. embassies in Africa, being "in connection with Bin Laden" and various other "suspicious" Islamic booga-boogas.

Being a Saudi dissident, living a fine life in London, Saad al-Faghi made himself known as an "eggspert" in matters 9/11 and various other cases connected with Islamic (t)errorism.

Besides a manifold "offer" of webbased infos - as the "Castle" (Al-Qal3ah),,, - there is as well a site called Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia - all registered under Al-Fagih or the "charity organization" MIRA, which he is in bed with.

Among others there is an additional site which engages for the "release of Mullah Said bin Mubarek Zuair" -

The Admin for reads:

Al-Fagih, Saad

21 Blackstone Road

London, NW2 6DA

The Admin for reads:

Qalaah, Qalaah

Hmdan street

abu dhabi, 25852

So it seems that Mr.Al-Fagih and the thing called "Qalaah" are related - if not the same person - moreover as they use the same return address - !

The "Society for Internet Research" states as followed:

Note the Qalaah name and email address which we have previously linked to Al-Fagih via the whois information for the zuair domains. The following companies are involved in providing services to Mr. Al-Fagih:

United States - web servers: Everyone's Internet, Houston, TX

Canada - domain name registrar: Tucows, Inc., Toronto, ON

United Kingdom - domain name registration service: PIPEX Communications Hosting Ltd (dba, Nottingham

Germany - email for Al-Fagih: Lycos Europe GmbH, Gutersloh

Considering now that the "confessor" is genuine - than this is an indeed "funny" scenario - as the long term "suspect" and "Djihadist" Al-Faghi is allowed to continue his sinister work by aid of a Texan provider, continue registering all this crap through Great Britain while he is continuing his E-mail correspondence through a GERMAN-based institution.

Tell me another!

War on Error, Part 777:"The Balfour Declaration from 77 Great Russell Street, LONDON"

Far Sight 3


7/9/2005 10:17:24 AM Pacific Standard Time

As soon as I saw the first 'terrorism' reports on BBC, I had little doubt as to the identity of the perpetrators. The signature of the incident was entirely that of a false-flag covert operation:

- The incident was totally counter-productive to the cause of any genuine Islamic militants.

- The incident was exquisitely well-timed to serve the interests of Blair & Bush.

- The incident was blamed on a 'previously unknown terrorist elements' (as with 9/11, the Spanish train bombing, and the  Omagh bombing)

But of course those are only first impressions, circumstantial evidence. Let's take a closer look at the other evidence we have so far. I've picked out six relevant articles that have been brought to my attention since the incident. The URLs are below, with a small excerpt from each.

The first thing we need to be aware of is the fact that Al Qaeda (originally "Islamic Militant Network") is now and always has been a CIA asset, working closely with Western intelligence agencies over the years in various destabilization operations, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia. Articles (1) and (2), by Chossudovsky, give good background on this.

Once we understand who Al Qaeda really is, then the fact that the London Bombings have been attributed to Al Qaeda provides the first piece of solid evidence of a covert op with a cover story - just as in the case of the Spanish train bombing, which was a botched attempt to build support in Spain for the war in Iraq. The Spanish were underestimated, God bless them. Article (7), from the New York Times, points out parallels with the Spanish bombings.

Article (3) provides us with our second piece of solid evidence, our first case of a contradiction in the cover story. It seems that after the first explosion, the plan was to pretend it was some kind of accident (so as to ensure the public wouldn't run for cover, and miss being exposed to the subsequent blasts.) Thus the first announcements made no mention of terrorism. But at the same time as these announcements were being made, or perhaps even before, Binyamin Netanyahu was warned not to travel to a scheduled  meeting, as he would have passed near some of the later targets.

This echoes the situation with 9-11, where many people received early warnings, as surveyed in Article (5). But then, the whole incident echoes 9-11. I've been expecting 9-11 repeats throughout Europe, aimed at building support for the U.S.-Anglo program of petrodollar imperialism. Don't be surprised when the next one occurs, either in Europe or the USA. The knowledgeable bet is on an incident in a U.S. nuclear facility. Mossad agents have been caught casing those joints.

Article (4) outlines some of the reasons why this particular op was well-timed for Tony & George: both are falling in the polls, both have populations critical of the cowardly war in Iraq, and both are under political and legal attack - Bush from the Pflame affair and Blair from the Downing Street memos. But my guess is that these aren't the primary timing considerations. "Why now?", I believe, is best answered by the G8 summit and the Live 8 scam.

Rather than being a defensive op, I see this as part of a larger PR offensive. The Bush-Blair twins are seeking to take the high moral ground, pretending to be interested in helping Africa, and pretending that is what the G8 is about. They want to shift attention away from their war crimes and on to their 'humanitarian initiatives'. Live 8 set the stage, and the G8 "debt forgiveness" deception continues the myth. If there were no competing headlines at this time, the media would probably be showing images of the anti-G8 protests, which would detract a bit from their PR offensive. Hence, in addition to the other underlying reasons, the G8 provides the fine-tuning for the timing of the operation. Rather than protestors, with whom many viewers would identify, we have 'London under attack', which supports the twin's Matrix mythology.

