LaGuardia Outage Grounds Flights  Power Outage Grounds SoCal Flights 2 [Satellite] Forum 2 Port of Providence tanker fire  SOHO  QUAKES  

WAR Westerners, Easterners; Presidents, Popes, Priests, Rabbis, Mullahs, Monarchs; Politicians, Military, Magnates; Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Jews; fur-bearing Humans, and scaly Lizards once again compete for the historically sought, much honored, Dumber Than a Cord o' Wood Award. WarBall-fans flock to the bleachers and bleat for their Super-Star.

WATER WARS Israeli Lebanon Water Wars  Water As A Conflict Issue in South Lebanon  Litani River  Blue Gold  More  Wars as business deals Forum 2 3 4

Israeli intelligence ups estimate of Hizballah stock of Zelzal-2 missiles whose 250km range covers Tel Aviv and Jerusalem History repeats with a vengeance  Police: Muslims restricted at Temple Mount Friday Baztab: American soldiers fight in lebanon's border Could U.S. Troops End Up in Lebanon? Analysis Saudi Arabia deposits one billion dollars in Lebanon''s central bank Bush cites Iran's role in Lebanon conflict Phosphorous Bombs<<caution, umpleasant Mysterious wounds from Israel shells Fox News Says Hezbollah 'Certain' To Nuke Major City Syrian journalist to Ynet: We notice Israeli deployment in Golan Heights Abbas promises to help release Gilad Shalit Arabs write off Rome meeting, blame Washington Israel Decides Not to Expand Offensive Britain to protest US use of airport to send missiles to Israel 'They Know Everything,' Say Israeli Troops Joint Israeli-U.S. military operation Could U.S. Troops End Up in Lebanon? Saudi warning Mideast talks 'fail to reach agreement' Counterfeit 100 dollar bills blowing around in streets of Lebanon [archive] After Israeli onslaught, Hezbollah fighters back in place Israeli spy network arrested in Lebanon Hezbollah vows rockets deeper into Israel Fox News Giving Away Hezbollah Positions?Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs Massive blasts in Beirut Hezbollah's Arsenal Why Israel is Losing Ambulances fired on by Israel, says Red Cross White House release calls for Israel to hit Syria Scale of the human crisis emerges Iran wants to destroy the oil refinery in Haifa UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On 2 Iran soldiers killed in Lebanon transferred to Tehran via Syria  Israeli Economy is Seriously Affected Sleeper Hizbullah cells activated Outcry as border guards seize British 'dirty bomb' lorry heading for Iran Hasan Nasrallah John Bolton 2 Netanyahu 2 Israel Burning at Both Ends Iranian president: Lebanon attack kick-started Zionists' annihilation Fury Grips Syria Over Lebanon Attacks UN Agency Head 'Horrified' by Gaza Destruction WMD hunt on in Lebanon Israel Airstrikes Hit Transmission Towers in Northern Lebanon Syrian fighter pilots are sitting in their cockpits Israeli sends tanks to gain Lebanon foothold Israeli Soldiers Move Into Lebanese Village  U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis The drums of war sound for Iran Gas Dropped By Israelis In So. Lebanon Sickens Civilians All-out war ahead as Israel says: Get out of southern Lebanon House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote Police hold soldier suspected of faking his own abduction Lebanese Army may join forces with Hizbullah Iran has a Russian built submarine in the water off Lebanon Hizbollah leader ‘trapped’ Heavy Battle at the Israeli Border...Israeli Border at Risk Katyusha Attacks Continue: Kiryat Shemona, Tiberias, Nazareth, Afula Hundreds of Iranian Troops Fighting in Lebanon Israeli ground troops enter Lebanon Israeli pilot, co-pilot killed in Lebanon airspace Why would Iran Want Cruise Missiles? X-55 Long Range Cruise Missile United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah Israeli tanks move into Gaza refugee camp Ma'an: Nasrallah Will Give Tel Aviv Residents One Hour to Flee Huge explosions rock Beirut 2  Israeli girls write messages on a shell  Newly founded 'Army of Suicide Bombers' marches in Gaza Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel