12/7/2004 8:17:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent!
Just thought I'd drop you a line, with what I think could be a possible UFO episode that happened during the Iraq war, and the incident was covered on a live broadcast. To explain what I mean; When I was watching the CNN news coverage they were covering the Iraq war ( First one, i think, under Bush senior, but not too sure on that), I think it was the beginning of the second invasion and the news reporter, Christiane Amonpour, was covering a live bombing raid, and there was loads of flax fire coming up from the ground, then what I witnessed was an object swooping, zig zagging thru the gun fire, that was raining up towards the sky, followed by explosions occuring on the ground, as if this UFO was doing a bombing raid??
What I think backed up my suspicions of it posibly being a UFO, was a live telephone conversation that took place during the coverage of this raid. The conversation in effect was, "Can you hear any sounds coming from the jet planes that are supposed to be dropping the bombs?" but that bit of conversation, to me, confirmed my suspicions, that it wasnt a conventional craft that was dropping the bombs, it was a UFO, with no sound coming out from its propulsion.
Nearly every coverage from that date on, used night vision on the coverage of the cameras, so the picture wasnt clear about objects moving thru the flack, if there were any more objects to be seen.
But if you're in the know of how to retrieve this coverage, maybe you can get someone to have a look over it, and see if I was right! I'm 90% sure I am! This has been stuck in my mind for ages so it must mean something.......this incident has to come to light, if theres truth in it!
Happy hunting!