Date: 11/14/01 9:47:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Your link about the Remote Viewing of Flight 587 was interesting. I did suspect a maintenance worker horsing around with the plane before takeoff. In any event, in case people are interested in 'infrasound' being used as a weapon, here are some links:

Infrasound is used in underwater minesweeping:

Infrasonics Program to monitor different storm types:

Scripps infrasonic microphones listening for nuclear blasts:

More blurbs about infrasonic effects:

Military links most people will like:

There are more Tesla-type links like these, but it's clear our military loves this electromagnetic and optical stuff. Out of all the scientific kind of damage that's possible, it seems these "terrorists" sometimes resort to simpler methods of destruction. Flying won't really be safe until every single airport maintenance worker gets the third degree like from a drill sergeant. I can't believe how inept the airline industry is.

Even if infrasonic microphones were installed all along Long Island, it won't help when the real cause is a maintenance worker breaking a part off an airplane.

How long will Americans put up with this stupidity from airlines? Will Americans stand up for anything? I'm just curious what will make most Americans get out and protest. It's like they're all stuck in WHATEVER mode. "Whatever! If I die tomorrow or live... whatever!" It's amazing how their definition of whatever is the WRONG choice or NO choice... oh but NEVER the RIGHT and blessed choice in life. Oh no... they must not have been talking about the positive, loving side of whatever.

We all have to remember that we made our CHOICE on how to live. I choose to help my neighbor with compassion and perseverance. Let me know what links to find next...