Iran to Hizbullah: Curb attacks on Israel US hawks smell blood Chirac urges "maximum" humanitarian effort in Lebanon Fleeing Lebanese Talk Of Indiscriminate Israeli Bombing 3 Explosions in Haifa Night raids shake Lebanon as Israel vows no let-up James Woolsey calls for an attack on Syria Lebanon evacuation gathers pace Israelis are dying: it must be an escalation Israel: Long-range missile destroyed Olmert vows no mercy for militants 2 G-8 leaders consider Mideast peacekeepers Russia may send troops to Middle East IDF: Warnings of specific terror attacks in Israel Lebanon stares into the abyss Southern front: 20 Qassams land in western Negev Tel Aviv told to be on rocket alert 12 Egyptian Sailors Rescued to al-Bassel Hospital Deadly Hezbollah attack on Haifa Israel has given Syria 72 hours Putin Thinks Israel 'Pursuing Wider Goals' Map of Areas Targeted by Hizbulla Missiles Americans Rescued from Lebanon Will Have to Pay to Be Repatriated Strait Israeli raid hits Lebanon-Syria border Fox: Syria to come to aid of Hizbullah and Lebanon 2 The Syrian Military: A Primer Hezbollah leader says guerrillas ready for "open war" with Israel US Marines going into Beirut to evac American Embassy Hezbollah just hit an Israel naval vessel Gunmen blow hole in Egypt-Gaza border wall Report: Syrians shoot at Israel Israel unable to take on Iran: Ahmadinejad Israel pulls out of central Gaza Israeli ships, planes renew Beirut airport attacks Important overlooked news Martin van Creveld Israeli warplanes hit Beirut suburb IDF aircraft bombards Beirut-Damascus highway Saudi Arabia blames Hizbollah in Lebanon crisis Don't attack Syria, Iran warns Israel U.S. Vows to Veto UN Gaza Revised Resolution IDF estimates missile fired to Haifa was made in Iran US Navy moves ship from Haifa Bay Rockets strike Israeli port Fox crew shot at in Israel Israel Accuses Hizbullah of Planning to Transfer the 2 Abducted Soldiers to Iran 1 killed, dozens hurt as Katyushas fall in north; Israel imposes sea and air blockade on Lebanon Israeli reprisals hit Lebanon Northern Command HQ soldiers enter bomb shelters Gaza Firsthand Israeli aircraft bomb Beirut airport: sources Israel authorizes 'severe' response to abductions Hamas Leader Badly Hurt in Israeli Bombing Israeli army enters Lebanon Hezbollah seizes Israel soldiers IDF infantry, tanks begin incursion into central Gaza Syrian officials: Golan Heights offensive possible 'Remove' Israel, Iran calls Urgent appeal from Caritas and churches in Gaza Israel rejects Palestinian ceasefire call Arab nations slam Israeli aggression, international 'silence' Siam: Shoot IDF soldiers Israel calls on foreign citizens, journalists to leave Gaza Troops, tanks enter ruins of 3 former settlements Missile from Gaza amajor escalation A Black Flag U.N. and ICRC urge Israel to let supplies into Gaza US accuses Syria, Iran of current situation in Gaza Israel’s Reluctant Journey Israeli Offensive Called Premeditated Plan Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies UN Security Council Hears Harsh Criticism of Israel's Gaza Offensive Israel Threatens to Hit Damascus Israel goes berserk Israeli aircraft hit Palestinian ministry Israeli missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age Egypt deploys forces on Gaza border A U.S.-led program has captured a shipment of nuclear and missile equipment to Iran Hamas leaders arrested; Israeli executed Loud blast Syria opens fire on Israeli air force jets IDF bombs Gaza bridges; standing by for incursion Major Israeli websites hacked Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead Syria: Israel made big mistake 'We're preparing deathtraps for IDF' Israeli Roots of Hamas Are Being Exposed We will never recognise Israel: Hamas lawmaker FBI and Western Union helped Israel With targeted assassinations Israeli Roots of Hamas Are Being Exposed Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam Russia Test-Fires Missile Bush Warns N. Korea Not to Test Missile Forum 2 3 Analysis of mid east situation

