EARTH: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - Astronauts videotaping thunderstorms from the space shuttle Columbia captured what scientists said on Thursday was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light paralleling the curve of the Earth. *

Atmospheric Sprite (below)

SPACEHAB/FREESTAR Microgravity Research Mission16

ARTICLE: Posted by Lawgiver1

Over the past 2 days, we have discovered many connections between the current situation in the Mid-East, the space shuttle, and what we were spiritually becoming aware of since January 18.

The main research mission of STS-107 was called Fast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science, Technology, Applications & Research (FREESTAR). If you look at the May 2001 STS-107 patch [left], you will see the symbol for FREESTAR as a star on the horizon with an attached red arc paralleling the earth. Little did the designers of this patch know what those symbols would come to mean in reality.

As a part of FREESTAR, the Israeli photographic equipment on the shuttle was there to capture Transient Luminous Events (TLE). Their mission was to obtain coordinated measurements from various locations, both on the Earth and from space, in order to triangulate the origination location of any optically observed TLEs.

A very important event was filmed on Tuesday, January 21, by the shuttle Columbia. They had captured what scientists later said [two days later on Thursday, January 23] was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light paralleling the curvature of the Earth. It was described as a narrow limb-like glowing arc of light, hundreds of miles in length, horizontal with the curve of the earth.

"Two nights ago [on January 21 when the shuttle was positioned] over Africa was an extraordinary image. We saw a huge horizontal line of air glow - which had been brightened by lightning below it - which extended to several hundred miles horizontally and we feel it may be something new," said Dr. Yoav Yair.

Yair, the project coordinator for the Israeli experiments on board the Columbia, said that further analysis would attempt - over the next few weeks - to confirm their scientific impression that this glow was not a "sprite" nor an "elf," which are two electrical phenomena associated only with thunderstorms. ["Sprites" are red flashes shooting vertically up from thunderstorms, first discovered in 1989. "Elves" are spreading red doughnut shapes shooting vertically up from thunderstorms, first discovered in 1994.] "It is raw data hot from the oven," Yair said.

While the shuttle was over Africa, filming a geographical area ranging from mid-Africa to the Middle East, the special video cameras unexpectedly captured this "arc of light". The coordinating ground crews also triangulated the source of this new arc of light. After that, nothing more was said about this phenominal "discovery."

The biggest reason for the silence since January 24 is that the triangulated source of the light was shown to be over Iraq where no thunderstorms were present. What they filmed was neither an ELVE nor a SPRITE, and they knew this after analyzing the space video and ground equipment information. They had filmed a light power never known or seen by any scientific group before.

As far as science "knows," nothing with mass or energy moves faster than the speed of light. However, they have concluded that the size of the luminous ring in an "elve" begins by growing over 100 km in radius in a small fraction of a millisecond; thus, an "elve" can be said to expand faster than the speed of light. This was also the same with the arc of light they had filmed.

To the Israeli scientists, this arc of light is not explainable. But knowing where the geographical source of the light arc had come from translated their discovery into a matter of national security.

"The land where old Babylon once stood is now named the City of Light, and it is the place where the children of Light will dwell... The City of Light was uncovered before me and I saw the foundations of the walls were deep in the earth. These foundations were made of gold and they formed a circle around the city. At the center I saw an immense light that gathered it´s brilliance from the circle of gold."

"Because of this, Iraq was given spiritual knowledge from these ancient writings and holds an awesome Light to the 8th power within their hands. This is the same ´Light power´ that built the pyramids and Solomon´s Temple without machinery to carve the stones or lift them into place. It is sound and vibration of the 8th Light magnitude and dimension."
"There exist 3 great poles-stakes-crosses in the vast land of Immar [connection to Mars], which are of equal distance from each other and to the golden circle-wheel in the center. As the portal-gate opens and the golden wheel spins, a great force of light-vibration-sound is created and the 3 poles harness this to form yet another great wheel. From this, that which is not becomes. As the southern cross rises, this gate will begin to open."

As Above So Below

Corresponding Events



Solar interaction?

Stray Light


Online Sleuth:

Comets, antimatter


The Southern Cross contains four bright stars so situated that they depict the extremities of a Latin cross. Thousands of years ago these four stars were an object of reverence in the Near East. In the Biblical days they were just visible at the horizon. It was last seen from the latitude of Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion of Christ. It is no longer visible at latitudes north of 25 degrees.

Salvador Dali Crucifixion Corpus Hypercubus

WILLIAM HENRY: Saddam controls an asset infinitely more important and powerful than oil or even nuclear weapons. He controls access to the temples that housed the history of humanity's origins and potentially the secrets of stargates.



