LIVING WISDOM A Gathering of Elders

Friday through Sunday, April 26 - 28, 2002

Denver, Colorado

Hosted by: World Council of Elders, a non-profit group dedicated to preserving & sharing traditional indigenous wisdom


for three inspiring days with Traditional indigenous wisdom-keepers  coming forward now to share timeless spiritual teachings and practical tools  for bringing “living wisdom” into our lives, communities and our world


Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Sunkawakan Wicas’a, 19th Generation Keeper of the Original Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nation

David Swallow, Jr., Wowitan Yuha Mani, Sundance Chief and Traditional Teton Lakota Medicine Man

The Traditional Elder and Prophecy-carrier of the Hopi Nation

Selo Black Crow, Kangi Sapa, Traditional Lakota Sub-Chief and Medicine Man

Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, Wanbli Cikala, Lakota Spiritual Elder

Gerardo Barrios, Maya Priest, Prophecy-carrier and Teacher

Mercedes Barrios L., Maya Priestess and Teacher

Nyla Helper, Mato Wi, Traditional Hunkpapa Lakota Woman

Pansy Hawkwing, Cetan Wi, Traditional Teton Lakota Elder

Bernard Ice, Traditional Lakota Spiritual Leader

Traditional Elders and Teachers of the Hopi, Pueblo, Cherokee, Kiowa, and other Nations

Topics & Activities will include:

Who are the Elders & why are they coming forward at this special time?

What is ceremony & why is it important? What is Mitakuye Oyasin?

Prophecy, Ancient Wisdom and Practical Teachings for Daily Life

Traditional Songs, Traditional Drumming, Traditional Dance, Talking Circles

Youth Activities Ages 6 to 14 (pre-registration required - please call for information)

.… and Much More !

All Who Are Sincerely Interested Are Welcome ~ Participant Space Limited to 200 Seats!

Email or Call SOON for further details and to make reservations for one, two or all three days !

Security Courtesy of He Ska Tokala Society of Colorado

Registration Fees Help Defray Elder and Teacher Expenses

$50.00 per Day or $125.00 for all three days with Pre-Registration; $60.00/$150.00 at the Door

Youths (ages 6 to 14) $5.00 per day for supplies plus Part-Time Parental Involvement

Ceremonies Free

Seniors (over age 55) Receive 50% Discount; Disabled Free

Low Income, Volunteer, and WCOE Member Discounts Available

Contact: Catie Johnson at or by phone at (303) 697-6240