North Korea launches wartime alert North Korea walks out of talks Satellite photos detect activity at NKorea missile bases: report Japan mulling attack on N. Korean missile bases North Korea braces for 'all-out war' West mounts 'secret war' to keep nuclear North Korea in check North Korea and the vanishing American Empire DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Its Missile Launches N Korean launches put US missile defence system to test Sky 'turned bright red' [EMP?] North Korean Missile Test: Another Red Herring N.Korea issues new threat 2 N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii N.K. long-range missile flew for 7 minutes, not 42 seconds North Korean missile test to go unpunished after UN split N.Korea appears preparing new Taepodong launch: NBC North Korea draws world's scorn for tests Pentagon beams over military laser test N. Korea launches 7th missile North Korea fires series of missiles Yonhap: 10 missiles Forum 2 3 4 OPLAN 5027 Major Theater War - West stevequayle_north_korean_crisis_alert.mp3 How You Know We Are Really On The Edge Of WWIII The Korean War.

It is not possible to win a war on terror. War IS terror.

Gingrich says it's World War III

The Pending US Quagmire: Iran Readies Plan to Close Strait of Hormuz Navy pledges to safeguard Hormuz


Rumors [Sleuths?]: B-52s On The Way .... EAST! Barksdale AFB Bossier City LA. Fleet of bombers just left! RAF Brize Norton B-52 Bombers in air? Reserves brigades called up  

The War Prayer by Mark Twain Ragnarök War Pigs Ike 2

Gen. Pace to Troops: Don't Nuke Iran Illegal, immoral orders should be disobeyed

False Flag War Provocations Business of provocation, attack and destruction None of this pending horror is necessary and all of it, all of the suffering, deaths and economic disasters could easily have been avoided. The first thing America should do is to cut Israel completely loose and the second, is to get out of a totally untenable military/political quagmire.”

OBL Dreams Of EMP Bomb Attack On USA Skunk Works unveils secret Polecat UAV Hezbollah website hosted by a US defense subcontractor? Turkey mulls tougher action on PKK PDATE 1-Bush, Putin to announce global nuclear terror plan India points finger at Pakistan Samson Option It's WWIII, and U.S. is out of ideas Iraq’s Civil War Spins out of US and Iraqi Government Control Putin makes urgent call to Erdogan re Gaza Canada won't join missile defense, for now India test-fires missile Indian Navy surveillance spots Chinese submarines in the Mediterranean Apocalyptic signals from Iran worry U.S. intelligence Taiwan to test-fire missile: report Massive Russian Military Exercise Underway 2nd stage of large-scale military exercise begins in East Russia. .LOSS OF LIBERTY

Hurricane BUD Multiple blasts rock India trains, killing 135 CTA Train Derails Underground Section of ceiling tumbles in tunnel Building collapses in N.Y. City Forum 2 3 Russian airliner crashes in Siberia, officials say

COLORADO SPRINGS AIR FORCE INSTALLATION ON HEIGHTENED ALERT Space Command would not comment on the reason for the security increase. Forum BUNKER-DIVING

Prejudice in the brain A new study by Princeton University psychology researchers Lasana Harris and Susan Fiske shows that when viewing photographs of social out-groups, people respond to them with disgust, not a feeling of fellow humanity. The findings are reported in the article "Dehumanizing the Lowest of the Low: Neuro-imaging responses to Extreme Outgroups" in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science (previously the American Psychological Society).


Trinity, Birth of the Bomb, 16 July 1945 2 3

CFR: The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy

VIDEO: J. Robert Oppenheimer, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

VIDEO: mushroom cloud

VIDEO: Atomic Bomb 'Fat Boy' Dropped On Nagasaki

The RA Material tells us that if a human is engulfed in a nuclear fireball, the strong nuclear force will disassociate the energies of our “eternal soul.


AND ANOTHER: Meteor explosion recorded over Oslo Fjord area


THEORY: HAND MADE FIREBALLS Tesla fireball Tesla Howitzer

SWAN Recent SOHO C3 Radio Fireball Events' photos 5 hour trend 24 hour Fireball Sightings Table: 2006 SWAN Sandton ice ball fell out of clear sky, says scientist Meteorite Hunters Scour America's Southwest Mystery object crashes to earth at Carson golf course Wild stuff on NASA TV Forum Rumor Hawk
FLYBY ENIGMA 2004 XP14, Jul 3, 1.1 LD





COMPARE: UFO film from NASA Footage from shuttle Columbia

M-Class Flare Movie

Mystery Object Found in Supernova's Heart

GRB 060708A GRB 060707A GRB 060614A GRB 060607B GRB 060607A GRB 060605A GRB 060604A

JUPITER June 5, 2006: The two biggest storms in the solar system are about to go bump in the night, in plain view of backyard telescopes.

ORBIT Not an entitlement rather this effort is about one old coot in perpetual watch. Many hours! [Supported by readers in an honor system--two-way deal!]

Patrons, thanks for your recent help! Others, help if you are able. Donations sought for July. Kent Steadman; 425 S. 156th Street; Seattle, WA 98148

7.7 2006/07/17 08:19:25 -9.334 107.263 10.0 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA Maps quake-tsunami 2

Nikola Tesla's Secrets  Electrical pioneer Tesla honoured

Scalar Weapons Threaten Axis of Earth


Scott Stevens New St. Helens Tornadoes Ghost Troop




Tectonic Weapons An Inconvenient Truth

IWIN Twin Hurricanes

TROPICAL STORM BERYL  Beryl to Brush Long Island and New England  Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery Cam 2 3



Opus Dei financier is found dismembered under bridge  RFK Jr. Blows the Whistle on Diebold


