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Tragic Accident or Executive Order?
Mark & Cathy Phillips

Hi Friend(s), by receiving this email you are ones who are awake
truth seekers, and not "conspiritists". While NYC and the entire
country is still reeling from the alleged foreign terrorist attacks
of 9/11..they have been retraumatized again this AM. Our Republic is
on the fast track to becoming a nation filled with people suffering
from a mental condition(ing known all to well as Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder ie.'PTSD' a.k.a. 'shell shock'. When one is PTSD one
becomes highly suggestable and inordinate fear becomes their constant
companion. This attitude shift leads to compliancy and then to
complaintancy to 'authority'. If you believe, as we do that 'nothing
happens for no reason'.... then please consider that by looking at
the facts of this terrible event today, rather than what we are told
to believe through deliberate media lies & through terror-eyes'd pre
conditioning then & only then will you remain in control of what is
real. This dramatic horrible plane crash may indeed be one of
mechanical failure..or as this author (of this forwarded email
contends) may be something quite different & sinister.While I do not
(yet) know all/most of the actual facts surrounding this tragedy,
however ,as an old aviation executive and pilot..I would first be
looking at the mechanics records who certified the pins/locks that
held the jet engine in place that reportedly & apparantly caused the
  Thank you for your time to read this person's contention of
possible government sponsored terrorism, however is
only one person's (uniformed) opinion that leads some to believe a
different scenario was at play..when the facts are in bet is
that you will be one of those who can logically determine what
actually happened this morning when fire again rained down on the NYC
areas already PTSD' peoples. Many of you will surely utter a prayer
for those who survived this tragedy and for their familys..and for
the victims themselves. While doing this ..please remember that the
truth always survives a lie..and the truth will emerge for those like
you who have eyes to see & ears to hear. For what it is worth I know
the author of this story and he is , from my own impression, a solid
good individual who is definately a free thinker/truth seeker just
like you & u.s. Stay tuned! Respectfully,Mark & Cathy

Mr. X

November 12, 2001
With permission to media
To reprint in its entirety


First, God bless the veterans, those who we have lost and those who
still serve. It is with great regret that I write this to you on this
special day. This in no way is the ranting of an obsessed conspiracy
theorist. I am just someone who is offering a scenario which is
within the constraints of law and possibility.
At 9:06 a.m. today American Airlines Flight #587 departed JFK
Airport, destination Santo Domingo. There were 200+ people on board.
It crashed in the affluent Belle Harbor area in Queens, New York that
is in the international flight path of JFK Airport.
What I have for you right now is a crashed plane and before the FBI
and the spin doctors can get to the eyewitnesses, I am logging all of
the testimony given. I am also doing a concise time-line on how the
media is changing the story. I was taught by someone in intelligence
that when the story continually changes, the whole thing is bogus.
The eyewitnesses have all said the plane engine exploded and fell
off. The Airbus is a great and safe aircraft. First, let me ask
you "what would cause the engine to explode?" Was there any
communications with the tower at JFK? Engines just don't fall off
without setting off alarms in the cockpit and pilots report these
abnormalities to the departing tower. Right?
The FAA said prior to the crash they were having communication
problems with the aircraft. Was this aircraft in its correct flight
path and at the correct altitude? That is my question.
To those of you who are not aware, President Bush signed an executive
order on 9-11-01 authorizing the shooting down of commercial civilian
aircraft for any deviation from flight plan while he is in the area.
Two F-16 fighter jets were present at the scene of the crash and were
sited prior to the crash. Folks, a heat-seeking missile hits the hot
signature of the engine. Could this be a shootdown? Could this all be
just another bullshit cover story?
I will look into this in more detail and find out where the F-16's
came from - if they came out of Virginia or McGuire Air Force Base
and I will debrief the pilots if they are available. More as I get it.
Thomas C. Maliha
American Patriot
Allegedly Free
Brooklyn, New York


Eyewitness - 'It Was Like a Bomb Exploded'

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The crash of an American Airlines jet south of New
York's John F. Kennedy airport started fires "all over the Rockaway
peninsula," witnesses said.

Smoke poured from the crash site, near the beaches of New York's
borough of Queens. The crash site was about five miles from the
airport, where the jet had just taken off for the Dominican
Republic's capital Santo Domingo.

The Airbus A300 carried 246 passengers and a crew of nine, federal
authorities said. There was no immediate news of survivors.

