MAP 7.3 2007/01/21 11:27:42 1.207 126.292 10.0 MOLUCCA SEA  Record Storms Sweep Entire Northern Hemisphere

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Chronicling the comet

C/2006 P1   

Kent Steadman; 425 S. 156th Street; #119A; Seattle, WA 98148

More from R. H. McNaught

Fierce and mighty SLEUTHS: continue the avid watch. Our dragon-comet yet lurketh.

1/18/2007 1:53:24 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, Just watched comet McNaught set in the west from my driveway in Auckland, New Zealand just after sunset. Was amazing to see, especially through binoculars, should be visible for next couple nights. Very bright disc, much larger than Jupiter. Tail was phenomenally long, way cool...Was even cooler than the Lasco c3 feeds :)
What in blazes will happen next?

ARRIVAL OF THE EL   [Big Mama still out there. Where?]

What is going to happen, Dave?.
1/19/2007 9:07:17 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

G'Day Kent, In the last few hours a Low pressure system, 200 klm east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia, has formed an eye! Saw the Comet for the first time last night! Beauitiful! Still naked eye --From Downunder in Australia, Central NSW

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught)    Gallery

Comet McNaught from New STEREO Satellite

Radio Fireball Events' photos 3D  5 hour trend  24 hour  Explanation  Fireball Sightings Table: 2007

GRB 070107A [Burst of Interest]

PROJECT: An ORBIT sleuth is decoding/converting a whole bunch of files like this:


Too much work for one person: if you might be interested in assisting the project contact:

[In reality they are taking pictures every 12 mins]

Killer winds rip into eastern Europe  Hurricane sweeps across Europe  Severe Winds Batter Western Europe; Kill One in U.K.  Nine killed as gales lash UK  Germany braces for major storm  Poland braces for hurricane  ‘Perfect Storm’ Knocks Out Power Grid in Melbourne Australia  Islands appear off Greenland as polar ice melts away

Texas, Okla. shiver in grip of winter ice storm  FAA Investigates Ice Chunk

1/19/2007 1:50:47 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Freezing... chilly, chilly...weird weather...tonight... no snow... Ice, ice... tons of ice... EVERYWERE... AMAZING... ice right... snow in my home town, LA, CA basin...Snow in Malibu...WHAT... yeah right... shoot me... Unheard of... What the heck is wrong with the Weather?

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