HOMEMADE FLYING TRIANGLES The Stacked experiments This page contains a series of experimental lifters or propulsion devices that do not use conventional methods for thrust. Video 2 [Data]  Lifter tests with a PULSED High Voltage

EDITOR: Also take another glance at the Milk Hill Spinner, not sure why, but hunches humming here

INVENTOR: those lifters are mighty interesting aren't they?
BARDSQUILL: dunno, somebody needs to build one, see what the heck happens
INVENTOR: yup, I built one  =p
INVENTOR: so did a whole ton of other people with their own designs and inflections
INVENTOR: there are even videos of very large ones in operation  =p
INVENTOR: http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/lifters.htm
INVENTOR: all it needs is a decent portable power source...
INVENTOR: it only cost me a monitor, some wire, foil and 19cents for a thin balsa dowell
INVENTOR: that and some krazy glue  ^_~
INVENTOR: I was listed in the "The Worldwide Lifters successful replications" section  =][
BARDSQUILL: well, did the durned thing work?
INVENTOR: yeah  :)
BARDSQUILL: well, gosh I wanna be lifted
BARDSQUILL: build a BIG one
INVENTOR: it's an advanced form of Brown's asymmetrical capacitor  :)
BARDSQUILL: trying to remember, moves towards positive pole?
INVENTOR: very easy to replicate on a small scale, though they work best in a vacuum because the air has a degree of conductivity..  arcing isn't supposed to happen inside a capacitor =[
INVENTOR: pole doesn't matter really, it's the shape  =]
INVENTOR: the capacitor's shape
INVENTOR: the air is the dielectric in the case of lifters
INVENTOR: though it's not ion wind
BARDSQUILL: what's the deal with those aluminum wedges flying around?
The Lifters Experiments

INVENTOR: yeah, here is a video of a particularly large one
INVENTOR: and this one is a real fireball  :)
BARDSQUILL: I'm just an aging coot arteest but have a vision here....
INVENTOR: and some data to go with:
BARDSQUILL: build a pentagram
INVENTOR: there are plenty of shapes to experiment with  :)
BARDSQUILL: well see for many years I've been messing around with the Golden Ration in the sub-structure of my art
BARDSQUILL: the pentagram is the 2D statement of PHI, 1.618 or the Golden Ratio
BARDSQUILL: My STRONG HUNCH is that there might be resonant properties, not that I can describe them with speech
INVENTOR: maybe, how about a vacuum-sealed stack of triangular meshes spaced closer for more effective translational capabilities?
INVENTOR: oh yes
BARDSQUILL: wish some mad inventor would build a wave form generator based on PHI, as there IS a secret sine-wave in the endless string of integers in the Fibonacci series, a linear arithmetic manifestation of PHI
INVENTOR: look at the pulsed HV version, this might interest you  :)
INVENTOR: voltage and pulse rate should match the shape  :)
INVENTOR: right around 70 Hz there's very good efficiency  :)
BARDSQUILL: well pulse the voltage using phi, and using a pentagram
INVENTOR: it's worth a try  :)
BARDSQUILL: I can demonstrate a Phi cadence in sound
INVENTOR: in what key?
BARDSQUILL: durned sound converts visually to the intersecting arc as seen in the Pisces sign
BARDSQUILL: made it in a creative rush one night using CoolEdit
INVENTOR: coolness  :]
BARDSQUILL: all my doings here
BARDSQUILL: flash presentation, plugin required
INVENTOR: ohh oh!  I remember that now, it was with the Spinner  :)
INVENTOR: very nice  =]
BARDSQUILL: Now there's a shape you ought to mess with, somebody went to the trouble to etch it in a field on a rainy night, biggest crop circle ever.
INVENTOR: it certainly is big  :)
BARDSQUILL: That's a hexagram, but the spokes are Fibonacci spirals, again the Golden Ratio.
BARDSQUILL: might be an engine of some kind
BARDSQUILL: here's a workable blueprint
BARDSQUILL: pulse the right tuned currents through that, who knows might do more than lift, ZAP, off to Orion, heh
BARDSQUILL: 61.8 hz, that'll do it by gun, gotta fine-tune these suckers
BARDSQUILL: 1.618 or .618--them's the magic numbers, move the decimals around to find the hz
INVENTOR: hmm..  we'll see what develops in the replication area  :)
BARDSQUILL: Sure would like to see one of these lifters
INVENTOR: got a spare monitor?
BARDSQUILL: Any floatin around Seattle?
BARDSQUILL: Got a spare monitor but I'd proly electrocute meself
INVENTOR: if it is not grounded before you touch it  =p
INVENTOR: oh well..  the power source is pretty weak..  we need some real equipment  =p
BARDSQUILL: Well if myself and my genius 15 year old son could see these experiments that'd be way cool.  
BARDSQUILL:  Tesla's Wave Theory  
INVENTOR: now this is interesting..
BARDSQUILL: what about a solar power source? For the lifters
INVENTOR: oh, hmm..
BARDSQUILL: already look like freakin solar panels
INVENTOR: hmm...
INVENTOR: but converting solar power stream to the voltages needed won't pan out..
INVENTOR: maybe an overunity device?  or..  :shudders: an ICE dynamo  =\
BARDSQUILL: mad irish inventor cooked up something
Irish Inventor Says Cracks World's Energy Needs  
BARDSQUILL: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20020122/lf/ireland_invention_dc_1.html
INVENTOR: how about the Sweet VTA?
INVENTOR: a power amplifier, something like the link you sent me
BARDSQUILL: these oil barons way out of control, we need alternate energy, now, sad thing it's here already, when some scroungy metalhead cruising around into his hydrogen-converted Caddy for last ten tears, makes one wonder how culturally retarded we really are
INVENTOR: heehee
INVENTOR: the public just doesn't know it wants this...
INVENTOR: so far an extremely small fraction of a percent of the people I encounter haven't a clue about free energy or propellentless propulsion...

BARDSQUILL: slow load from the Swiss, but might be worth a look The Swiss ML Testakica swiss Testatika free energy device http://members.fortunecity.com/geoffegel/swiss.html

INVENTOR: yeah.. there are plenty of cop > 1 machines out there, and many are developed to a point where they could be applied (which they are applied and enjoyed by the inventor), but when will we see them on the market?

BARDSQUILL: when we build them and put them out there. Up to us.

BARDSQUILL: Inventors seem either short of investors, harrassed, or in wait of patents they can't get. Just got to do it, like wild man Carl Cella P.O. Box 8101 (4176-X), San Luis Obispo, Calif. 93409 0001