Maybe check with Anthony Maw for Infrared photos... 

4/19/02 5:57:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time


You had a suggestion posted about taking infrared photos from the air.
I tried to gather some names of people that might help, but Anthony Maw
is a good start.

Anthony Maw's Infrared Photography Exhibit:

This guy knows physics a bit better than I do.  He'd have to know about
all the types of oddities that show up on film.  His email is  I think it's time we learned to enhance our vision
and see what's "unseen" to us.  I'd love to take photos of "unseen"
things!   Let's look at more infrared and ultraviolet images of the sky
and earth.  There are anomalies out there that we should try to explain
instead of just calling it "unexplained".  We should call out to these
oddities in the air and ask who they are.  That's the way it seems to
work in the spirit world: always announce your presence.  I got thinking
about orbs too with this aerial infrared photo idea.

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