12/15/02 8:39:08 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Happy holidays and thanks, I think ;-) for outing my obscure story, "The Trilogy - An Andean Saga."

With all the true life confessions this past week I've decided to throw in my own account of higher dimensional intrigue and have updated my webpage with a more detailed memoir of events. Perhaps others will relate.



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The Trilogy - http://www.labyrinthina.com/photos.htm
Excerpt from Part III -
"The Nazca "Star" Geoglyph (earth etching) had been drawn into the landscape in ancient times then rediscovered by Eric von Daniken the same year that the petroglyph had been revealed to me in Machupicchu.  The center of the Nazca Star is an exact replica of the Star Petroglyph in Machupicchu. Now here it was again appearing in an English cornfield half a world away. I asked myself, “why are the crop circles in England emulating little known ancient earthenworks in Peru? And why are the circle-makers speaking through a group of women who hold the energy of the Goddess? Perhaps something was being birthed here.

Later, back at home and after much contemplation, I experienced this Star Chamber first hand. It was a free-flowing device that was first shown to me, and then demonstrated. I asked that it be repeated a second time to validate my feelings, and this was done.

Alone in the room and perfectly calm, this partially "etheric star-like" device, hung in the air slightly above my head. Oddly, I seemed able to direct and interact with it, and knew just what to do. Slowly, it encompassed my physical body beginning at my head like a magician's hula hoop, and continued to span the entire length of my physical body to my toes, and back again, creating a subtle yet powerful resonance field, similar to the cushion effect of two magnets.

My cellular structure was thus brought into harmonious relation within the field activating both my physical and energetic body, and preparing me for what I believed, was interdimensional transport. I say this because I have experienced this same sensation many times before but never in such a lucid, fully conscious, state.

Afterward, I casually brushed my lip with my hand and only then noticed how highly sensitive, almost erotic, my skin felt; similar to the effect one experiences with some yogic breathing exercises when the skin becomes overly oxygenated.

I can tell you that the technology is so utterly advanced that I seriously doubt it will be allowed for use (to its fullest potential) until we can demonstrate a higher understanding of Spiritual precepts and conduct ourselves thusly. Negativity might very well negate the entire experience, a fail safe.

 Upon reflection I am reminded of another physical structure with similar form, El Caracol - the so called "Observatory" at Chichen Itza, which I had visited years earlier. This too may very well be another attempt to recreate the Star Chamber.


[My experiences are partially excerpted and elaborated upon by author J.J. at Farshores, in his online mini-series entitled, The Device.]