Are Bush and his cohorts lusting after ERIDU in Iraq? 

The damaged (charred) wing theory?
02-03-03 On the fifth day of his journey into space, Ilan Ramon spoke with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon through a video link. He presented the prime minister his view out of the windows of the Columbia shuttle and right there on the surface of the wing on the left side you could see a long crack and a dent. Eleven days after, it was that very same wing that broke off the shuttle and finally brought it to its destruction. [unsure of the image, looks unlike actual wing. Check photos of Columbia 2 3 4 5] However,  NASA memo figured wing damage RENSE: Cracks Are Creases In Insulation On Shuttle Rear Payload Bay Bulkhead - Not Wing [even so, the  [rendered-left] cracks look phony, high-contrast black artificial-looking pen on paper style lines]



Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

NASA airs video of last minutes of Columbia

Date: 2/5/03 10:10:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

For those who are interested, I posted a graph to the ELFRAD sites which shows a signal captured during the re-entry of the Space Shuttle Columbia. This may indicate the ionization trail before, during and after the disaster. Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD

Treacherous High Ground: The Near Earth Space Environment

Reno Gazette Movie 2

WHAT'S ON THE VIDEO: An amateur astronomer who watched the space shuttle cross the sky outside his Sparks home early Saturday picked up on videotape what might be signs of trouble for the doomed flight. On the video, the shuttle approaches from the right toward the image of the planet Venus, shining in the background center-screen. A flare arises from the shuttle, and the craft starts to leave a trail behind it, just before it passes in front of Venus.Jay Lawson, a volunteer at the Fleischmann Planetarium at the University of Nevada, Reno, said he saw something unexpected while watching his tape.

NASA might consider UFO near shuttle

NASA probes 'electric zap' mystery photo

Date: 2/5/03 6:08:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kento, I just heared James McCanney say he thinks that the shuttle was brought down by the Sun. Just like a big ol' bug zapper. Go to this link and click on Q-files and the show will be in the archives 2/05/03.

Ron Dittemore Is Sure It Was Something Different "Yesterday, NASA shuttle program manager Ron Dittemore held a press-conference at the NASA Mission Control. As Russia's news agency RIA Novosti reports, Dittemore said that "it couldn't be because of the loss of a thermal protection tile" that temperature on board the shuttle suddenly rose before the catastrophe."
WILD IDEAS: Hang on to your bonnets, here goes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......
INTERNET FRIEND: I watched the Dittemore news conference live and they are baffled and very scared. It is obvious something has spooked them.
BARDSQUILL: when they did their experiments with the tethered sat a few years ago they got scared then too. All hell busted loose, weird lights buzzing around like hornets. Look [left] what they saw in space: what the blazes is THAT! [the attached article would seem to confirm that the Columbia's problems began with just such a phenomena.]

INTERNET FRIEND: What is that a movie of???

BARDSQUILL: movie of a satellite they put up with a wire tethered to the spacecraft. Somehow the wire attracted intense energy and all those orbs appeared darting around as seen in space around the wire antenna.. What happened inside the spacecraft is classified, except for a report that they were FREAKED OUT!


BARDSQUILL: Know what the Elders say those lights are which in fact have been darting around space missions since John Glenn? They call them "Pinlights," and say they are souls, ancestral. So that's something to ponder, our spacecraft have been tracked by elemental souls, the Jinn, the EL, the Discarnate, maybe even some Entity trying to beam in. Weird reports come from our space voyagers. The six Soviet Cosmonauts in 1985 saw "celestial beings" on the 155th day aboard their orbiting space station. This was first reported by Cosmonaut Vladimir Solevev and Oleg Atkov as well as Leonid Kizim. This is what they said, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels."

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Cosmonauts Touched by Angels?







Secret NASA Transmissions

January 5th, 1986, Parade Magazine

The Vatican Message

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MR. RUSSERT: Senator Nelson, do you think there is life in the universe beyond Earth?

SEN. NELSON: Yes, I do. I mean, who are we to limit this creation that is infinite? And by the way, Tim, that’s one of the reasons we want to go to Mars. We want to find if that water is there, is there life? Was it developed? If it was developed, was it civilized? If it was, what happened to it, and what can we learn from that that we can be better stewards of our own planet?

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Meanwhile, HEADS UP, incoming, Comet V1


Leaked report rejects Iraqi al-Qaeda link  Counter Underground Facilities (CUGF) Program  Giant Shadow Experiment 2  

RAMPANT INSANITY SPREADS LIKE A PLAGUE, The Samson project  An Israeli professor and military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans.

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