Witnesses said they saw an explosion on the right side of the plane
before the crash. Phyllis Paul, who lives near the crash site, said
a "big, silvery piece of metal" fell behind her house before the
plane went down.

"I was sitting having brekafast and I heard the engines very loud,"
she said. "They were loud and low, and because of what happened
September 11, it gave me a chill ... I looked out o the window to see
if I could see where it was, and then I saw a big silvery piece of
metal falling from the sky behind my house."

Paul, who was eating breakfast when she heard the plane, got her 10-
year-old son and got out of the house.

"I didn't hear an explosion at first when I saw the metal fall. I
heard an explosion about a minute and a half later," she said.

About 20 blocks away, David Saliro and his brother were in a car on a
bridge on-ramp when the crash occurred. Saliro said the plane came
down "at a flat trajectory, straight down flat."

"We were both shaking and didn't know what to do," he said.

Volunteer firefighters said a burning aircraft engine dropped into
the back yard of a house, setting the house ablaze. No one was home
at the time, one firefighter told CNN.

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, U.S. warplanes have
patrolled the airspace around New York. Susan Locke, who lives about
five blocks away, said she thought the noise at first was a fighter

"I looked out the window and saw a plane nosedive, straight down,"
she said.

Another woman described the neighborhood around the crash site as a
scene of "complete and utter terror. Everybody is so distraught and
upset and in shock," she said.

When the plane approached, "I thought it was like the Concorde and it
was flying too low," she said. "Then it hit. It was like a bomb


American Airlines Jet Crashes In New York - Explosion On Plane?

NEW YORK (CNN) -- An American Airlines jet with 255 people on board
crashed Monday in a residential neighborhood after taking off from
New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

American Airlines Flight 587 went down at 9:17 a.m. EST in the
Rockway section of the New York City borough of Queens about five
miles from Kennedy airport.

A senior Bush administration official told CNN initial indications
are that there was an explosion aboard the plane, an Airbus A300, but
that the source of the explosion is unknown.

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said there were two crash sites -- one
where the plane landed and another where an engine landed. Both were
about six blocks from a school building. The school was closed for
the Veterans Day holiday.

The plane was scheduled to leave at 8:40 a.m. EST, but takeoff was
delayed until 9:14 a.m.

The plane was en route from New York to Santo Domingo, Dominican
Republic. American Airlines said the plane was carrying 246
passengers and nine crew members.

An eyewitness told CNN, "I was in my kitchen ... and I saw the plane
hit the house behind my house. It was so low, I was ducking almost,
then huge fireballs, and I jumped out of the ... window of my house.

"I ran right across the street ... it's unbelievable," she said,
overcome by emotion. "It sounded like two planes. It was flying too
low, and then it hit. It was like a bomb exploded."

At least four houses were on fire, and a huge plume of smoke could be
seen rising from the sites. The New York Fire Department dispatched
44 firetrucks and 200 firefighters to the scene. Giuliani declared a
Level One emergency, mobilizing all available police, fire and
emergency personnel.

Giuliani said his first response to the crash was, "Oh my God."

Latest developments

** All three New York-area airports -- Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark -
- closed after the crash. Kennedy was reopened for the arrival of
flights already in the air.

** Both national and international air traffic were affected. In Los
Angeles, California, airport officials said flights to the three New
York-area airports were grounded. British Airways said it had two
flights en route to New York at the time of the crash. A spokesman
said those planes would be diverted. A Lufthansa flight to New York
was grounded.

** All of New York's bridges and tunnels were closed after the crash,
but they were later reopened to outbound traffic.

** CNN confirmed President Bush postponed a scheduled meeting with
Russian and American reporters so he could meet with advisers to
discuss the crash. "The president is on top of it. They're alert;
they're watching everything else all over the country," Giuliani
said. "So I think people should remain absolutely calm. This can be
handled, and we're just being tested one more time. We're going to
pass this test, too."

** Asked if terrorism was suspected, Federal Aviation Administration
spokesman Bill Schumann said, "All options are open at this time. We
have very limited information."

** The Pentagon said surveillance flights were going on in the area
at the time of the crash and nothing unusual had been spotted.