REPORT: Oman Trade Pact Permits Foreign Ownership of U.S. Nat'l Security Assets Bush & Blair Raw & Uncut [video 2] Will Americans join Iraqis, Lebanese, and Palestinians as neocon victims? Private Bullion Purchases May Soon End 9/11 Where is the rage? Where is the outrage? Bohemian Grove Protest Set for July 22 The Military Industrial Complex: How to research corporate connections Ike Bush has de-stabilized the middle east, strengthened Iran, abandoned Lebanon The Dark Side of Rev. Sun Myung Moon Part 13, Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld

Valerie Plame Wilson and Ambassador Joseph Wilson Initiate a Civil Action Against Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, and Scooter Libby for Violations of their Constitutional and Other Legal Rights


Novak finally spills his guts on Plame Army to end exclusive Halliburton deal

Mexico and Florida have more in common than heat Death by Video: Mexico’s Election Fraud Is Coming Undone Election Fraud Mexico

NSA says it's too secret to be sued Pentagon revises Guantanamo detainee policy Diplomatic Deception: The Calm Before the Firestorm Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings How the Crown Rules the World ARCHIVE: City 'haven' for terrorist money laundering

Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon The end of cowboy diplomacy This Fourth of July

July 7/8, 2006 -- SPECIAL REPORT Those who claim the Bush administration is a Nazi regime are not far from the truth. This story is a special investigation of Bush family slush funds, smuggling, and secret money conduits from and to various right-wing causes, including some that are extremely violent. Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts And then there was just Skilling

20 inspectors suspended over GPS 'Conservatives Without Conscience' Tax dollars to fund study on restricting public data New Jersey WAS offically closed Something Is Terribly Wrong With This Country! Scholars for 9/11 Truth under Attack Marines Storm Hospital Cited As Militant Haunt CIA reportedly disbands bin Laden unit Dobbs- North American Union Is Cheney betting on Economic Collapse? Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July Washington Post Thursday: Gov't contractor was able to hack FBI and director's accounts Colin Powell falls ill during dinner

Enron witness found dead in park Enron Founder Dies Before Sentencing


ORBIT SOLUTIONS [stop burning oil in your jalopy, that'll get em...]
Water Fuel Experimenter and Team Threatened  Free Energy
Tesla Roadster unveiled in Santa Monica

Tesla Motors unveiled their uber-chic Roadster, a supercharged electric vehicle that looks, feels and drives like many other high-end sports cars Wednesday night. The main difference is the noise. Powered by a 3-phase, 4-pole AC induction motor, the Roadster can go 130 mph and does 0-60 in about 4 seconds, all completely silent.

Spanish firm claims it can make oil from plankton  OIL CHANGE Alternative Fuels: Butanol FORUM

Oil Prices rising? Make one wonder who is actually stirring up these dumbass wars.

Lab tuned to gravity's 'ripples' One of the great scientific experiments of our age is now fully underway


The Hyperdimensional Oscillator

Dinosaurs in ancient Cambodian temple? Ica Stones Bulgaria Unearths Acropolis-Rivalling Ancient Sanctuary Lizard People's Catacomb City Hunted Carved stone still mystifies scholars  Tut's gem hints at space impact  DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral - Len Horowitz  Fish With Human-Like Teeth Stones are living creatures that breathe and move Aleister Crowley


The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged former Area 51 "scientist")

OBE: I Visited Bush Again in the RTZ, This time I was WARNED!

Travelling to Parallel Universes in Dreams Scientists are slowly finding that we travel in our dreams into parallel universes or oceans of multiverses where different things are happening with us – what and who we know and our environments. In dreams we migrate to the multiverse and go on an incredible journey.

Interview with a ufo hacker, audio Alleged Dulce Video vats with human / alien hybrids! Exploding UFO in Night Vision July 4th, Phoenix Lights Event, Video of Unknowns UFO Over New York City

I have a Secret to Tell 2 The PSYCHICSPY Project Red Dwarf 2 Fusion reactor [AUTHOR] Nasa jsc directory Thoth The first wave of a larger battle for Earth


The Virtual Reality of the Sleep World The Deepest Hole Code of the Caveman

Pyramids and other stuff in Sudan Mordor in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Celebrates Kingdom Centre Michael Tsarion on the Sci-fi Channel's special on Atlantis

Morgellons Disease

5/28/2006 11:03:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

You really should be giving people a heads up on this new genetically created bioweapons disease which is infecting thousands, primarily in Florida, Texas and California. Of the others, AIDS and lyme, this one is scariest of all... Morgellons: disease or nano-tech?

California fish kill

WHO Puts Tamiflu Maker on Bird Flu Alert Bird flu> Tamiflu> Roche> Chrmn. Franz B. Humer> Bilderberg

UPDATED: WORLD NEWS 2006 The truth is rarely pure and never simple

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