Article (6) may or may not be legitimate. It claims to know the exact name and nature of the covert operative group involved. It's the kind of article I like to know about, but I reserve judgement until I see corroboration from other sources.

know your enemy,



by Michel Chossudovsky

The "blowback" thesis is a fabrication. The evidence amply confirms that the CIA never severed its ties to the "Islamic Militant Network". Since the end of the Cold War, these covert intelligence links have not only been maintained, they have in become increasingly sophisticated.


9/11 and the "War on Terrorism"

Selected articles and essays  by Michel Chossudovsky

The "Islamic Militant Network" (the forerunner of Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda), was created and sustained by the CIA. CIA-sponsored guerrilla training in Afghanistan and Pakistan were integrated with the teachings of Islam. The madrasas were set up by Wahabi fundamentalists financed out of Saudi Arabia, with the support of Washington.

The Reagan, Bush senior and Clinton administrations actively supported the Islamic brigades during the Soviet-Afghan war and its aftermath. The Taliban were the "graduates" of the CIA sponsored madrasas. They would not have been able to form a government, had it not been for US military aid, channeled through Pakistan.


Original reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu was warned BEFORE the first blast, now all the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was warned AFTER the first blast, for example this article.


As I sit in my office today, I hear the whispers of co-workers now utterly convinced our war on terror must continue. Despite American and British involvement in the Middle East birthing wave after wave of rebel forces, the Bush doctrine is now justified in the minds of millions. Petty grievances such as the Downing Street Minutes, the President's flagging support and Karl Rove's treasonous outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame are unimportant. A shadowy conglomeration is out to kill us.

Sound familiar? It should – the same emotional ploy was used to great effect on Americans in the wake of September 11th.

Question nothing, particularly your cries for vengeance or that nagging feeling in the back of your head. Justice delayed

is justice denied.


What is more informative than who failed to act on a tip, is who acted on a tip. A number of people apparently knew to stay clear of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.



& Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowers The attacks on London were orchestrated by Bush & Blair using PE-2 Elements of Team Iraq and have been identified by the American French Alliance. Team Iraq was secretly setup to do insurgency attacks in Iraq by Bush, Blair and Answar Bin Shari of Israel to further the Iraq War Machine into Iran and Saudi Arabia for personal gain, and control of the World Oil Reserves for their own personal benefits.

PE-2 Consists of Rogue British MI-5, Mossad and US Pentagon

Secret Teams under Bush, Blair and Shari's Control.


New York Time online

July 8, 2005

Timers Used in Blasts, Police Say; Parallels to Madrid Are Found


LONDON / 'Police shot bombers' reports New Zealander

'Police shot bombers' reports New Zealander


A New Zealander working for Reuters in London says two colleagues witnessed the unconfirmed shooting by police of two apparent suicide bombers outside the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf in London.

The New Zealander, who did not want to be named, said the killing of the two men wearing bombs happened at 10.30am on Thursday (London time).

Following the shooting, the 8000 workers in the 44-storey tower were told to stay away from windows and remain in the building for at least six hours, the New Zealand man said.

He was not prepared to give the names of his two English colleagues, who he said witnessed the shooting from a building across the road from the tower.

Reports of attacks carried out by suicide bombers have been rife in London.

Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reported an unconfirmed incident of police shooting a bomber outside the HSBC tower.

Canadian Brendan Spinks, who works on the 18th floor of the tower, said he saw a "massive rush of policemen" outside the building after London was rocked by the bombings.


This is clearly a ploy by the establishment to prop up their agenda. Look at this:

last time this much cash was pumped into the economy was because of 9/11 (which was far greater with 180 billion) but still 50 billion is a lot. Did they know something?



: 7/8/2005 10:58:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

'A massive rush of policemen'


Thursday, July 7, 2005 Updated at 11:34 AM EDT

Globe and Mail Update

From the 18th floor of Canary Wharf in London, Canadian Brendan Spinks could see a “massive rush of policemen” outside the building Thursday after the city was rocked by terrorist attacks.

The Internet in his office had just gone done down when Mr. Spinks, an investment banker at HSBC, saw a flurry of police cars and yellow-vested men outside.

Reports of attacks carried out by suicide bombers were rife, and in one unconfirmed incident police shot a suicide bomber outside the 42-floor banking tower.

“It was just a matter of time. It's absolutely shocking and terrifying and terrible,” he said.

“All you can do is say, ‘Thankfully it's not me' and feel horrible for the people that it did happen to and hope that that number is limited.

“We've been preparing for this for two years, there have been numerous, numerous mock evacuations and emergency planning services over the last number of years.”

Getting home will prove especially difficult for Mr. Spinks, who moved to London in 2002, because the bus that blew up near Tavistock Square is right outside his apartment.

Mr. Spinks's brother, Macgregor, who was due to arrive in London later Thursday, may be delayed at Heathrow, because Terminal 3 has been evacuated, Mr. Spinks said.

