Subj: local greetings -Kirkland WA
Date: 9/15/01 11:25:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent.

I too am located in the Seattle area.  I recently discovered your site, and wanted to thank you for your TIRELESS efforts. I will be sending a donation to you. I can’t afford much, but I’ll send what I can, when I can.  Normally this would not be something I would do, but yoursite has proved to me that you are in the 1% groupin civilization who actually understands what is happening here. Your research, and site (lifeline to the truth) are needed,especially now.  (I wonder how much longer we will have free use, and speech on the internet.)  Without going into details we both understand, I assure you that I have a complete understanding of what is at hand now.  I’ve seen this coming for many months.  

Do you remember when safe houses would signal they were such, by hanging a certain colorful quilt out IN PLAIN VIEW over their porch as a signal; because one would expect such an
"obvious signal" in such PLAIN VIEW?  I believe the quilt was hung out,as a signal, on 9/11/01 by, and to those that have a safe place to go.  (funny thing is, you and I weren’t supposed to understand the signal, hence 1% of civilization, Aye!)  

What is to come is known, but unknown.  Is Seattle scheduled to be cleansed prior to LA? Will they brew up some lava soup, or “shake and bake” us? (9.0 Juan De FucaFault?) Oh, the joy of sound!

As a side dish, here is a list of recent and interesting sightings, by me, in Kirkland and Bothell:

Mid Aug 2001   
a. On two occasions, spotted black hum-v with military personnel going down rural street in Kirkland. They went towards Bothell.  (Gee, wonder what’s in Bothell, Duh)

b. On 4 separate occasions in the middle weeks of August,  F-16 fighter jets traveling from East to West at lower than normal altitudes.

c. A brand new white sedan marked SRT with two uniformed officers (uniforms unknown to me, but are probably Special Response Team uniform) headed to Bothell. ( I happened to be behind them for several miles as I was headed for Bothell myself)

d.  A large “jeep” painted in camouflage coloring with a small Russian flag sticker on the back.  Military personnel were driving it, and headed to, you guessed it………….scenic Bothell.

I have not seen these types of vehicles and have certainly not seen so many in such a short time until last month.  Some sort of preparations were, and continue to be made at our friendly Zone 10 FEMA office.

My prayers extend to you and your family.  Boy, are they lucky to have you to protect them.  Hang in there Kent!!!

A friend.