Apocalypse on May 25th, 2006

Part IV

by Eric Julien, may 11th 2006.


(translation made with Google)


I must first of all present my excuses at all those at which I have not been able yet to answer, either by email, or by another channel. If you did not receive an answer, do not want me. I was literally attacked letters to wonder which zone the tsunami was going to strike, or which provisions was necessary it to take to secure itself. I answer these questions in this article, as far as my knowledge and information available. I thank all those which shared with me their visions and their dreams. I was really surprised to see as much world carrying this same burden visionary. To give you an idea of the volume of mails, one week after its opening, the www.savelivesinmay.com site, more than one million hits posted.


I thank all those which are concerned with knowing what I will become the shortly after on May 25, 2006 if nothing occurs. This solicitude is touching, I am only one man, but not a man alone. What do I weigh compare to several tens of million potential victims? I must acknowledge that this excess of “compassion” for my person, whereas million others are in the balance, fills me of fear and incomprehension. The purpose of my articles is only to calm the mental one and to call upon the intelligence of the heart, that which saves lives.


I do not bring the fear but a mirror. This is why the very many mails which I receive go from an extreme to the other of the human feelings, hatred with gratitude, apathy with the constructive action. This completely real alarm does nothing but exacerbate what we are with deepest of ourselves. Some require of me what they can do to save their skin, others what they can make to save that of the others. I tend to answer only the latter for reasons of management of time because I receive a very great number of emails. Time is the fundamental data of the next days, of the next hours.


From the moment when you will have finished the reading of this fourth and last article over on May 25, 2006, the countdown will be pitiless. Each minute lost to inform others will make several thousands of deaths. Wouldn't this be as many crimes? Isn't it a crime against humanity? Won't it be necessary, at the proper time, to constitute civil part to condemn persons in charge legally?


Each action of alarm and each gesture of prudence will be as many saved lives, as many smiles to come our world solidarity will have created. Each saved life will give birth to a spirit liking and luminous. The test to come is that of human fraternity. You will see more fear, of selfishness and violence that never before. But you will see as more temerity, of solidarity and kindness as never before. The old world will die because the simple man, by his courage, will generate more waked up beings than a whole generation of “spiritualistic”.


Some launched me bets. Others insults. Some were suddenly discovered a talent of medium with Christ, others with the highest interstellar authorities. But across this marsh of opportunism and false spirituality, I met human beings endowed… with humanity. And it was my greater joy. Some alerted media which invited me, others prepare evacuations concretely. Many take formidable initiatives and do not have, extremely fortunately, need for my opinion to face the danger and to help their close relations or their fellow-citizens.


What will it occur afterwards? The world will know an emotional and economic shock of a width without precedent. Other earthquakes, other volcanic eruptions will occur. Other disasters will occur, but will remain to us alive. The certainty will collapse like a house of cards, the false prophets will multiply, the vultures too. It will be difficult to keep the cold head and to face with dignity with the rebuilding of the hearts and the cities. All will require of the assistance, whether it is psychological, medical or logistic. But wisdom does not say it: “Helps yourself and the sky will help you! ”.


Many will exempt this help with intelligence and love, by despising Diasporas. From the heroes will be born with the corner from your street in less than one month. They are right now Elected Truths of which speak so much about religions. With my direction, spirituality is not belief, nor self-satisfaction, but act of goodwill. I greet these futures great men and lucid women with a deep respect. The world owes them already gratitude. But the martial law could settle to face the ambient disorder. Perhaps then the men will go to the war to entreat their fate which, precisely, will be due to their warlike attitude. Many will obey the orders, others will flee and hide. However the only attitude to hold will be peace between us and with “those of in top”, that old civilizations called the “Gods”.


You do not believe in the extraterrestrial ones? You reassure it is only one problem of training, and not of beliefs. The title of this last article - “Apocalypse on May 25, 2006” - is at the same time provocative and disrespectful. But it is however exactly what will occur. Etymologically, according to the collective dictionary in line Wikipedia[i], the Apocalypse is the transcription of a Greek term, itself translated Hebrew nigla which means exposed, discovered of ear or revelation. The term means Revelation, because the Apocalypse, 66ème and the last deliver Christian Bible, want to be to be a revelation on the end of the world and the introduction of the laceType w:st="on">KingdomlaceType> of laceName w:st="on">GodlaceName>. A strong connotation of destruction thus weighs on this term.