Co-workers are scrambling to find ways home, many of them opting for the ferry across the Thames River, he said.


7/9/2005 6:40:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

I just had this thought at the twilight of waking up: "What if Bush was in front of a 9 stripe flag (on both sides) at his Fort Bragg speech, then 8 8 visible at the music and meeting, and 7 7 in London"....

Time to watch for a 6 6 occurance?

thanks goodness it wasn't 999, 888, 777, eh? <G>

but the "Brothers of Liberty" are 777, 333. Hmmmmm

Oh hey, did you know the Comet buster budget was 333Million?

and Osma IS 6' 6".


7/9/2005 1:07:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

(Hors d'oeuvres for thought ...)

Last year, a terrorist attack against the Sears Tower in Chicago was
averted on April 19th, 2004 when it was exposed on the Internet;
The attack was supposed to take place on April 19th, 2004, which was 911
hours after the day of the Madrid Train Bombings(3/11/2004).
When you add up the number of days after April 19th, 2004 and end with
todays date, July 7th, 2005;
Explosions In London -
Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned Before Blast, Cover-up in Progress
In Your Face: The Globalists' Language is Hidden in Plain View
3/11 happened 911 days after 9/11
April 20th, 2004 --> July 7th, 2005 = 444 Days
the result is 444 days.
The number 444 is part of a phenomena tied to the number 11:11;
According to the numerologists, 3/11 and 9/11 are also part of this
11:11 phenomena;
If you recall; there were 911 days BETWEEN the day of the 9/11 Attacks
and the Madrid Train Bombings;
So today's attacks in London, which are very similar to the Madrid train
bombings, were totally staged attacks carried out by the Globalists.
This conclusion is based on the "444" numerology linked to the time
window between the averted Sears Tower attack on April 19th, 2004 and
the attacks in London.
It's also convenient that the timing of today's attacks in London was
coordinated with meeting of the G8 summit in Scotland in order to ramp
up the police state in Great Britian and give the Globalists a pretext
to shut down protests taking place outside the G8 compound;
Here's some more interesting triple number numerology;
777 Numerology
Today's attack in London occured on July 7th, 2005;
7/7/2005 --> 7/7/2+0+0+5 --> 7/7/7 = 777
There are also 777 days BETWEEN the day of the thwarted Sears Tower
attack, 4/19/2004 and June 6th, 2006;
4/20/2004 --> 6/05/2006 = 777 Days
777 is part of the 11:11 Phenomena.

333 Numerology
There are 333 Days BETWEEN July 7th, 2005 and June 6th, 2006;
07/08/2005 --> 06/05/2005 = 333 Days
333 is part of the 11:11 Phenomena

666 Numerology
June 6th, 2006 becomes 666 if you drop the two century digits from the year;
6/06/2006 --> 6/6/6 --> 666
666 is part of the 11:11 Phenomena as well as being the "Mark of the Beast".

The next big terror attack in the U.S. could take place on June 6th,
2006. Where? At the Sears Tower in Chicago which has a zip code of
Sears Tower Zip Code = 60606 --> 6+0+6+0+6 --> 6+6+6 --> 666
Based on the theme of "train bombings" in Madrid and London, this theme
points to the city of Chicago which is a major railroad hub and the
location of the Sears Tower.

Numerology of the LONDON ATTACK
Another Listener writes:
G8 Summit @ GlenEagles
It is clearly MASONIC
7 explosions on the 7th of the 7th month in the year 2005 (2+5=7)
G is the 7th letter in alphabet
Other connections:
Aleister Crowley's 777
7+7+7+7=7*4=28 - a Lunar cycle, Sun's rotation cycle
Thursday - The 4th day of the week
Thursday - In the bible: "Satan will celebrate the 4th day..." - YHVH

Another Listener Adds:
Hi Alex -
i find it interresting what day they used for the london attacks
7/7/2005 so when you add the 2 and 5 you have three sevens
isn't that a illuminati sighn????
keep up the good work alex
you are a true patriot
A listener


7/10/2005 7:43:42 AM Pacific Standard Time

I would think that the terrorists would've attacked the Live 8 concert in  London If they really opposed the "Western" Views. There were enough people there to really make a statement. I find it odd everytime there's a bombing.

It's always big enough to freak people out but the damage isn't enough to really get people's attention.I mean the Londoners were back on trains for work like right away. Also, there always seems to be a warning for the rich and political figures. and the fact tat there are so many cameras in London, no one saw it? They see pick pockets right away and arrest them on the spot!

It just seems too convenient it happened as the people of UK started to question more about the Downing Street memo and Blair/Bush motives for the Iraqi WAR


7/12/2005 5:45:17 PM Pacific Standard Time


Big fan of the site for a few years now - loving all your info on inside jobs oon the london bombing - as i live in london its worth knowing.

just one thing -

"The key number used on the London Bombings is “7”. For example, the

bus number was 205 = 7 (2+5=7)."

The bus was a 36...

easy now its not all linked to illuminati sorcery....