Subj: Anomalies

Date: 5/23/00 11:34:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Go here NOW

and look at water vapor image compared to visible image

A. location

B. Effect

C. Secret Base location same

(Ring in South Carolina appears to be Nuclear Reactor just south-east of Gastonia)

Use Microsoft Streets 98 to pin point GPS and facilities

Subj: Large Circle
Date: 5/23/00 5:45:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The Large Circle is directly over a Kaudulin< (spelling is wrong) Island, which houses a submarine base at a depth of 800 ft plus, this island is on the same Grid Line as the Bikini Atoll.

This circle has shown up before, generally before a typhoon or major storm in asia, and is directed by pulses similar to those in the states, I keep a picture of every anomaly I come across.

I take images from four regular sources and dozens of intermitent sources dependant on the weather. I have some very strong circle centered in different parts of the US, some are centered around nuclear facilities and others around radar installations or airports, others still are centered around the towers used by the telephone companies.

Seizure activity in children and adults are higher in those same areas as well. In Northern California, there is an installation located in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area, accessible only by copter and I have one ring anomaly centered there about a year ago, right after the first time I e-mailed you.

You site has provided some Excellent optional images.

When compared to the severe weather, it appears that 'events' may be triggered as far away as 800 miles but always on a grid line with the anomaly. Like yourself, I could use more and better equipment, enough computers to monitor 24 / 7 / 52 five or six of those imaging sources, which do not cut the anomalous propagations from the picture. I can send you a couple of images I have extrapolated on.

It does look as though someone is stirring the soup......

Subj: Magnet Technology
Date: 5/23/00 9:28:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I thought this might interest you as well, as everything that effects the magnetic energy of an area affects those within the area.


New World Record Set at the NHMFL in Tallahassee, Florida

On December 12, 1999, scientists and engineers tested a new state-of-the-art
high field research magnet and conducted experiments in continuous magnetic
fields of 45 tesla. The new world record set by the 45-tesla-class hybrid
eclipses the existing record by 18 percent and represents a major leap in
magnet technology. The Hybrid was funded by the National Science Foundation
and will be used by physicists, materials scientists, chemists, engineers,
and researchers from other disciplines to explore a wide range of materials
and phenomena.

The total magnet system weighs 34 tons, stands 22 feet tall, and comprises a
large resistive magnet nested inside a superconducting magnet. The two
magnets work together to provide the most intense constant magnetic field on
Earth. "The scale and complexity of bringing two different magnet
technologies into one working system...represents an engineering milestone,"
said NHMFL Director Jack Crow.

Click here: NHMFL Home Page

Subj: Re: 05 24 2000 800 am CDT images
Date: 5/24/00 6:47:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Okay, this is starting to sink into my thick skull...maybe. Are you saying the water vapor is a carrier medium that allows us to see an artificially generated vortex?

And this in turn echoes across the grid somehow to stir up a storm?

Any further clarification most needed here.


Subj: Re: 05 24 2000 800 am CDT images
Date: 5/24/00 10:25:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I'm not sure as to how it works exactly, I am familiar with the
electromagnetic Grid, which has been, can be and is effected every time
there is a nuclear reaction of any kind.

Every time a particle accelerator is turned on, every time an electromagnet
is used in any way, from the tiny motors in your VCR and other electrical
equipment to those major magnets used to lift metals, etc.

Every time someone turns on a CRI or makes an X-ray, varying bands of energy
are transmitted, some appear to be harmless and do not effect anything that
we can determine, which does not mean they have no effect, but merely that
'we' have not determined the impact or if it has been determined, the
general public has not been informed.

In early stage of nuclear testing, posts were set up around the world with
Magnetometers to see if the electromagnetic field would be effected, (Tesla
had already stated it would), when this was verified, the US government
classified the information and began further experiments to determine how it
could be used as a weapon or as a deterrent against weapons.

The Government went through Libraries, both public and private, and removed
all books relating to magnetic experiments.

Such as "Elementary Electricity and magnetism" by Jackson and Black,
published originally in 1902, again in 1919 and revised with all relevant
material by Tesla contained therein removed from the later edition, BUT, all
books were removed.

Public Materials by individuals like Edward Liedskalin of Coral Castle fame
were eliminated.

Anything which might inform the Citizen as to how electromagnetic energy
could be tapped into, was removed from sight.

Another method to eliminate access to the grid was to cover it with Calcium
Carbonate, a material which allows the transmission of voice and ???? without
power lines, (Concrete, Marble, Limestone, Coral, Etc) The most dominant
grid is covered by the Interstate Highway System, GLOBALLY. Not all, but
most highway interchanges are positioned on vortex centers. Every State
Capital Building with a Dome sits on the Grid, In fact every Building with a
Dome was built to access that energy.

This method was devised a LONG time ago and implemented in secret to allow
the Controllers of humanity to do so without deterrents.

The most dominant uncovered grid is the Electrical Power Lines with
substations and Nuclear reactors set on large Negative Negative Vortexes.

Nikola Tesla stated in the Thirties that No Nuclear Fusion would occur
unless positioned at or on a negative/negative vortex point. Every Nuclear
explosion, every reactor sits atop a triple negative vortex.

Power Companies Convert the natural 50 hertx cycle to 60 hertz via
hydroelectric turbines, coal turbines, nuclear turbines and sell this free
energy, (which Tesla tried to give the World.).( George Westinghouse stopped
that, and made several immense fortunes for himself and his associates)
Power lines generate a field, radiation overband, (see Bob Beckers "the Body
Electric") which effect and affect people of every age, some more than

A lot of the ringing in the ears occurs when this frequency is turned up to
impact weather and other events, earthquakes, etc.

Some is the result of natural occurrance as planetary bodies interact with
the electromagnetic fields of each other and the Sun, Pulses and signals are
tracked, Charlie Plyer does a great job at this, but are not often compared
to other seemingly static events, occurring simultaneously in other parts of
the world.

As a result of the controlled media coverage, it is rare that any researcher
can access all of the information necessary to make an educated summation,
Just one of the reasons I truly appreciate what you are doing. Your images
have assisted me in seeing the patterns emerge from a hodgepodge of
information collected from all over the globe. I have other unique software
which has also assisted a great deal.

Our environemt is being impacted from multiple electromagnetic sources on
and off planet, some natural, some not. Without very expensive equipment,
multiple telephone lines, several computers for monitoring and modeling and
personnel, it is difficult to gain access to information until after the

The ring projected on Sep 14th/15th of last year, from North, Northeast of
Beckley, WV, (pic Below), impacted and controlled hurricane Floyd, but by
the time I received the images, it was too late to inform anyone and what
could have been done anyway.

I believe, or at least, am of the opinion that AT&T, ITT and other Global
Communications Corporate groups are involved at a high level, Proof, no,
just my opinion.( they have installed and are installing towers for
microwave transmission, Microwaves cook liquid protein, our brains consist
of liquid protein), and Our Government may or may not be involved as other
Governments are much further along in this area of research than ours, or at
least, they apply it against the Citizenry more often.

The French have done some nasty things, as have the English and the Russians
and our Nation as well is not without fault.

Photo in next e-mail