Subj: Future Contact with Higher Intelligence?
Date: 8/29/01 5:54:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Please understand that I merely wish to offer
this as inspiration for our generation of Radio Astronomers in the SETI sense, who wish for
Contact to occur with intelligence operating in our Milky Way galaxy.  If
you have questions, I will do my best to answer them, but I will not divulge
where I got this information since I have been subjected to derogatory
remarks too often in this newsgroup.  This information is dedicated to those
brave Radio Astronomers who may one day shout for Joy because a whole new
era in cosmology is about to dawn.

Follow the train of thought and you will see the connection between our
galactic arm, our sun system and the galactic center with distant star
populations operating within the greater spacial coherency of a super
galactic model created and sustained by a higher Infinite Mind which is
eager, ready and willing to manifest their Light technology when we are

Next to Sagittarius is Aquila which represents the eagle.  Our spiral galaxy
considered by astronomers to be the Sb type series (and perhaps evolving
towards an Sc series type)  looks like an eagle with its enormous
outstretched wings.  Aquilo/Aquila, is a northern constellation  shaped like
a triangle with an open base which converges back to form a delta wing.  Our
local magnetic field runs in the direction of Aquila, which is seen in
different ways by radio astronomers, revealing objects as nebulae and
supernova remnants against the background of radio emissions.   Thus
understanding this direction of the our galactic arm is an integral part of
understanding our Milky Way and its greater magnetic field   The region of
alpha Sagittarii/Aquila is only a model of radio/optical emission centers
'mirroring' higher Gravity creation which are open-ended star systems having
a degree of sophistication much greater than what is pictured in traditional
cosmology.  Thus our local sun system with its yellow-white color spectra is
not the only magnetic and gravitational consciousness field in the universe.
Altair combines with Vega and Deneb to form mid-way stations in the shape of
a unique triangle in conjunction with the Northern Cross.  Sagittarius
connects with the Sword of Orion, the greater force of light operating in
our part of the local star universe which is coded here on earth in the form
of magnetic pyramidal astronomy.

Iota Draconis  and Alpha Draconis also demonstrate a unique solar alignment
with the star systems of Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Pleiades, through the
magnetohydrodynamic pyramidal 'star shafts' measured through time-waves in
the round computers of Stonehenge and Woodhenge demonstrating a higher
astrophysical model of Alpha-Omega ('beginning and end') consciousness
evolution.  The astrophysical 'meridian of time' is seen in the crossbar of
stellar precession of the equinoxes between the devouring negative entropy
of Alpha Draconis and the positive centropy of the Pleiades, stellar
nursery of our local sun.

By sensing the change rates between 1000 units and several thousand rate
units per second, we will be unable to utilize the quantum interstellar
medium to set up reciprocal interstellar communication with the higher
intelligence operating in and towards the center of our galaxy, without the
proper 'in-space' technology.  This is because the mid-way stations are able
to disguise their appearance with a screen of light using neutral emissions
so as to remain undetectable from the components of gamma ray, X-ray,
ultraviolet and infrared radiation and radiowave transmission which is also
coming in from other galactic centers.  The signal tunnel-throughput
modulates the crystal light field which is photo-sensitive, shielding light
and massive enough to produce radical velocity amplitude for variation
detection in peculiar stars. Here the proper 'in-space' environment can be
seen operating with the building blocks of electrons in the form of
sub-atomic 'twisters' which demonstrate virtual hyperdimensional properties.
Furthermore the proper biofilter can function with the correct wavefront
displacement so that the higher frequencies operating as a carrier wave for
optical/radio emissions can be received from the greater thresholds of Light
from the Pleiades and Trapezium Orion. Thus we can use radioastronomy and
optical crystal astronomy to go beyond the negative entropy or the
'undertow' ('time-lag') of earths magnetic orientation towards Alpha
Draconis and the level of seeing just one sun intelligence as the only
threshold of light.

A form of optical/radio crystal astronomy which uses magnetic biofilters
sensitive to Gravity can reveal evolution which is operating faster than the
speed of light relativity just outside our spectrum.  Once we can accept the
fact these distant star universes are Sons of Light mid-way stations
calibrating the gravitational time grid through zero-point matter-wave and
muon wave coupling, and communicate beyond our known electromagnetic
spectrum but also work with certain spectral ranges within our
electromagnetic spectrum, we can begin to retool our measurements and
penetrate gamma ray pulsation's and other energy codes from thresholds such
as: Cygnus, Arcturus, M42, and Betelgeuse.  Here stimulated noise light
emissions can be used to cure polluted light fields which cause the
mechanisms of blindness, arthritis, leukemia, cancer, and certain cases of
mental illness, when noise temperature flux is calibrated through certain
cells.  But first it must be understood that the higher thresholds sustain a
given Population I and Population II life system through changing stellar
luminosity with color index control and matching sequence phase with the star
synthesis of nuclear thermal membrane pattern.  This connects with
artificial intelligence housed in crystal chronomonitors which probe/qualify
species by reading maser grids on planets.  These grids collect and store
information on biological sub-systems, biomes, ecosystems, geological
evolutionary cycles, and make use of noise temperature glow pressures to
sense severe specie distress/disaster and transmit a repair process.  Huge
biosatellites (some of which are 400 miles in diameter while others are
approximately 7 miles wide and 4 miles deep) operating in the F8 to K2
spectral range capable of rescuing our entire species desires to manifest
their greater Light technology.

Ultimately I believe the Higher Intelligence will help us clean up our
planet and 'deliver us' from our negative misuse of energy connected with
programs of biological failure and biospherical collapse.