Subj: Pine Ridge + KY Prison/Ohio River Disaster

Namaste Kent, The attached postings copied from Ed Yourdon's Time Bomb Y2000 Forum may be  of interest re breaking news story on Ohio River Sludge Disaster - Ohio River Environmental Disaster & Pine Ridge.

From message 39300 - - a  copy of correspondence from Bill Ross to [ParanoidTimes] titled "Worst Environmental Disaster in U.S., kept secret for 5 days" --


"Well, Martin County Mines and A.T.Massey own the mine. The mine was closed down several years back and in Kentucky a "super-max" prison has been built over it."

There has been heavy underground construction converting the mine part -which runs for many miles- into something that has to do with the prison. Many ex-workers (coal miners) have been telling radio talk show hosts about this but they they have been met with deaf ears- until now.

This is why the feds and Fema tried to keep it hid until it got totally out of control."

From Time Bomb 2000 Forum:

Re: [gvt] State of Emergency: Kentucky: Water

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At the rate this thing is going we're gonna need a Part II thread!

Back to the alleged prison/camp/whatever.

I am wondering if anyone has further information, links or whatever, to that prison.

I am also thinking about those federal maneuvers last Spring. Specifically, were those in this area? From memory, I believe that they included this area. That info may well be in the EzBoard tb2k archives, but searching them has largely been an exercise in frustration for yours truly.

From the depth and size values we've seen quoted, that place seems more like a budding underground city than a prison. A huge camp, maybe, but awfully large for one prison.

Also, why all the expense of going underground? Supermax prisons have been built to be very secure indeed, above ground.

The only way I can make sense of the underground aspect is to consider the place from the perspective of whatever it is requiring absolute security from surveillance and utter and absolute access control.

That logic in part led me to consider the HAARP/ELF topics. I've read about that Pine Gap installation in Australia. The sheer size of this thing reminds me of nothing so much as what I've read of Pine Gap.

Link to Deyo newsletter on Pine Gap:


After the exact spot had been chosen to erect the aerial for that

Tesla coil transmitter like some silent and flagless flagpole, a

deep "water well" had to be dug directly underneath the spot. The

well went down over 5 miles. It was, by far, the deepest water well

ever dug in Australia. The well still supplies enormous amounts of

water from an almost inexhaustible fresh water aquifer below

Australia. The well also provided an electrical ground path for the

Tesla transmitter.

After the well had been drilled, an underground power station

and computer rooms had to be built. The main computing and

power sections were mounted on gigantic springs to absorb

seismic disturbances as well as nuclear strikes. The "wire" used in

those springs was over 10 inches in diameter. All the critical

systems were put on floating platforms - somewhere underground.

The initial, subterranean base "swallowed up enough concrete

to build a multistory parking lot," as one of the contractors said at

the time. However, that concrete was only used for the starting

structures. Later, large diameter tunnels were added to facilitate

transport and communications between elements underground.

These tunnels were of the same type manufactured in America

for the underground nuclear R&D bases in the western states of

Nevada and New Mexico. I had two relatives by marriage on my

mother's side that actually worked in these tunnels for the

Government. In the early years of the nuclear testing programs, the

tunnels were only about 30 feet in diameter. More recently they

have been made at about 100 feet in diameter. The cutting heads

for the bigger ones had to be assembled in either the vertical or

the horizontal position that they would be cutting in. Otherwise they

would deform under their own weight if rotated to up or down.


Pine Gap has defensive mechanisms which could protect the entire

continent of Australia. Furthermore, its intelligence gathering

facilities are essential to the American early warning system for

missile attack from Russia, China, Korea and the Middle Eastern

Muslim nations....


Thoughts? Conjecture? - R



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Rick called into to Alex (Alex Jones INFOWARS: )

The power plant in Kentucky that uses the river water is being shut down. He fears this might happen to the power plants in other areas that use the river.

Believe he mentioned the power plant in Cincinnati that uses the river water.

The sludge is 20 feet deep in certain parts of the impacted area.

Rick also said some county roads are being closed.

He has taken photographs and is sending them to Alex. Alex said he will post them on

Bill Braumbaugh just came on Genesis ( ). His show follows Alex. He usually has a good program. He is talking about the catastrophe now. He is upset too about the news blackout and feels there must be a political reason for it. He asks, who benefits by it not being discussed?