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Kent have you heard anything on this? I have no doubt that they would cover
it up if it were true. I hope you have time to look into it. If you already
have, what was your findings? Keep up the good work!
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Subject: FROM MARGARET...more from my researcher person

Dear Cal,
He also sent me this...I don't think this should be put out for the could do just what they mention..scare the heck out of people.
but for interest, here it is:  Margaret

Many will recall the uproar in the newspapers and on television several
months ago when NASA reported that astronomers had spotted a huge asteroid
out in deep space on a trajectory to strike the Earth in 2030. This story
generated much press attention and interviews. And then suddenly NASA did a
follow-up news release, this one saying that astronomers had made an error,
and that upon rechecked calculations, the asteroid would miss Earth by
thousands of miles. Great sighs of editorial relief took place all over the
world. But Z says there is more.

Actually, the first news release was the accurate one! NASA released it to
allow the authorities to gauge what public reaction would be to the doomsday
announcement. Actually, the world took the news without extraordinary
immediate panic and hysteria. But NASA then retracted the story, to avoid
long-term corrosive effect of such news on society, so that life could go on
as normal, and people would not begin to question why they were going to
their boring jobs and paying the mortgage when massive destruction was
anyway. And so the stock market would not crash, nor other institutions lose
allegiance from the public.

Z added some details on the Doomsday asteroid. It is indeed huge, larger
five miles by 10 miles: the size of a small county. NASA has also calculated
the impact zone: the north Atlantic, somewhere between Europe and the United
States and Canada. It will have devastating impact.

As it comes through the atmosphere, it will create the loudest sound humans
have ever heard in history, a noise which will be heard around the world.
pressure waves caused by its impact will fracture the immediate tectonic
plate it strikes, and create great earthquakes everywhere. Its impact will
create tremendous tidal waves that will tower well above one mile high.
Scientists have calculated, for example, that everything on the U.S. eastern
seaboard below 5000’ facing the wave will be inundated. Similarly, monstrous
waves will be generated eastward towards Europe’s Atlantic coast and
elsewhere. Z revealed that emergency plans have already been drafted. One
such plan calls for important designated persons to be placed aboard the
largest airliners and go airborne to ride out the earthquakes and tidal
from a safe altitude.  Z said that currently government and military
are desperately figuring out strategies to prevent the disaster: for
whether to try to deflect the asteroid by explosions from rockets with
nuclear warheads sent out into space to meet the asteroid. But even such a
plan has downside risks. What if the nukes do not nudge the asteroid out of
its current course, but instead fragment it, so that instead of one big
object, several enormous pieces are created which still continue in their
current course and strike with a wider shotgun pattern of destruction on
Earth?   The planners and scientists continue to wrestle with choices and
decisions, feverishly working despite the huge rock’s being a little over 29
years away.