ONLINE FRIEND: Any new news?
BARDSQUILL: unusual level of gov confusion
ONLINE FRIEND: roger that
BARDSQUILL: sun crazy
ONLINE FRIEND: Been keeping watch on it
ONLINE FRIEND: Definitely some weird stuff happening
BARDSQUILL: going to have to leave Thurs for a few days, family stuff again.
ONLINE FRIEND: Oh, btw; Remember the photo(s) of the disc-shaped craft behind the 12 mile long satellite tether from the shuttle? (the disc w/the notch)
BARDSQUILL: yes : tether
ONLINE FRIEND: I finally saw the full video of that
ONLINE FRIEND: It's absolutely insane
ONLINE FRIEND: It shows _dozens_ of those same craft
ONLINE FRIEND: Traveling in "lanes" as if it's a highway
ONLINE FRIEND: ...Simply unreal
BARDSQUILL: think I was selling that video once SECRET NASA TRANSMISSIONS
ONLINE FRIEND: ...It's amazing
ONLINE FRIEND: I haven't been blown away like that since I saw the STS-48 and STS-80 videos
ONLINE FRIEND: What's your thoughts on the "stargate" anomaly appearing on some SOHO images?  
ONLINE FRIEND: w/the concentric rings?
BARDSQUILL: response: beam me up, Scotty
BARDSQUILL: look at it this way, if there is a stargate, how about our nearest star?
BARDSQUILL: in our space program, we zoom around planets to up the velocity
BARDSQUILL: maybe the sun is a kind of advanced jumpgate
BARDSQUILL: plasma vortex, just doing my scifi hunches here
ONLINE FRIEND: Hrm...interesting thoughts...
ONLINE FRIEND: Gravity vortex maybe?
BARDSQUILL: Yea, Maybe the sun a kind of flipside of a black hole
ONLINE FRIEND: Food for thought, definitely
BARDSQUILL: universe circulates in through suns, flushes out through black holes, steady state transdiminsional mobius strip model
BARDSQUILL: just dreaming away here
ONLINE FRIEND: Aye; I'm familiar with it; Subscribed to it for years
ONLINE FRIEND: I don't believe time is linear
ONLINE FRIEND: hence: "ghosts" and other apparitions/etc. -- I think probably those people in another time are thinking the same thing "A ghost!"  
BARDSQUILL: I really DID have a time-dilation experience in Berzerkeley, very strange.  What was it like?  Wasn't any kind of an Cosmic acid-trip or something, instead seemed to go along my normal clippity-clop, but it was time that stranged out.
BARDSQUILL: As though my perceptions were central but time as an additional entity didn't behave itself.
BARDSQUILL: Or like time did a u-turn of its own volition, and forgot to be concerned about our wee party of three. Later I found out about that super magnet in Berkeley labs and thought, aha, a test, but no, no test at THAT time, a month earlier in June.  So what was it a kind of time-echo, or a space-time wave pounding up on "the great whatever" and splashing around?
ONLINE FRIEND: ...funky...
BARDSQUILL: My Cosmos keeps getting challenged, like when my mother appeared after her death.  I asked her what it was like on the other side.  She said she had just been on a picnic with her parents in a place in the pines by a stream.  SHEESH, so much for my notion of the great abstract formless whatchamacallit.
ONLINE FRIEND: hee hee!!
ONLINE FRIEND: I don't believe in the judaeo-christian "Utopia" afterlife...
ONLINE FRIEND: If I die and that turns out to be the case...
ONLINE FRIEND: I'd rather reign in hell than serve in heaven... At least I'll keep my free will ;)
BARDSQUILL: Beginning to think not much changes, the human entity just keeps doing what it does, ie, what is existence about?  Answer: well by gum this is just what we do.
ONLINE FRIEND: hee hee -- good point. :)
BARDSQUILL: tried it on my dog experimentally, Dog, "What is the meaning of life?"  Ol Jumper wagged his tail.  Think I got it.