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Yup. A remarkable silhouette resemblance. That's one of the reasons I
sent it to you as soon as I saw it. Answers a lot of questions about
"Black Triangles" and "Mantas"

A little of that "active camouflage" that reacts to its background
conditions, and...*POOF*, it's gone.

Remember, during the Gulf War, the story about the triangle that took
off from the Air Force Base after a flight of fighters and F-
117s(IIRC)? Consider this: What if one of those planes that left
ahead of the triangle was the remote control platform for an unmanned
vehicle? What if they wanted to use the platform, had not perfected
ground-based control technologies that could reach out as far as they
wanted to deploy the vehicle, and had to bodge the craft's controls
into the rear seat of an F-15 Strike Eagle or some other aircraft
that could stand off, stay within enough range to maintain a data
link, and scoot out on full blowers if things got hot, quick.

You a bettin' man, Kento? How much you wanna bet?

I got $5.00...;')