5/2/00 4:43:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Please forward to Grateful Deb.: Your vision is very much in alignment with reality. There are experiments being played out as we speak, by "Reptilian Races" disguised as "humans" in scientific positions building high tech space vehicles. In 1997 a specific company based in Maryland compiled a program to shoot a nuclear warheads into the sun.

5/2/00 11:48:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Kent my source is standing right here and has seen as well as first hand knowledge that Lockheed Martin (Martian!!) in 1997 implemented a special project that is currently being played out. This person is a former employee of LM and has also seen similar documents while working at an airforce base that can not be disclosed at this time for reasons of personal safety. We have been following your site for some time now and must commend you on a job well done. Many of the things said on your site are very profound and we are sure that you are being guided in your quest for the truth. We would be glad to share information as it becomes available.

5/3/00 10:04:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Also the "Prophecy" speaks of 2 Suns, so if they succeed in splitting the sun into two orbs it fulfills that prophecy however if the Sun should divide into multiple suns it would also fulfill the Mayan Prophecy of 52 Suns around the earth, Is there a way to verify how many objects have gone into the sun? The main idea of exploding the sun is to create earth as a nuclear based planet. Reptilians require more heat in order to survive. Portions of the earth are too cold for them to arrive here in great numbers, this is why "the global warming" continues.

5/12/00 5:50:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent this information has just been presented to us by our Pentagon contact. About 2 weeks ago a secret meeting was held between Lockheed Martian, Boeing, the Pentagon and the Air Force to name a few. The entire meeting was to discuss the building of new "underground and under ocean bases" that must be completed by 2004.

My other sources say that the "powers that be" have "switched camps" and now are taking orders from another alien faction. More when it is available. Remain in your spiritual power center people no matter what the "media" says.

EDITOR: maybe we are seeing signs of Tunnel Tussles near Taos:

01/09/05 10:52:08 UTC 37.14N 104.63W Depth: 5.0 km 4.5M  COLORADO

01/09/05 10:52:07 UTC 37.14N 104.47W Depth: 5.0 km 4.3M COLORADO

01/09/04 12:45:53 UTC 37.15N 104.65W Depth: 5.0 km 4.0M COLORADO

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases...

Underground Bases, Secrets of the Inner Earth Exposed