can we confirm this!? 
Date: 6/18/04 9:34:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

i'm copying and pasting as fast as I can...
this is from a network team that sends us this
stuff and we have to glean and reprocess it!
so here it goes:
On another board, everytime certain posts are made the spamming starts bigtime and immediately. If this is the indicator then the following may be deduced:

1. There is NO incoming comet, asteroid or anything else.

2. It involves a nuclear detonation in some fashion - not sure whether by us first or in response.

3. Gov't is aware of #2

4. Financial meltdown is brewing FAST (gold spiking up $8-10 this am)

Aussie Bloke posts and other such stuff may have been all disinfo with a secondary intent...get the crowd looking left - detonate a nuke on the right and claim it must have been an asteroid striking the earth? Just clever
First I will register to avoid my
name being used wrongfully.
If spamming starts I will continue
I do apologize, for my prediction
did not happen you can label me a
hoaxer, but for it was my posting here
and your listening that caused it not to happen. One part did, we forced the navy
to come out with a cover story on the 16th even though it is not the complete
truth. The part about causing the enemy
to not know what is real or not real is true and will be important later in this thread.
I can deal with labeling me a loser for
I know what good I did and Iam doing.

What you believe about the nwo and tptb
is just the tip of the iceberg.
Bush is just their puppet
I am a member of a group called
El SOL which is out of eu
and there is kaos about how to proceed.
This is what was to go down starting on the 16th but has now changed.
1) Bush in fla. captital hit by missile
nuke Fired by false sub generated by navy radar exercise like false quake in fla.
2) sub said to be Iranian,nuke from
China sold to Iran

cont on second thread

10:22 pm EDT glow cont pt2

3) east coast navy head towards
Africa (protect oil)other to Iran
for pre approved strike House has already approved frist strike days ago,
4) west coast navy heads towards China
who will be invading T
5)Kerry assinated all leads point to
Bush associates he will be completly
cleared and election cancelled
leading to great civil unrest for
many believe Bush knew of assination
Martial law decleared.

The one point which might now have
changed due to 16th passing is the first
point. It will most likely be a small
nuke going of in Baltimore md.
Still being blamed on Iranian sub with
China nuke. They love, like 911 forshadowed on Xfiles and this on Some of all Fears .
I do this, for I like many, in eL sOL feel
the world will do our work for us and
we must not speed things up for
it will compromise our plans.

There are no links but much of what
I have told you has been discused with links on other threads.
Will answer any questions at 11:00pm est

Again you can say what you will but
I will now have a clear conscience
#3: a prediction site that uses Nostrabobmus..
but this team has something going for it...
accuracy! and I think astrology (but its subtle),%20Executions,%20and%20Murders
stand bye ol mate.