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Hey Kent,

Connecting the Dots and Stating the Obvious

It would appear that the next step in domestic fascism is about to rear its ugly head. Of course, I am speaking about these nefarious pipe bombs appearing in the hinterlands of our country. Earlier this week, pipe bombs began appearing in roadside mailboxes in those states known for those who are a little more aware of what is going on in our country; citizens who are—by and large—keenly aware of the slicing away of our liberties—quite by design—by the fascists now in complete control of our nation. This pipe bombing is NOT by accident, nor is it the actions of some pissed off nutcases. This can be seen, because the same vague bullshit letters on these bombs are the same kind of bullshit letters that came with those Fort Dietrich Anthrax mailings last year as the congress was voting on the so-called Patriot Act.

Before we get to that, however, we need to understand the larger picture forming in front of our eyes. We must use a level of perception that usually only gifted battlefield generals of the past used to employ, like R.E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson; these generals were practically always victorious because they would always consider an upcoming engagement from the viewpoint of their opponent. By doing this, they could—and often did—predict exactly how the battle would go. This allowed them victory after victory, even though they were often outnumbered, out-supplied, and out-gunned, sometimes at odds of ten to one.

Let’s look at the problem of domestic takeover and control from the viewpoint of the corporate controllers who need to weed out dissidents, free-thinkers, and the clear-minded, leaving only those sheep who never question, never think, nor ever want to. Let’s say that section of the population is about 20 million. They know, as we free-willed and free-thinkers know, that a one-fell-swoop elimination of the populace just wouldn’t work. Too many guns out there and too many Americans willing to use them, once they saw their family members and the family members of their friends being gunned down or whisked off into the night over a plane being slammed into a building.

No sir. That approach just wouldn’t do at all.

To do it, they need to slice it away our freedoms, yet be brutal about it, all in the name of freedom. The slice-at-a-time approach is necessary to avoid mass rioting. The brutality is necessary to desensitize the population so they will accept such overt violations of civil liberties with only a minimal complaint. And such complaints are easily dealt with, given the obvious control over the media, the courts, and the military/police goon squads. Someone writes a letter to his or her editor, decrying our loss of liberties, and a few months later, when they try to board a plane, they find themselves blacklisted, brutalized, and treated inhumanely…or worse…they disappear. Forever. This is not speculation. This is happening right now, every damn day. People go to the airport and find themselves blacklisted. Some just go away. Many find their livelihoods destroyed because, unable to fly, the can no longer work their job that requires air travel. Then, their employers fire them, and they cannot get a new job, because using a referral from their last employment would reveal the blacklisting to any new employer. They are FFL (f*cked for life.)

None of these people are terrorists. They made the mistake of dissent in an email or on the phone, with Carnivore sitting on every router and server in America. With the NSA listening to every whisper and nuance.

So here comes 9/11. An obvious domestic black-bag job by the spooks, with the Whitehouse watching it all on TV as Dubya has blatantly admitted to doing. Does anyone riot? Nope. Too hypnotized, fluoridated, and stoned on pills to act. Add a few ELF towers in your neighborhood to keep you down and the coupe goes down without a hitch.

This allows a fascist/Gestapo treatment of the citizens at airports. This goes on for six months. Everyone accepts the brutality. They watch it happen all the time, in every city, in every state. And they take it. Like sheep, they just take the sheering without complaint.

So…all goes well. The mindless have accepted their loss of travel liberties at airports. Now, we have to take their liberties away on the highways…of course…to get those “domestic terrorists.” No one has noticed the hundreds of thousands of spy cameras linked to just about every federal police agency under the sun going up at every damn street corner in all the cities. They don’t notice those fifty foot tall ELF panel-array antenna that have sprung up all over America in the last few months that emit 12 to 16 wave cycle emissions that cause us all to feel lethargic.

So, the spooks plant a few pipe bombs in those areas well known for families and communities who love freedom and the outdoors just a little more than city dwellers. You know, Idaho, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, etc.

Again, to save the people from the bad-guys, we are going to see the horror that is now going on by those sick bastards in uniform as they wand rape our women, mistreat and abuse our elderly, and screw over our free-thinkers on the highways and byways in our land. Yep…by summer, that legislation will be in place, again, and the goons will be stopping cars, checking names against lists, detaining anyone who has ever openly opposed the system. We took it at the airports and we are about to take on our highways.

