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from the "The Inner World of Jimi Hendrix" by Monika

Dannermann ISBN 0-312-137-389

"But like the solar system is going through a change soon and is going to affect the Earth in about 30 years, you know; I am talking about the Earth itself." (San Diego Free Press, June 1969)

In the last days of his life, Jimi told me about a strong belief that he held, and took a writing pad, to illustrate more clearly what he meant.

Before going into the subject, he talked for a while about a song he had written called "If Six Was Nine". He told me that there was a cosmic meaning to that song, hidden in the two numbers six and nine. Jimi said that these numbers together are a very powerful force, and he drew thern within each other. It looked like a spiral when he added more rays, the individual rays as well as the whole form spinning to the right. He said the sign with nine rays in it is the symbol of a very high spiritual power which is coming towards the earth.

He was convinced that, in the near future, Galacticans from outer space, from another galaxy of great positive power, would come to our planet to help mankind in its struggle againt evil. While explaining this, he drew two points representing this higher power coming closer and closer towards our galaxy, the Milky Way, finally reaching Earth.

Jimi then made another sketch with four spiral rays pointing leftwards, telling me that this symbol is a negative one, because its rays point to the left.

He told me that the arrival of the positive power would bring about a great change on our planet. Love, peace and brotherhood among the peoples on Earth would start to blossom again, just as they in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. He said that the signs of the beginning of these events would be when significant unexpected changes started to happen in the world. But he also pointed out that we, the people, would also have to become active and anticipate bringing about these positive changes for ourselves and our world. He explained that people on Earth have been asleep for too long and an awakening is beginning to happen to the people as this higher power approaches our world.

This prophecy of Jimi's was an inspiration for this painting. A spacecraft, one of many to follow, is approaching our galaxy, its destination planet Earth.

Jimi also refers to this event in his last poem, "The Story of Life":

Angels of heaven

Flying saucers to some

Made Easter Sunday

The name of the rising sun.