Howdy - I noticed that message you had up on ORBIT today so began checking it out - re NASA and one James McCanney re: planet X etc...Have not yet found the actually wording that was referred to in that cryptic mail, but McCanney appears to check ( ) out and is connected with SOHO Lasco project...the URL I have is:

which is in fact the - SOHO-LASCO Comet Reports for 200205 - they talk of many comets and sungrazers etc

McCanney appears to be part of this team and he is referenced at the bottom of the page of the above site - will keep on looking

HOWEVER - NOTE what one of the team members has to say..!!

Quote - May 13 2002 18:04:33Doug Biesecker
Regarding discussions of such things as mother ships, UFO's, or

other such phenomena, please let this be the last word.  I don't
want this to be discussed here.  That said, we occasionally get
lots of bad PR from folks claiming that we are covering up
conspiracies.  Everything from missing blocks, to door closed
images, to saturated planets, to data gaps of hours to days,
has been interpreted as us covering up alien spacecraft and
the like.

See some of my favorite websites such as:


-Jones and James M Wilkie

Found this:
James M. McCanney was on the faculty of the Physics and Mathematics departments of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
Hiswork was in theoretical Celestial Mechanics and Plasma Physics (for the layman,these are the studies of planetary motion and electrified gases in outerspace).  Having presented his theories at the Los Alamos National Laboratoriesand American Geophysical Union, James McCanney, author of Planet X: Cometsand Earth Changes, joins us now to discuss his knowledge concerning science,history, space, and Planet

James M. McCanney...

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