Do you think only one moment that the promised Revelation has any report/ratio with what is repeated and transmitted to the laymen since centuries? In this case, in what would be a Revelation? Do you think only one moment that God, so everywhere, in all, and especially around us in the visible and invisible universe, and in the billion other inhabited worlds, moves in “anybody” on the sand grain which is the Earth? What is there the special one to deserve that? That does not remove of anything the idea God, quite to the contrary. That the glorifie a little more and simply gives us to our humble place in the evolutionary hierarchy. Perhaps Darwin was right on a point: only those survive which adapt. But to survive what?


The Revelation - thus Apocalypse - is, I believe, as much the News that the Destruction. It is even the News which brings the Destruction! The extraterrestrial advanced ones which visits us, sometimes in the shape of an UFO when they are visible with the naked eye, know millennia since that death does not exist. Death is only another state to be it. They are precisely immortal and have faculty to be incarnated at will, from where their furtive appearances. It is the base even of their technology. But here is, the use of the nuclear weapons has harmful consequences in the parallel universes which surround us and cross us.


The antinuclear petitions, as that which scientists still lately carried out for submission to the Bush administration to stop the possible use of atomic weapons in the next conflict against Iran, made long fire since tens of years. Extraterrestrial themselves did not cease informing the governments by visiting the nuclear strategic sites, by neutralizing some of them, by contacting the human ones become “messengers” of which everyone made fun, and even by meeting leaders physically. Nothing made there. The extraterrestrial ones do not require anything of us if is not to leave the universe in peace, not to export our quarrelsome spirit out of our space time.


Are my article “Are we a threat for the extraterrestrial ones?” much curiosity caused, of interest, but also of sarcastic remarks. “If ETs are really advanced, they can all neutralize”, I already heard here and there. This type of argument comes, you suspect it, people who never met the extraterrestrial ones. How to neutralize nearly 15,000 nuclear warheads? Hundreds of sites of production? Hundreds of thousands of people who take part in their manufacture? How? By an attack flash of thousands of vessels deploying a colossal energy and risking considerable losses? Or by addressing a ‘cometary’ clearly, single and “convincing” message? That of May 25, 2006?


How is it known that the comet fragment comes from ETs malevolent? But which thus announced by advance the event, reason like its date, against the opinion of the “experts”? From our materialist point of view, we consider this act of ETs, aggressive and fatal. But, having only very little access to other realities, we have a limited spirit. We still believe ourselves the center of the world. Nothing really changed since the Earth is round and waltz around the sun. For ETs, life continues after death. They thus will carry out a transfer of the hearts. What we call DEATH is, for them, the RELEASE under condition.


We are unconscious consequences of our acts ici-bas in the plans of existence which we go ourselves, and again, to test! In a certain manner, these ETs will put to us at their place! Isn't this that of which much dreamed? But it is to be feared that we obtained only the measurement of what we will have given since we live the world which we created in the past.


A small digression. As regards creative thought, the ego of certain “spiritualistic” is so large that they think of being able to represent the thought of 99% of the world population, at the point to put the head in sand, and to be unaware of the environment, when the danger occurs. Wisdom wants that one prepares with “possible”. It is the reason of the alarm drills, with the tsunamis or the earthquakes for example, carried out in many areas or municipalities. It is wise, intelligent, reasonable and… human. One calls that the citizenship responsibility. I close again the bracket.



The other solution of the alternative is the total stop and without condition of the nuclear weapons on a worldwide scale. That the things are known as clearly. I do not have any party for or counters one or the other camp. Human stupidity is also distributed on surface of the Earth and in the nations. In the same way, the goodwill and the intelligence have neither colour of skin, neither language, neither passport, nor… race. By changing scale, we change paradigm.


Those which affirm that the USA must be punished are as ignoramuses as those which want the destruction of Israel or Iran, or that I still know. The purpose of alarm that I launched in the name of extraterrestrial benevolent which wishes a positive start of humanity, is as much to save lives concretely as to include/understand as we are not alone in the multiple universe. But to present itself at this multiple universe, to make application form as an evolved/moved civilization, we must come in peace and conscience.


Unfortunately, reality the war catches up with us. With the last news, according to confidential information's, American aircraft carrier USS Enterprise would have left its home port in Virginia with 7500 men on his board (instead of 4000 usual), i.e. in its maximum configuration of combat. Officially, the war does not take place yet. But did the messenger create this situation?