The last step, to be sure, will be another manufactured series of events that will bring the goons into each of our homes…hunting for weapons, confiscating computers and “contraband” like books. And more people will find themselves unemployed and blacklisted just like at the airports. They did it in Germany and they are doing exactly the same damn thing right now, right here.

And we will take it.

Because we are cowards who go along to get along, just like the cops brutalizing innocent citizens every day at the airports, knowing that what they are doing is immoral and wrong. But they don’t hire cops with a conscience anymore…they hire dimwits who can bench press a zillion pounds who take indoctrinating and eat it up with a smile. You know…the old “us and them” mind control they’ve been doing to kids entering the military over the last twenty years.

This is not ranting. This is not wild-speculation. If I had written this a year ago, everyone would have shook his or her head at me. No one is doing that now. Now, people come up to me with that worried look.

We’re screwed.

It’s just a matter of time. By Christmas, we won’t even recognize our cities anymore.

And we all have a ringside seat.

- Anonymous


Date: 5/6/02 12:54:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The contention expressed in the attached appears sound. I agree that the premise has a high probability of validity, but I think the 20 million sheeple figure is actually closer to 120 million. Of the remainder of the the citizenry, at least a third will be employed by the Homeland security apparatus (the division line among fed, state, county, and municiple govt is rapidly fading), and the rest would easily be controlled by the Homeland gestapo comprised of thugs the same ilk as the morality police in Iran.

But, is this to deflect attention from an external threat? Could it be one of an extraterrestrial origin? Karen Hughes and Mary Maitlan (sp?) are reported to be leaving their close presidential advisor positions before the end of the year. When I first heard of Hughes' impending departure the "to be closer to my family" excuse seemed awfully weak. The second shoe dropped with the Maitlan report. Karen Hughes created the current version of George W. Bush when she joined Bush Corp. in 1992, therefore her leaving now is bad political timing. To be followed so soon by Mary Maitlan offers three possible speculations: either they are rats leaving a sinking ship, or Karen Hughes' Frankenstein-like Bubbabush monster has been taken over by the high priests of military-industrial complexity, or they are actting out the part of the SecDef in DEEP IMPACT by packing up the family and heading for the hills to survive the disaster created by an incoming Mt. Rainier or type X to the tenth power solar flare.

This morning the radio news reported that Warren Buffet predicted that there will be a nuclear terrorist event within US borders soon, but his insurance companies could not be expected to cover such a disaster. He said that only the govt could be expected to reimburse claims from that type of terrorism. Inure the populace to the possibility of a nuclear event and it will happen while leaving in its wake a sinking ship of state.

EDITOR: free-thinker that I pretend to be, I do at times try to give the Nazis the benefit of the doubt (the loathing) like are they seeing something of any humanitarian-merit that requires this police-state crap?  All I can see so far is worry over their bank accounts, their resource mongering, not to mention their bratty power trips. But who knows? Maybe the great speckly bird is in fact about to poop on us. Any takers?

Guess I need to clarify:

Nazis= an extension of some kinda weird Chiporee Chipmunk Treehouse Boys' Club.

A gang of homeboys who decide they are the best reason for life on the rock-- to the exclusion of everyone else whose eyes aren't set as close together.

So they make secrety homeboy's clubs, sometimes take vows or even do seedy stunts that leave individuality fragmented, blowing in the breezes, not to mention leave themselves prey to blackmail forever and ever.

Then they go through life making incestuous deals, they will say it is, you know, business, whew, just business---and anyone that gets in their way are relegated to the subhuman class, not worthy of living, bad for the genepool, the cash-flow, etc.

They get in so deep with their pranks that they must reinforce their silly-secrecy at risk of being considered stupid if not swung from the highest tree.

They sometimes go accidentally sophisticated, inventing spiffy terms like "Eugenics," cockeyed economics, call themselves "Corporations," etc., with of course their sorry selves at the center-- even playing out fancy but jaded scientifical hoopla, they move the proof goalposts around to suit their needs, and above all maintain that necessary secrecy, the Chiporee Chipmunk Treehouse boys' club vows, or else!

Finally: they play like they are damned dangerous and, sigh, probably are.