Subj: Grand Canyon Mystery
Date: 6/29/01 1:55:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I recently read the artical that you listed about the ancient
Egyptian/Hindu caves in the Grand Canyon.  I found this mystery to be
fasinating since I live in Arizona and have been to the Grand Canyon
many times.
Anyhow, through the use of microsofts terraserver, I located
topographical and satellite data corosponding to the area in which the
had deemed the most likely area for these dwellings existance.
The topographical data lists cliff dwellings on the Western slope of the
river valley (Kincaid reported on the Eastern).  Although you cannot see
them with the satellite image due to the images vector and shadowing,
you can assume they are there since a pack trail leads directly to
them.  I'm assuming these dwellings are from the local indian tribe,
similar but probably not as grand to the ones in the Four Corners
I do not know if you are familiar with the terraserver, but it allows
you to zoom down to a 1 meter per pixel satellite image, and a 2 meter
per pixel topographical image.
Some maps are newer than others.

The topographical map region is linked here:

Also, the image version of this exact topographical map is here:

With terraserver, you can flip back and forth between topographical and
image maps!  Most of the United States has been mapped.  Slowly but
surely the rest of the world will be as well.  I believe the server
holds over 8 terrabytes of image data!  It's by far one of the largest
servers on the planet.

With the advent of seeing native ruins along the side of the hill, it
seems like a possible "fish story".  I can only hope that I'm wrong.  If
what Kincaid reported is even remotely true, it would be one of biggest
breakthroughs in acheological history.

The apearence of trails along the slops and river do not make the trip
to difficult of a trip.  Only scaling the cliffs would require repelling
gear.  My guess would be possible for someone to view the Eastern face
from the Western.  Common sense.
If truely Kincaid did huff his ass up that hill and over those rocks,
then I'm sure someone could do the same today.

Hope that helps!

Steven Boehm
Bullhead City, Arizona