FRIEND: pardon the intrusion...but...
FRIEND: what the hell happened to Venus??????
FRIEND: that mpeg is unreal...
BARDSQUILL: gadz, I dunno
FRIEND: holy shiznit. keep us informed. thanks.
BARDSQUILL: had some speculation that the comet slingshotted to Venus
BARDSQUILL: Date: 5/31/00 10:52:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Depending on velocity, direction and proximity of 76P/West comet in relationship to the planet Mars, is it not
extremely possible that the gravity well of Mars may slingshot the comet into a new orbital path and boost it's
velocity in the same manner in which we used the planetary gravity well of Venus to slingshot the Cassini probe
toward Jupiter?
FRIEND: well i follow this stuff reasonably closely and i have n*e*v*e*r seen anything like that venus mpeg. if there isn't another object involved, something very weird just may have happenned...
BARDSQUILL: If so, and depending on it's escape velocity, (if it escapes Mars) how close of an encounter might
76P/West potentially have with Venus a few weeks later? Could a Mars-Venus double bank-shot (and the Sun's
influence) result re-aiming the comet towards earth? I would think it would be a one in a million chance, but a
remote possibility all the same. Just asking?
FRIEND: that on your site earlier this week...and just read the mill group's most recent posting...
BARDSQUILL: Had another speculate the comet would slingshot to earth
FRIEND: read that too...we need more info....
FRIEND: too bad the jerks and liars keep all the real data for their own greedy selves...
BARDSQUILL: THING IS. I've been watching Kohoutek since '73
FRIEND: no kiddin? what started that!!!???
BARDSQUILL: Tellin ya, this comet ain't no ordinary comet
BARDSQUILL: more like Darth Vader's deathstar
FRIEND: oh, you know i've gotta ask...why???
FRIEND: do you mean...artificial???
BARDSQUILL: In mid-Seventies was a huge fuss over the arrival of kohoutek, speculation was that the tail would span the entire sky, based on it's position near the sun as viewed from earth, BUT...
FRIEND: nibiru?
BARDSQUILL: when the comet reached its whatchmacallit, perihelion
FRIEND: mid seventies...i was 10 years old or so and just starting to get interested in this stuff...never stopped...yes perihelion...
BARDSQUILL: there was no outgassing, I mean ZILCH
FRIEND: hmmmm?
FRIEND: did anyone ever address it?
BARDSQUILL: was there but no tail
FRIEND: i mean really address it...???
BARDSQUILL: they addressed it like this, DUHHHH, we dunno what's goin on, then they dubbed it the "Bubblegum Comet."
Speculating that it musta dormed a protective shell like gum around it, sheesh, thought that was a dum explanation then, still do.
BARDSQUILL: ALSO Kohoutek has always had a bad habit of appearing and disappearing from view in its weird approach trajectory.
BARDSQUILL: So when I heard that Kohoutek was coming into the game again, I WENT ON NO NOT AGAIN!
FRIEND: unbelievable.
FRIEND: and the sun...cannot be a coinkydink...
BARDSQUILL: thing is it was a VERY BIG DEAL IN THE 70S. I was teaching at the time and everybody was doing a very close watch.
FRIEND: well, damn kent. you've made my weekend. nice chattin' with ya. i'll keep tuned into the site
FRIEND: and thanks again for all your incredible work...your site is my home...keep us up to date...if you can...
BARDSQUILL: puttin updates in place now
FRIEND: great. take care.