8/20/02 7:50:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent! Glad to see the call for info on infrared photography. I wonder if you have read "The Cosmic Pulse of Life" by Trevor James Constable. He has part of the book devoted to his own experiments in infrared photography in the 50's and has many pics of his own as well as other independent researchers findings. Please find attached two scans of (many) images contained in this book. It is available from Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Garberville Ca, ISBN 0-945685-07-6. Their website is: http://www.borderlands.com/main1.htm Click on Catalog, then books - don't forget to check out the archives as well - much food for the little grey cells here! Mr. Constable is a native of New Zealand residing in Hawaii and has a long career as an aviation historian as well as a pioneer in biogeometric weather engineering which he developed (inspired by the work of Dr Wilhelm Reich) during 25 years service in the US Merchant Marines. He has formed an international company for commercial use of his discoveries mastering air pollution. Based on his observations he maintains that the source of some ufos is the invisible (ether) and some of them are plasmoidal living organisms, living in our atmosphere, made visible by infrared photography. I think that at the time when he took these photographs he was using the old way of imaging in the infrared (the pics were taken in the 50's). I searched through many infrared sites and have never found any similar effects in any of the photos, so maybe the film that is available now is not the same as then. Also there seeems to be a way to use digital cameras with only a filter mounted in front of the lens for infrared photography thereby avoiding the (considerable) expense of normal infrared photography. http://www.infrareddreams.com/how_to_shoot_ir.htm Mr. Constable gives detailed instructions as to how to achieve similar results in his book - maybe there is someone out there that was inspired to experiment after reading his book and would be amenable to share findings via cyberspace orbit. You are in a perfect position as owner of a widely read website to be able to (perhaps you already have??!) reach such a person. I know I was extremely interested myself and only severe lack of funds kept me from pursuing such an undertaking. With the kindest regards