Date: 2/25/2006 10:48:29 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Global Access is a fascinating place:

The perfect place for the military and Fortune 500 and the CIA to do whatever they do in today's New World Order. Click on the companies link and you will see the United States Army, Navy and Marines are there. Are they companies? Private security firms for the Fortune 500 and transnational capital? You will also see Evergreen is there, the long-time CIA proprietary front company. As well as a number of airlines, Boeing, GE, Pratt and Whitney, and many others.

Little did I suspect that this is all part of the Inland Empire North (look in first paragraph):

And what is the Inland Empire? Why a joint partnership between the public and private sector, of course.

Inland Empire Economic Partnership

And what are some of the advantages to being part and parcel of the Inland Empire?

Well, say you want to move some merchandise, any merchandise and you want to "relabel", even "repackage" said merchandise while in transit from Point A to Point B, and all without having to pay troublesome import-export duties? No problem, you simply move your cargo through the very helpful, Global Access Free Trade Zone where you can:

"Store, sort, test, re-label, re-package, manipulate goods without paying duty fees."

Is that handy, or what? Compare that to the troubles you may have faced negotiating homeland security or customs on any of your recent travels, and you will see that it was your mistake not to have transited through the Global Access Free Trade Zone!

Not only that, if you can keep your business within 60 miles of the Global Logistics Free Trade Zone you can: "...defer, reduce or eliminate duties while storing or transporting eligible products at Southern California Logistics Airport and those companies sponsored by FTZ no. 243 within a sixty mile radius from the airport." Now, Los Angeles is only 60 miles from the Global Access FTZ, so you can see how handy that would be for companies that have a corporate presence in the Los Angeles metro area.

Eliminate duties. Hmm. I wonder how many millions (billions?) Wal-Mart saves on its Los Angeles area operations with that one?

So is this how it all starts? Or ends? With a Global Access octopus sending out its tentacles over the continent and the world, from its redoubt in the Inland Empire?

Of course, I can't help but wonder if there might not be an underground component to all this Fortune 500/Pentagon/ CIA/Customs Service cooperation. Are there possibly clandestine underground connecting tunnels from this place to other Fortune 500/Pentagon/Federal-alphabet-soup power nodes, in California and elsewhere?

R. S.