** The United Nations went into a partial lockdown after the crash.
No cars or pedestrians were allowed to enter the United Nations,
which is holding a high-level General Assembly debate. The U.N.
Security Council's president issued a statement expressing shock at
the news of the crash and offering "heartfelt sympathies to the
people of the United States and families of those who lost their
lives." (<2001/US/11/12/un.lockdown/index.htmlFull story)

** The Empire State Building was evacuated as a security precaution.

** About 200 family members of passengers on the plane were waiting
at the Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, said
Dominican customs official Evelyn Aredondo. "People are watching TV,
waiting to hear something," she said. "They are very upset."

** American Airlines set up a telephone number for family members to
call for information. The number is 1-800-245-0999.

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Official: Crash May Not Be Terror

By Ron Fournier
AP White House Correspondent
Monday, November 12, 2001; 1:44 PM

WASHINGTON -- White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said there were no
unusual communications from the cockpit of an American Airlines plane
that crashed Monday in New York, and a senior administration official
added, "It's looking like it's not a terrorist attack."

Fleischer said President Bush was informed of the crash within
minutes of its occurrence in a residential section of Queens, and
that Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge hastened to the White House
Situation Room to confer with other senior officials on a conference

At a White House briefing, Fleischer said the National Transportation
Safety Board had been named the lead investigative agency into the
crash, in which an Airbus crashed shortly after takeoff from John F.
Kennedy International Airport in New York. Marion Blakey, chairwoman
of the NTSB, said "all information that we currently have is that
this is an accident."

She said the flight data recorder had been recovered and would be
analyzed by federal safety experts. Fleischer said there had been no
credible threats against airplanes in advance of the crash.

The White House spokesman declined to rule terrorism in or out as a
possible cause of the crash but said he would not dispute the
assessment of U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, who
said there was no preliminary evidence of terrorism.

Asked about statements made by other officials that there is no
evidence of terrorism, Fleischer said there was "understandable
reason" why those comments had been made. "The president is aware of
the statements that have been made by the other officials," he added,
although declining to confirm them.

The airlines have taken a financial beating since the suicide
hijackings of Sept. 11, and officials have worked to rebuild public
confidence in the industry. "The president continues to believe that
people need to travel," said Fleischer.

An administration source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said
preliminary reports led the FBI to believe there was an explosion
aboard the plane, and was investigating whether it was an accident,
mechanical failure or an act of sabotage. Fleischer said he could not
confirm the report.

"There have been, according to eyewitnesses, information that an
engine was seen being detached from the plane and that it landed
separately from the main body of the airplane," he said.

With the nation on high alert, a result of the Sept. 11 attacks,
Fleischer said Bush was in the Situation Room, convening a national
security meeting, when he was handed a note shortly before 9:30 a.m.
that a plane had gone down.

Bush spoke with New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Gov. George
Pataki and "expressed to both of them his deepest sympathy for the
people of New York to be enduring any other trauma," Fleischer said.

The spokesman stepped to the microphones in the White House briefing
room less than three hours after the plane crashed with 255
passengers and crew members aboard. Several eyewitnesses reported
hearing explosions aboard the plane, and a piece of an engine came to
rest outside a gas station in the Queens section of New York.

"There were no unusual communications with the cockpit," Fleischer
said. He said investigators had not yet found the "black box" that
records important in-flight information.

He also said Bush had dispatched federal investigators and search-and-
rescue personnel to the scene.

The crash triggered moments of intense concern inside the
administration, struggling to cope with the aftermath of the Sept. 11
attacks and the anthrax outbreak that followed a few weeks later.

But initial information seemed to allay concern that the American
Airlines crash was another bout of terrorism. "It's looking like it's
not a terrorist attack, but we can't reach a firm conclusion yet,"
said one senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

New York area airports were closed in the wake of the crash, and
federal officials briefly considered a nationwide shutdown. But
Fleischer said officials did not intend to do that, and indicated the
New York airports wouldn't be closed for long.

Bush postponed a scheduled interview with Russian and American
reporters so he could monitor the investigation into the crash of
Flight 587, which had just taken off from John F. Kennedy
International Airport en route to the Dominican Republic. He meets
Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, opening three days of
talks in Washington and Texas.

Intelligence agencies, the FBI and the Federal Aviation
Administration were reviewing all recent intelligence for any signs
that terrorism was involved but an hour after the crash there was no
evidence pointing to an attack, said a U.S. official speaking only on
condition of anonymity.

"They are comparing information to see if it provides any insight
into what transpired. At this point, there's no indication of a
terrorist attack, but it certainly can't be ruled out in current
environment," the official said.

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