The intercepts DID NOT relate to the author of the above pieces. They were culled from conversations with a non-American citizen on the European continent. The man who supplied the information works for the British Ministry of Defence (I won´t tell you his name) and the journalist, who has a wealth of contacts to various intel circles, has been under surveillance for many years. The reports are true. The NSA know it, the CIA know it, Rice knows it, Bush knows it, Cheney knows it and Blair knows it. You´d think the admin would jump for joy given the admissions and a very handy excuse to attack Iran? So why aren´t they? Because there´s a lot more to this story than meets the eye (read: international money laundering on a grand scale). And it puts Iran ahead of North Korea in the nuclear club. The official only wanted to send a message to the Pentagon. Iran is safe. Okay, time to sleep.