10/28/02 10:41:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Well, I don't know about you, but if you haven't noticed, we are
under attack by cyber-terrorists.  I know you are fighting a
personal war right now considering the manner in which you are
reading these words.  It is also a war I am fighting as well.
And if you've ever had a message sent to you from me in the past
year or so, you're likely getting virus attachments from someone
or something trying to fool you into thinking it is me.  So you
know, I have nothing to do with these emails.  I am not in the
habit of sending unsolicited emails, especially with attachments.

I've also noticed many strange emails from email addresses I know
which come to me without any attachments.  These emails are
obviously not from the original email address.  But the strange
and kind of creepy thing is that they have some tiny reference to
something I might have sent out in an email at one point, but
entirely out of context.  I'm not sure what the purpose would be
behind this kind of attack since there is no virus.  Perhaps it
is intended to flood a server in an attempt to crash it.  Or
maybe it is meant as a subtle message to let people know that no
information is safe from watchful eyes.

I highly recommend everyone out there get real smart about using
anti-virus software.  And if you can't afford to buy some, then
use the following free web service here REGULARLY:

John Novak
Changing Planet Editor