6/14/04 1:13:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent.   Some of my recent thoughts related to whereabouts of all those ships and falling rocks:     Internet could be described as a Physical Aspect of Super Subconscious of Mankind.   Bill Pawelec on Mysteries of the Mind June 6 show gave part of the following information, which was fatherly upgraded with information available on his site   and elsewhere.   Using web bots they have started data gathering run on Sunday, 05.23.2004 at 03:00. During next seven days their crawler has searched over 57.000.000 sites. The resulting database was then processed by emotions seeking linguistic analysis program that searched for prevalent phrases containing the highest emotional content.   First report was published on June 1. Dominant phrase that come out, linguistically, was "Armies at Sea".   Associated with this primary phrase was secondary issue emotion or descriptive words that describe it in further detail. This secondary phrase was "Struggle in Summer".  This phrase was followed with a third issue phrase, or, as it is called, entity "Water-mast".   Here is important to point out that, according to Pawelec, last April letter run brought up entity "deluges of rain", and indicated enormous flooding, possible tsunamis, peoples drowning by thousands.   This time there were also present entities of lesser emotional intensity: "Cleansing of History", "Shame of the Past".   Weekend prior to above mentioned show they have started to get results from a second analysis that again contained the same primary entities that cross linked to the ones from the first report. But, this time they got also a new one: "Terra", which means the Earth. Associated with it were additional links back to Water-mast, and phraseology that links to two words: "Climate" and "Weather".   Linked to all that phrases vas one new entity. It read "Bushco", meaning Bush Company, or people working with/for Bush. Sub entity "Them bones" added some more information to this. Another entity that was cross linked with "Terra" and others was "Gnomes". Mr Pawelec has a feeling that this is pointing to Gnomes in Switzerland that run the banks.   Last posts on his site announce the third report for today, Sunday 13, which contains entities such as "Cognitive Dissonance", "Campaign Mystery", "Maleficent August", and "Market Revolution & Gold Fire", which seem to indicate possibility that Bush could drop out of the re-election process, that Republican party could be nearing destruction, and/ or a suicide at high government levels.   According to Mr. Pawelec, it all creates a feeling that a huge changes are now underway. Much, apparently, in the way of political upset is coming in just a few short months, and this within a background of accelerating global change.      

Pawelec concludes with, basically, following observations.   On June 11, 93% of U.S. surface ships (and 72% submarines as well) are on the sea  

As, reportedly, multiple countries of the world also have send their navies out to sea, the reason for their deployment is not likely to be political, it is of global nature, like a climactic or environmental change.

Operations of such proportions costs huge amount of money. Since the effects of the crisis proportions increase of the Money Supply (M-3) by Federal Reserve last month can have positive effects only in short-term, it must be concluded that deployment of such a huge number of vessels is targeted at an event that is expected to start shortly and last short-term.

Alleged Exercise Summer Pulse 2004 is going to last into August.   ------   CliffMickelson, RMN agent posts yesterday that:   "....I have received a series of reports (as of yet, unsubstantiated) that the Kitty Hawk is currently steaming off the straits of Malacca, near the coast of Malaysia...."   Kitty Hawk battle group is one of entities whose wherabouts I am following for years because it could become one of the landmarks of things to come.   Why that could be so? If Kitty Hawk battle group is again going to Persian Gulf, then it could be sunk by surprise attack by Russian Sunburn anti-ship missiles from Iranian land based launchers. If that turns out to be so, it is most probable that missiles shall be armed with nuclear warheads. Or so says this vision that was recorded on January 9, 1993:   "...I have also spoken to a few churches about this vision which has not come to pass: yet. Much of what I saw in January, 1993 I could not understand. Like many prophets before me, I could only write down what I saw, feeling that at some later time, I would be given understanding. What I did understand, I wrote and distributed. At that time, as a young prophet, I tried to think too much and to figure everything out. I realize now that you must present what the Lord gives, even if it seemingly makes no sense.

The word of the Lord was entitled "And A Little Child Shall Lead Them". I received absolutely no feedback from this word, except that I think most people who read it thought me to be a madman. To the natural mind, a nuclear attack by an Arab country against the United States appears to be preposterous. Nevertheless, that is what I saw!

To summarize, I said at that time that on the 17th day of some future month, the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk and supporting vessels would be destroyed by a surprise attack of cruise missiles. I said that the descendants of Ishmael would do this thing....
  ....5) While America and the President are distracted with these impeachment proceedings,the Persian Gulf fleet, headed by the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk, will be attacked by nuclear warhead tipped cruise missile in the Persian Gulf. The Lord said that descendants of Ishmael will do this thing. It will occur in near proximity of time to the impeachment proceedings....."   More at.   Now, what if this prophet suffered from "Cognitive Dissonance" and if impeachment he has perceived was not that which did not happen, but it was some event of similar nature and consequences which could happen soon?   ------   From   Toughening its stance in advance of a meeting of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, Iran Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, on Saturday said Iran won't accept any new obligations, that Iran has a high technical capability and has to be recognized by the international community as a member of the nuclear club. Kharrazi said that this is an irreversible path. Failure in settling the debate over Iran's nuclear dossier will be a "failure for all,''including Iran, Europe and the IAEA, Kharrazi warned.   -----   And, as you have noted:   Undeterred by the results of pre-emptive war in Iraq, the House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution May 6 authorizing pre-emptive military strikes against Iran. The vote was 376-3.    

Kitty Hawk is the oldest carrier in the U.S. Navy. It wont be surprise if it goes to the Gulf.